Welcum to the Neighborhood

Let me start this story by telling you alittle bit about us. I have been married to my beautiful wife for 15 years. Kim is 42 years old, blonde, 5ft tall 115 lbs. with small perky tits and a sweet tasting pussy with a thin landing strip of blonde hair running down the middle. I am 46 years old, 5ft 10inches, and 185 lbs.; with a 6-½ inch cock that Kim likes me to keep shaven (she doesn’t like hairy men).

Kim is a very shy lady, easily embarrassed, but in bed she is very vocal. She will say some crazy stuff, curse like a sailor, bite, and pinch. Sometimes I look like I went through a 12 round fight when we’re finished. I know she had a very active sex life before we met, and she’s not shy to talk about ex-lovers while we’re fucking.

We had lived in Seattle all our lives but when a promotion opportunity came up in Las Vegas I took it and we moved there about a year ago. We rented an apartment while we looked for a house to buy and I wasn’t surprised when I got the phone call at work from a very excited Kim telling me she had found the perfect house; I took the afternoon off and got the tour. It was a large 2900 sq ft one story with a nice size back yard, 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, living room, f****y room, and a room that I could use for my man cave.

We put a bid in, it was accepted and we moved in a month later. It was just acouple days after we had moved in when acouple of ladies who lived on the street stopped by to meet Kim and welcome her to the neighborhood. She became friends with Wendy and Lisa quickly and we were invited over for a BBQ at Wendy’s house on Sunday.

On the day of the BBQ Kim dressed in a pair of shorts that showed off her nice ass, and a conservative top. We headed for their house about five o’clock and by six I was bonding with the husbands over beer and brats.

Wendy looked to be about 35 years old, she was a blonde about 5ft 8 inches tall, nice tits, not to big but not small either. She was alittle overweight but carried it well. Steve (Wendy’s husband) was 38 years old, 6ft tall with a nice size beer gut on him.

Now Lisa, she was a BBW with dark red hair, she probably was only about 25 years old, about 5ft 2inches, and probably weighed in the neighborhood of 180lbs. But the thing about Lisa was that she had huge firm tits that she loved showing off due to the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra and you could see her large nipples sticking out. Paul (Lisa’s husband) was 30 years old and was in great shape at 6 ft 2 inches, around 190 lbs.

It was getting late in the evening and we were all sitting on the patio drinking, the girls were all sitting together off to the side and with all the giggling and laughing going on I could only imagine what they were talking about. I heard Wendy at one point say “no way”, Kim laughed and shook her head yes. A very d***k Lisa at one point called to Paul and pulled her top up and flashed her big tits at him. Kim looked over at me with wide eyes and I just smiled. Paul asked us to excuse his wife; She gets kind of crazy when she’s had a few drinks in her.

A tipsy Kim laughed and said “if I had those I’d be showing them off also”, at which Paul said, “well girl lets have a look and we’ll be the judge”. Kim turned all shades of red. It was quite for a minute when Wendy chuckled and asked, “Who wants another beer”.

The conversation got back to normal things and we left about 10 that night feeling no pain.

When we got home I could tell Kim was feeling horny, she pretty much attacked me once the front door was shut. We were naked by the time we hit the bedroom and before I knew it she was pushing me back onto the bed, crawling between my legs and giving me one of the best blowjobs that I had had in a while.

I was about to cum so I pushed her off, flipped her over onto her back and started to lick my way up the insides of her legs (she goes crazy when I do that) and with the first flick of my tongue across her clit she exploded.

When she had calmed down she had me lie on my back and she mounted my cock. She was moving side to side, kind of swaying, running her hands through her hair and pulling on her very erect nipples. She leaned forward and put her hands under my head, nestling her head on my shoulder.

I had never seen her like this before, but soon found the reason why. She started whispering in my ear “you loved it when Lisa flashed her tits didn’t you. I bet you got real hard when she did that”. I just moaned. “You were looking at her nipples poking through her top all night, admit it, you can tell me, you were weren’t you”?

I told her “yes they so big and the nipples so hard”. “God yes” Kim replied, “I knew you were, I saw you staring, it turned me on watching you stare at that fat sluts tits".

She got quite for and second just fucking me slowly, then she said “I bet Paul has a big cock, his hands were so big, I just know his cock is huge”, she started moving faster.

“I bet he fucks Lisa between her big tits with his huge cock”. She was now grinding down hard on me, moving like a wild man or should I say woman. “I bet that he when he cum’s he shoots it all over those big nipples”. With that she let out a loud moan and shouted “god yes, oh fuck yes, god cum in me, oh yes, come on, cum for me”! I lost it right then raising my ass off the bed, lifting her up with my hips, and spraying the inside of her pussy with my cum.

She went wild, screaming “yes, fuck yes, oh fucking yes” over and over till she collapsed on top of me. We were a mess down there; she had soaked the sheets and me. Kim had never had an orgasm like that the whole time we had been married.

We drifted off to sl**p and when I woke up the next morning I looked at Kim and saw the most content look on her face.

After that night a pattern started to occur, everything would be normal during the week but on the weekends when we would hook up with Wendy, Steve, Lisa, Paul, those nights Kim would be all over me when we got home.

It was a hot Saturday night; we had been invited to Lisa and Paul’s house for dinner. We had just finished eating and I was working on my 4th beer. Wendy had been making margaritas for the ladies and I could tell that Kim was feeling no pain. We all adjourned to the f****y room when Lisa asked what everyone wanted to do. Steve suggested we play and game of poker.

We all agreed so Lisa went to get the cards, Paul got another round of beers, and Wendy made another batch of margaritas.

We all settled in around the table when the subject of stakes came up. None of us had much money and Steve didn’t want to play nickel/dime poker, all of a sudden Lisa said, “let’s play strip poker”. We all had a nervous laugh and Wendy said “I’m game how about you Kim”? Kim looked at me and with a smile said “sure”.

With all the girls game there was no way us guys could say no. The rules had to be established first. Lisa and Kim had just shorts, panties, and tops on. Us guys were the same, Shorts, underwear, and shirts. Wendy had a bra on so she excused herself and went to the bathroom to remove it. When she returned Paul commented that she should have just took it off in front of us because she’d be naked soon enough. She just laughed and said, “I’ll be seeing that large cock that Lisa brags about before you see my tits”!

So that’s how Kim knew about Paul’s big cock.

The game began with all of us losing our shorts; I was the first to lose my shirt and was down to just my underwear. Paul lost the next hand when he took his shirt off I could see Kim giving him a good look over.

The next hand was dealt, and to my misfortune I lost. I stood up and grabbed my underwear and said what the hell and drop them to the ground, I picked them back up twirled them around on my fingers and threw them at Kim.

Lisa put her hand over her mouth and said, “my god you weren’t lying, he is shaved down there”. I was excited and of course had a hard on, Wendy exclaimed, “I think it makes it look larger” while giving Steve a look. So Kim had been talking about me also.

I sat down and the game resumed. Steve lost next and took his shirt off. He was very hairy and his belly looked even larger with out it on.

I again lost the next hand but had nothing to take off so Lisa suggested that I should jackoff in front of them for 2 minutes. I started to protest but was quickly overruled by all 5. I pushed my chair back and Lisa said, “wait a minute”. She ran into her bedroom and came back with some lube and said, “grease up baby”!

I poured some KY on my hand and started stroking my cock. I wasn’t going very fast and Lisa said, “speed it up buddy or you’ll have to do another 2 minutes”. I started stroking faster. In the excited state I was in, I had to really concentrate so I didn’t cum in front of everyone. Just before the two minutes were up a drop of precum formed on my cock head. Wendy finally called the 2 minutes and I pulled my chair back up to the table.

Wendy lost the next hand and off came her top, she had large areolas and her nipples looked like erasers. Kim lost the next hand, when she took her top off I noticed her chest was heaving and her nipples were hard. She kind of pushed her chest out trying to compete at least alittle with the other two ladies at the table, and I saw her looking Paul for his reaction.

Lisa lost the next hand and made a production of taking her top off. And just as I had thought they were huge and firm, for a big woman she had no sag at all. And if I thought Wendy’s nipples stuck out like an eraser well Lisa’s struck out hard and proud about ½ inch long.

Kim lost the next hand, she looked at me downed her drink and pushed her panties down to the floor. Paul and Steve whistled and Kim wiggled her hips and turned around to give everyone a good look.

I again lost and the winner Paul told me to take my wife’s leg in my hand and give her a foot massage. I know the reason was so that Paul and Steve could get a good view of all that my wife had to show.

I put her foot in my lap and knew everyone could not only see but also smell how excited she was.

Lisa lost next and off came her panties, she like my wife had a landing strip right down the center with the difference being that hers pussy was meatier and the strip of hair was a dark red. Steve lost next and when he dropped his shorts everyone saw that he had only about a 5-inch cock that was very skinny. I think Wendy was more embarrassed than he was. Wendy lost and when she took off her panties I could see that she was a natural blonde and that she kept the hair trimmed short. Being able to take her all in now I had to admit she was one sexy lady.

And then the moment came, Paul lost and as he started dropping his shorts I looked over at Kim and at that moment he was the only one in the room to her. To say that he was impressive is an understatement. I’m not going to say that he was 12 inches long but he was a good 9 to 10 inches and thick with big a pair of balls dangling beneath. It was Wendy’s turn to whistle.

We took a break to grab some more drinks and when we returned to the game it got crazy. I lost the next hand and was told to lick Wendy’s pussy. I looked at Kim and she gave me a nod towards Wendy and I got on my knee’s crawled between her legs. As I got close to her pussy I could see how wet she was and smell her strong woman’s sent.

When I finally got my tongue in her she let out a moan, her taste was quite different from Kim’s but not unpleasant.

I looked up after about 2 minutes thinking that we were still playing the game but no one was at the table anymore. Kim was sitting on the couch with Steve between her legs eating her out and Paul was at her head. She had both her hands working his cock up and down as she lick the end.

Wendy scooted back from me and said, “Let me taste that bald cock of yours”. She pushed me onto my back and took my whole cock into her mouth. Lisa came up to my head gave me a kiss and facing my feet placed her fat pussy on my mouth. I started licking her and it didn’t take but a minute and she was moaning and flooding my mouth, “don’t stop” she said as she continued to grind her cunt to my face. Wendy had had enough of sucking and she mounted my cock.

Over on the couch Kim wanted to feel Paul’s cock in her pussy, she had been dreaming of this since she had met him and Lisa had bragged how big his cock was. She pushed Steve’s head out of the way and with a groan told Paul to fuck her.

Paul picked her little body up and laid her on the floor, she was so wet that he had no trouble getting in and within a few strokes was in to the hilt. Kim had never felt so full before and was her clutching his back and moaning like a madwoman.

Steve went to her head and tried to get her to suck his cock but Paul pushed him out of the way.

Steve was alittle miffed and spied Lisa, he came up behind her and pushed her forward, I was still licking away at her pussy when I felt her move, Wendy got off me to make room for Lisa. It was then that I saw above me a cock entering her pussy. I stopped licking as Steve started fucking her but she told me not to stop, “oh god keep licking me”. When I didn’t move she grabbed my cock and started stroking it laying her head next to my cock and again saying “oh god lick me, fuck lick me”!

So I started licking again. What a sight it must have been, a cock and pussy above my head; hell I had a pair of ball bouncing off the top of my head. Steve was fucking so fast and with his cock not being that big, he kept sliding out and his cock would hit me on my nose and mouth.

Wendy walked over to Kim and Paul; she straddled Kim’s head facing Paul and lowered her cunt for Kim to lick. When she was younger Kim had had a few experiences with women but that was about 20 years ago. The excitement of licking pussy and Paul’s huge cock fucking her was too much for her.

It sent her over the edge; she dug her nails into Wendy’s thighs and came so hard she almost passed out. This sent Wendy over the edge and she was now grinding her pussy on Kim’s mouth. Paul was not far behind, he pushed all the way in hitting a spot that Kim had not felt before and started cumming. This sent Kim over the edge one more time.

While that was going on Steve was still above me fucking away at Lisa, his cock slipped out again and this time slid into my mouth. I was shocked, he grabbed it really quick but it slipped out again and this time he pushed it in my mouth on purpose. “Oh god” he said “that feels so good”, when he didn’t put it back in her quickly Lisa looked back and said, “what’s going on”?

“He sucking my cock”

“What” Lisa exclaimed and lifted her belly up and looked back between her legs to see me sucking on his cock.

Kim was coming down from her orgasm and Wendy rolled over on top of her, she took Kim’s face in her hands and the two started to kiss. Wendy was on fire and she stuck her tongue down Kim’s throat. When she finally broke the kiss, she moved up and presented her nipple for Kim to suck.

With Steve still pushing his cock in and out of my mouth, it finally became clear to me that I was sucking a cock.

Paul had heard Steve’s comment and looked over to see what was going on. When he saw Steve’s cock in my mouth, on his knee’s he started moving our direction.

All at once Steve’s said fuck this I want some pussy, withdrew his cock from my mouth, flipped Lisa on to her back and again started fucking her.

I sat up and moved back alittle so that I was leaning against the loveseat. Paul came over with his huge spent cock still dripping from the fucking he had just given my wife, and said, “you like to suck cock do you”. I shook my head no and tried to tell him that it had happened by accident. He said “come on clean my cock off, get it nice and hard again so I can fuck that sexy wife of yours”.

As she was feeding Kim her Tit, Wendy could see what going on and was watching to see what was going to happen. She didn’t know why but it was turning her on. She reached down and put two fingers into Kim’s cunt, god Paul had pumped about a gallon of cum in there. She scooped some cum on to her fingers, pulled her tit from Kim’s mouth and moved over to where we were.

Kim was enjoying the tit in her mouth and looked over to see why it was gone. She saw Wendy come over and sit on my cock. She saw her take her coated fingers and bring them to my mouth.

Wendy started rotating her cunt on my cock and said, “Come on lick my fingers, taste your wife and Paul”. She was rubbing her fingers over my lips and I opened my mouth. I had never tasted cum before and it was different but I could also taste my wife. Wendy said “that’s it baby lick them clean”. When they were clean she said, “you want some more don’t you, you want some more of that cum and pussy juice don’t you, come on say it, tell me you want it”. She stopped moving her cunt and said “well”? I looked in her eyes and said, “YES”.

“Well there is more on Paul’s cock there”, Paul now knew what was happening and moved close to us. “Your going to clean your wife’s juices off his cock aren’t you” Wendy grabbed Paul’s cock and moved it to my lips.

Kim was sitting up watching what was going on. She had not seen Steve put his cock in my mouth so she was amazed when she saw me open my mouth and start sucking Paul’s cock. She was dumbfounded, was she married to a fag, but then she focused on Paul’s cock, which was starting to get hard again.

Wendy got off my lap and Paul moved in front of me feeding me more and more of his cock. I was licking the head, under it, on top of it. When I had gotten all of Kim’s and his juices off his cock he leaned back and said “don’t forget about my balls” and I licked them too.

Wendy had gone over to Kim and said, “That’s sexy isn’t it”. Kim didn’t know what to say. Wendy kissed her lightly on the lips and “whispered come over here with me”. She took Kim’s hand and pulled her over to were Paul was feeding me his cock.

Wendy tapped Paul on the shoulder and had him move away. I sat there looking at my wife and Wendy. “Look at your sexy wife” Wendy said, “she is so sexy, look at the cum running down her legs, Paul’s cum, she is so hot right now, you want to help your wife get off don’t you”? I just nodded yes. “Good now be a good boy and lie on your back”. I moved down and did as told. Wendy took Kim and placed her messy pussy right over my mouth. She kissed Kim and said, “go ahead baby sit on his face, feed him your messy cunt” Kim sat down and I started licking her very wet pussy.

This was becoming a night of firsts for me. My first blowjob and now my first creampie. As I licked my wife Wendy continued to kiss her, she reached down and started pinching her nipples. Kim was now starting to rotate her pussy over my face. There was so much cum in there that I was having a hard time keeping up with what was coming out.

Wendy could sense that Kim was about to cum and really started to twist her nipples hard. I could hear her groaning and panting. She pulled her mouth from Wendy’s and started telling me to eat her. “Lick me honey, oh yeah eat all that cum from my pussy, oh fuck yeah eat me, don’t stop, oh god I’m almost there, oh god”! And she flooded my mouth with Paul’s cum and her orgasm.

Steve and Lisa had been watching all this and when Kim came it trigger Steve to start pumping real hard and that set Lisa off. When Steve had finished he rolled off of Lisa and onto his back. Lisa did not know how Wendy could be with someone with such a small cock. He had given her a small orgasm when he came. But she was left wanting more.

When Kim had finished cumming she fell off me and was just lying on her side purring. Wendy looked at Paul and said it’s my turn to use that big cock of yours. She threw him on his back, positioned herself over his cock and slowly inserted it.

Lisa looked over at me and saw the cum smeared on my face and thought what the hell. She crawled over to me and I was again looking at a pussy filled with cum. She lowered her pussy to my mouth and I started licking away. Now this was more like it Lisa thought.

Kim saw Wendy on top of Paul and pushed her so she was laying flat against his chest, she then started licking Paul’s cock as it was going in and out of Wendy’s pussy. Every time Kim’s tongue hit her pussy Wendy would feel a jolt. With his cock filling her like her husband never has or ever could and Kim’s tongue licking her cunt it was too much for her. All at once she exploded with the biggest orgasm that she had ever had.

Paul just held on and rode it out until she calmed down. He didn’t want to cum again yet; he wanted Kim’s tight pussy one more time tonight. When she had gotten her breath back Wendy finally pulled herself off of Paul.

Three orgasms later Lisa pulled herself off my face and rolled on her back. Steve didn’t waste the chance, he jumped up grabbed my face and put his cock in my mouth. With his weight there was nothing I could do about it. He was holding the sides of my face in his hands and I wasn’t actually giving him a blowjob, he was more like fucking my face.

Wendy looked over at us and for the first time felt sorry for me. She new that Kim was in love with Paul’s cock, and that I had a hard on that nobody had paid attention to, and to top it off everyone including her had used me tonight. And what was the last indignity that I had to endure, Steve fucking my face.

She thought about pulling him off me but that would mean that he would want to fuck her and she did not want that. So she just watched as he grunted and pulled my face against his pubic hair and came in my mouth.

Thank god he didn’t have much cum, but he held me there to make sure that I had swallowed and when he pulled out he laughed and rubbed his tiny spent cock across my face.

Paul was again fucking Kim but this time it was slow, both of them moving together. At that moment I don’t think anything matter to either one of them.

When Steve got off me I saw the two of them together and for the first time felt jealously. I just sat and watched for a minute or so when Wendy came over to me and asked if everything was ok. I smiled at her and shook my head yes. She took my face in her hands and tenderly started kissing me. She pulled me on top of her and told me to sick that bald cock in her. As I started fucking her she pulled my face to her’s and stuck her tongue in my mouth. Oh god she said, I can taste Steve in you. That had to be disgusting.

Paul was now fucking Kim faster and she was approaching her 10th or 20th orgasm of the night. She was pulling him tight and wrapping her legs around him. Oh god she was thinking, this is fantastic.

Steve looked over at Lisa who was watching her husband and Kim and thought I can get it up one more time. As he crawled over to her and tried to push her on her back, she thought no way. He could see that if he pushed the issue there would be a scene so he just sat back, stroking his cock and watched the show.

Wendy now had her legs wrapped around my back and started fucking me faster and faster. I had my head buried in her shoulder when she grabbed my head and pull it up so she was looking in my eyes. She gave a couple grunts and got the craziest look in her eyes as she started to cum. This triggered me and I exploded with a huge load that had been building up all night. We both trashed around until our orgasms subsided. I then just held her in my arms trying to catch my breath.

Kim could take no more and came with a thunder. Everyone in the room was taken back by it. She dug her nails in Paul’s back, screamed, groaned, laughed, said fuck yeah about 30 times and that was just the start because when Paul started cumming that set her off again. I can honestly say that none of us in the room had ever seen anything like it.

Wendy said “damn that has got me horny again”. She looked at me and said “you don’t have to if you don’t want to, I won’t f***e you, but will you eat me out just one more time tonight”. How could I say no to that. I pushed her onto her back, spread her legs and saw a lot of cum dripping out of her pussy down the crack of her ass. I dipped my head down and brought her to another two or three orgasm by the time I had cleaned her out. As I lay there afterwards I have to say out of all the cum I had tasted tonight, mine did taste the best. Lol.

Kim came over to me kiss me and said you ready to go home, I was and we did. When we got into our bedroom she looked exhausted. I put her on the edge of the bed and undressed her, I noticed she had no panties on and asked what had happened to them, she said “Paul wanted them as a souvenir”. She had so much cum leaking out of her pussy that I didn’t want to get it all over the bed. I started getting up to get a towel, she grabbed me and with a smile pulled my face to her crotch, I had my final creampie of the night and she had one more grand orgasm.

The next day Kim told me she loved me about a dozen times, I think she was feeling guilty about what her and Paul had done.

We haven’t been invited back to Lisa and Paul’s house. A jealous wife is one thing, I jealous big wife is another, and a big jealous red head is even another. We have been over to Wendy and Steve’s house. While we were there Steve tried to get Kim alone in the back room and when that didn’t work he tried to get me to give him a blowjob in the garage. Kim told me that she felt sorry for Wendy and asked if the next time Steve goes out of town for work could we invite her over. I smiled and asked what she had in mind. She just smiled back.

It was about a week later while we were lying in bed that Kim finally asked me how and why I started sucking cock and eating creampies that night. As I told her the story she pulled me on top of her and we both had a nice orgasm. And of course I ate the creampie.


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1 year ago
Well told story. How you kept track of who was doing what to whom, brilliant.
it had an easy natural flow and a way of sounding totally possible,
too bad there where no more parties after
love to hear about more of you adventures, Hell I would love to be a part of one or two if I could find a lady playmate
1 year ago
great story it had me jerking on mine!
1 year ago
That's a Hot One! Straight to my favorites for this Sizzling Story; Thanks for sharing!
1 year ago
hot story!
1 year ago
excellent story and party.
1 year ago
Hot story
Saved to favs
2 years ago
FULLY-fucking-HOT! Saved to faves.
2 years ago
I agree with crzs. Nothing shows love than those very intimate actions after the deed is done. Great story!
2 years ago
very hot story and nothing says I love you better then eating your ladies freshly fucked pussy
2 years ago
AWESOME story thanks for posting it