My Hot Son 2

I was awaken by a hard cock deep inside my vigina moving slowly back and fourth. My head was on my son's chest and he was still asl**p. I love the feel of a hard cock inside but I did not know who this one belonged to. Then I felt it explode, cum filling my pussy. Then as the cock began to soften it was pulled my pussy. I heard the owner go into the bathroom and start the shower. I laid there basking in the glow of a night of hot sex and also having my cunt filled to the top with cum.
The shower shut off and a man emerged, dressed and headed for the door. He smiled at me as he closed the door. I did not know who he was but knew he and my son must have fucked me real good. Ever since my son and I began fucking we got right into swapping and swinging. I quickly grew to love eating my sons cum from some woman's pussy. Or having my son suck some stranger man's cum from my cunt. My son loves watching me take on several men.
When my son woke I asked him who the man was. He said he did not know but we had picked him up on the way back to our room. He said he never got his name. My son has taken control off me ever since that first fuck and I will do anything to please him. We would tell my husband that we were going out to tour some college and then be gone all weekend.
The first weekend we were out we met this couple from Florida, they were older and retired. My son wanted to know how a gray haired lady fucked. We got them and another old couple d***k and got them back to our room. I took on both men with no trouble and had them drain their balls in my hungry cunt rather quickly, then I laid back and watched my son work over those two older ladies. He managed to fill both old pussies with his young cum. That was the first time I ate cum out of a pussy. The men recovered and fucked these two women while my son fucked my sloppy pussy. When it was all over I cleaned everybody up and they left.
After that we would go to bars or clubs and just pick people up. We called it sport fucking. Both of us got off wathcing each other fuck strangers.
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2 years ago
very good but a slower discription of the action