A Nice Surprise

I was just leaving my office to visit a client up country when I was asked by a colleague, as a favour, to drop off a small package to a 'Miss Julia' at a company on route. I happily agreed but knew nothing of the fun that was to come from my little good deed.

I arrived at the company very late in the afternoon and it looked like everyone had already left for the day, I tried the door and it was still open, there was no one on reception so I continued on into the building. The first few offices were indeed deserted but further down the corridor I peered through the small window in the door and saw a very attractive looking lady about my own age sat on the edge of a desk, her legs crossed and her skirt had ridden up showing a pair of lovely looking long legs. From my colleagues description I guessed this must be Julia. I was just about to knock when I noticed the girl sat at the desk with who the older lady was talking.

I don't know what stopped me knocking on the door that day but I was very glad I didn't. As I looked on I saw the young girl, probably no more than 18 or 19 reach out and put her hand on Julia's knee! The young girl was slowly sliding her hand up and down the ladies long smooth leg as they spoke. It did not take a genius to realise that there was something sexual about to happen, even the air outside the office crackled with the sexual tension emanating from between this lovely attractive lady and slim, sexy young girl. Julia, reaching out stroked the girls pretty face, slowly bending forward kissed her full on the lips.

A dilemma, what do I do? I guess I should have just turned and walked away, leaving these beautiful women to their own business, but a bulge was already forming in my trousers and as hard as I tried I just could not tear my eyes from the erotic scene unfolding before me!

I watched them closely as they kissed, it was a very soft, very slow kiss, their tongues touching just at the tips, occasionally flicking along one another's lips, it was the most soft, sensual and erotic kisses I had ever seen! The bulge in my pants was becoming painful now so I slipped a hand into my pocket and adjusted my swollen member so that it pointed down my leg.

As I looked on, the young girl reached up and slowly unbuttoned the Julia's blouse, there was no fumbling, no awkwardness, just slow deliberate actions. Soon the blouse was completely undone and Julia shrugged it off, her breasts now held in a light lacy bra, one deft move from the young girl and that was off too! Julia had swung one leg over the girl to sit directly in front of her on the desk. The girl now edged her chair closer, her mouth head at breast level she cupped a very stiff nipple'd breast and started to delicately tease the straining teat. Julia's head went back accentuating her beautiful breasts as her hand slipped behind the girls neck, pulling her even closer.

I was breathing hard now and stroking the bulging outline of my cock as it strained against my pants. I glanced up the corridor, still no sign of anyone else in the building, I decided to release my rock hard cock and enjoy this moment as much as the girls I was watching. As my cock leapt free I curled my fingers around the thick shaft and began to slowly stroke my full length.

I heard a moan escape Julia's lips as the young girl bit down upon her swollen stiff nipple, before returning to soft licks and kisses. Julia reached down and with one fluid motion pulled the girls jumper and 't' shirt up and over her head. I gasped when I saw her lovely young body, her breasts were braless, small and very firm, her stomach was flat in a way only a teen can be. She slowly stood up before Julia who still remained seated, this now brought her breast in line with Julia's watering mouth. Julia sucked hungrily upon the young breast as the girl toyed with her stiff nipples. Julia worked all over both of the young girls pert tits, from time to time kissing and nibbling up and down her long soft neck too, I could see the young girls legs start to squirm and it was clear that Julia was turning her on a lot!

Julia was turning us both on a lot! My cock was jumping in my hand as once again i had to stop before I sprayed the door with hot cum! I could not wait to see what was going to happen next?

Julia must have sensed the time was right and just laid back on the desk, pulling her split skirt to her waist and showing the girl her tight pink panties and the damp spot that she had created! I expected the young girl to just dive in but she didn't? Slowly she began to tease Julia, she was stood between Julia's legs and lightly dragging her fingernails up from her knees to her panty covered crouch, Julia was now the one beginning to squirm. Next the girl traced a single fingernail gently up and down the very centre of Julia's pussy, I saw her buttocks clench as she tried to push her mons up to reach the girl but the girl just ignored her and continued teasing until Julia's panties were completely soaked. This must have been the moment that the young girl was waiting for as she flipped Julia's panties to one side and fastened her mouth upon Julia's hot wet sex.

The moan could be heard down the corridor outside the room so it was just as well the building was empty. My cock was like an iron bar and I found the scene before me so erotic that I had to keep my stroking to a minimum!

Julia once again put her hand around the back of the young girls head, this time pulling her harder onto her sweet wet sex. Julia could feel the girls tongue dancing up and down her outer lips, still, even now, teasing, nipping, playing, Julia moaned out "please, god please, suck my clit, suck it hard! I want you to make me cum, I want you to make me cum now"! The girl trapped Julia's clit between her top teeth and her tongue and gently flicked from side to side, sliding a hand up Julia's inner thigh she gently and slowly slipped two fingers into her slippery sex, immediately she felt Julia clamp down on them. "Oh my god, oh god, oh god" Julia was being consumed with lust and her pussy was poring nectar into the young girls hungry mouth, the girl felt Julia's muscles start to twitch on her fingers, the sweet pussy juice started to run down her chin, she knew Julia was about to explode with orgasmic bliss and doubled her efforts, sucking and tonguing Julia's sensitive clit until she screamed out in ecstasy as her orgasm came crashing over her.

I still watched as Julia's head rolled on the desk, her body slowly writhing in post orgasmic bliss, her eyes closed, mouth slightly open, hair all messed up, god she looked erotic. Just then her eyes opened and she looked directly at me!!! Like a rabbit caught in the headlights I couldn't move....................

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and then... don't leave us in the headlights...wow