MILF Vicki

I was s*******n and a real dork. I did not know how to act around women and thought that I would be a virgin all my life. I liked to hang out with my older b*****r and his friends. They were cool and in college and I had hope that I could get one of the girls in the group to give up some pussy time.
We were other at Billy's house, my b*****r and friends were in town from college. We werehanging out when the guys pulled the big bucket out. The big bucket is a bucket full of our names and girls we would like to fuck. There is also money they throw in there that is the prize should one be able to finish the "mission".
I was excited that my name got pulled out but then they pulled Vicki's name. So my mission was to fuck Vicki, they handed me the cam corder and sent me off. The prize was eight hundred dollars. We had met at Billy's house and I went down stairs to only run into Vicki.
Vicki is Billy's mom, she is uber hot. She is in her early fifties but looks like she is in her twentys. She has a nice set of tits and a to die for ass. Long blonde hair and I figure she must weigh around one hundred twenty pounds. She wears bikinis and always dresses nice. I think all the guys have beat off thinking about her. I did not stand a chance.
Vicki said hi to me and asked why I had a long face. Then she saw the cam corder and asked if I got pulled from the bucket. Yes Vicki had partied with the guys before and knew about the bucket. I told her that I had to have sex with somebody. She then asked who and I told her. She laughed. Then she asked how much I stood to gain. Then she asked many other questions like if I was a virgin and what not. Then Vicki said that if I could keep a secret and would split the money, we could make one hell of a video for the guys. She said that she had been with alot of guys in her life but never a virgin and had always wanted to train a guy and tis would be great as she had always had a thing for me. I almost jizzed my pants. We were meet the next morning after her husband went to work and the boys would be off somewhere.
I laid awake alnight and the next morning I was there. Vicki made out cue cards on our moves and what was going to happen, what to say and everything. She said she had thought about this all night and was dripping wet to get started. We had eveything ready then Vicki said that I shoudl fuck her once to get it out of my system. I was not sure what she was talking about but I did know what fuck her was and was ready to go. We started to kiss and she went straight to my cock. Pulled my shorts down and put her mouth on my wang. I had never imagined that it could feel so good. She only did that for a few seconds and that was good as I was about to bust s*******n years of jizz into her mouth. Vicki pulled off her shorts and top and laid back on the couch and pulled me to her. She looked great naked, her tits and her cunt was wet and I loved her neatly trimed brown bush.
She guided my cock into her pussy, I watched it disappear into her snatch. She moaned slightly as it went in. I bottomed out and sat there, afraid to move as I was about to blow. I slowly pulled back and then pushed back in. This time I looked Vicki in the eyes and she told me that it felt so good and I felt her cunt muscles clamp my cock. That was it and I exploded deep inside her. Vicki smiled real big as my cock pumped what felt like gallons of spunk inside her. When I finished I pulled out and looked at her wonderful gaping cunt with my jizz inside it. I felt so good to have just fucked this woman. Then I worried for moment and told Vicki sorry for cumming in her and she said she that she loves having men cum in her, she would not have it any other way.
We talked for a little bit and I could not keep my eyes off Vicki's hot snatch. She said that I was goingto spend plenty of time in there today so I could quit watching it.
We then decided to get started. I followed Vicki's script to the tee. We played it real good. It took us two days to finish an hour of tape. I spunked so many times in Vicki she thought she would slosh when she walked. We watched the finished tape and it looked so real, it did not looked staged at all. It made us both horny and we fucked some more after watching the tape.
I delivered the tape and the guys watched it. They could not beleive I nailed Vicki, they called Vicki the holy grail of pussy. There was one scene where I jizz in Vicki's cunt and pull out and grab the cam corder and zoom in and Vicki puts a couple of fingers in there and coats them with my spunk and then puts them in her mouth, I think every guy in the room creamed. They could not prove I faked the tape and gave me my winnings.
The next day the guys had gone back to college and went over to give Vicki her half. She got naked right there in the kitchen and we fucked. She told me she has not stopped thinking about me since the last time we fucked. I asked her about the tape and she said she went into Billy's room after I gave it to them and took it and destroyed it, after watching it one more time.
I have been fucking Vicki on a regular basis now for quite some time. I can not believe that I am fucking one of the hottest milfs in the world. She is the same age as my mother and she never turns me down. I am no longer afraid of girls and have nailed several. I always tell Vicki all about my adventures and then we fuck like a****ls.

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2 years ago
love Vicky
2 years ago
an older female/male that knows what she/he wants is always the best teacher
2 years ago
one of the best
2 years ago
hot story