Never Too Old For Pussy!

You are not going to believe this story but it really happened. I am a 71 year old man and have been married to a wonderful lady for fifty plus years. Now I have to admit that I do like to stick my dick in strange pussy when the chance arises.
I retired several yaers ago and recently volunteered to help the county do some weed surveys down by a lake. On this day I was surveying the weeds along the road when a car pulled up with three high school girls inside. One stuck her bare ass out the window and the other flashed her boobs and the car tore off. About half an hour later I came across a camp next to the water and the three girls were swimming in the lake. I waved to them and they came out of the water. They were very d***k and naked.
They were seniors in high school, they thought that to be funny as I was a senior also. They were very attractive and had no problem walking around naked. They flirted alot and asked me to join them skinny dipping in the lake. I thought what the hell and pulled off my clothes and jumped in the water. My 9.5 inch cock was at half staff and the girls commented on it. We got out of the water and sat on a towel, I had a great view of all three pussies and six boobs. The girls were admiring my cock and it was getting hard from the attention. One girl, a blonde, asked if she could touch it as she had never seen one that big, I said of course. She wrapped her hand around it and started stroking it. A girl with black hair started to fondle my balls. The third girl, also a blonde, started to play with my balls too. I could smell very wet pussy and my cock was now rock hard.
The girls were having fun examining my cock and seemed to be getting really turned on. The black haired girl asked if she could feel my cock inside her, yes i said and I laid back as she placed her pussy over my cock and slid down onto it. The other two girls kept playing with my balls. Her pussy was very warm, wet and tight. She worked her pussy around on my dick and it felt great. The other two girls said they wanted to feel a large cock. The black haired girl raised up and got off my cock and the blonde girl slid down my slimey pole. Her pussy was shaved and her pussy was not as tight but felt great all the same. She worked it for a few minutes and then she got up and the other blonde sat on my cock. She had a nice trim dark haired pussy. She worked it for a few and then I sat up and put a finger in each of the other two pussies. She got up and I moved over to the black hair girl who laid back and opened her legs and I slid my cock back into her nice snatch and started to pump her. I banged her good and hard till she had a massive orgasim at which time I planted my cock as deep as I could in her and drained my balls, my semen flowed deep into her pussy. I pulled my cum covered semi hard cock out of her and slid into the blonde with the trimed dark bush.
She started to fuck me and I let her. She pumped on me till my cock was hard again and then I removed it and placed in the shaved blondes pussy and banged her for several minutes and then went back to the other blonde. Another couple of minutes and she came hard, so hard she scratched my back. I then removed my cock and put it back in the shaved blondes pussy and pounded her till she had a massive orgasim and when she did that I exploded deep into her. I stayed in her pussy till my cock was completely soft. I went to the water and rinsed off my dick. I got dressed and went home. The girls said that that was the best sex they had ever had and wanted more.
When I got home and ate dinner, went to bed. My wife wanted a poke and I porked her. I went back to the lake a couple days later and the girls were still there. We fucked and swam all day. It was great. They were going home and we switched phone numbers. They call me their booty call and call me when they want some dick, I like it as I get some good pussy. I can not believe those girls are so crazy about seventy year old cock.
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1 year ago
Sure, a man is never too old for pussy, he can always dream about it
1 year ago
You have hit the jackpot ther old boy.Keep on filling those young pussies with your spunk.
1 year ago
1 year ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
lolz x
3 years ago
it's about time, the old farts got theirs
4 years ago
I'm just a girl that's crazy about seventy year old cock too! 60- 70- 80- 90 ha ha ... Great Story
4 years ago
That is funny! If we could all be so lucky.