An unusual surprise

This storey is a bit different to anything I have written before. It was written for a friend as this was a scenario she wished to explore.

Sally contacted me and asked if I fancied some fun, never being one to turn down a good time I immediately agreed, she said she had a little surprise waiting and I was intrigued. I arrived on time and was stunned to see Sally sat with another beautiful lady at the bar, after greeting both ladies Sally suggested we head straight to the room as she could not wait to show me what the surprise was!

As the room door clicked shut behind us I watched as you moved behind your friend who was stood facing me, smoothing your hands down her sides you got to the hem of her rather short skirt and slowly slid it higher, I almost had a fit!!! I could make out the clear and unmistakable bulge of a cock in your lady friends pants!!!...OH MY GOD!!!! I said, sh, sh, she's a ladyboy!!! Your hands were still moving up her sides taking her top with them, WOW!! what a fantastic pair of tits, I had never in my life ever considered sl**ping with a transsexual so this was going to be a first!

Well do you think you will enjoy Katie you said? I will certainly give it a go I said smiling, we all kissed sensually as we removed each others clothes and I watched as you slid down and took Katie's long cock into your mouth, I didn't waste any time either and was soon sucking on her perfect tits, nibbling her long stiff nipples. Your expert cock sucking was obviously doing the job as Katie was beginning to moan loudly! I held my cock next to Katie's and you alternately sucked first Katie's and then mine, bringing us both to full hardness, in fact we were both throbbing like mad.

I could not wait much longer and turned you round knelt you on the bed and slid my thick meaty shaft into your hot wet sex, Katie meanwhile hopped up on the bed in front of you and slid her cock back down your throat. It was not long before we had a great rhythm going, me pushing into you as Katie pulled out, never leaving you for a moment without a stiff cock in one hole or the other. We fucked you from both ends for what seemed like ages and your orgasm's were crashing over you one after the other. Watching Katie who was for most part a beautiful woman fuck your mouth was turning me on like mad and I nearly came as I saw you reach up and caress her beautiful breasts, Katie seemed to like it too!

I thought it about time to try something else and removed my cock from your perfect pussy, this didn't go down well as I saw your fingers replace the emptiness that I had left, Katie sat back on the bed her long cock pointing straight up in the air and you could not help yourself, crawling up her body I watched as you lifted yourself up and slid down her long perfect shaft, she was now blow you, almost at your mercy and once again I saw you caress her breasts as she reached up and caressed yours.

I slid up behind you and gripped the base of Katie's shaft, feeling your wet sex bump against my fingers as you rode her. Once my fingers were soaked with your sweet juice I slipped one into the rosebud of your lovely bottom, I worked it in and out of your ass making the cock in your cunt feel even tighter, your movements became a little more urgent as you searched for your release, as I felt your climax approach I slipped a second finger into your hot ass and felt you convulse and spasm involuntarily on my fingers. We slowed our attention until you began to recover and I removed my fingers from your welcoming bottom and replaced them with my hard cock. Katie had to withdraw to allow me in and as I felt you relax I slid slowly into your sweet tight ass. I stayed imbedded in you for a while, just until you became accustomed to the size and then as I slowly withdrew Katie pushed into you. Feeling our cocks rub together inside you was like nothing you had ever experienced before and in no time I could feel you clamping on me as yet another orgasm swept over you.

We were all fucking in earnest now! Katie and I were sliding in and out of you like a well oiled fucking machine! I could feel the cum building in my body, I knew I was going to explode deep within you and it would be very soon, Katie must have sensed this to as her thrusts became more urgent. Suddenly Katie and I exploded simultaneously deep within your body, feeling our combined cum splashing against your deepest parts tipped you over the edge and the three of us cried out in pure ecstasy as we all came together!!!

After we started to return back to earth, I slowly slid my softening cock from you, leaving an empty feeling that would need replacing some time soon, but now it was time for a shower.............

90% (9/1)
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1 year ago
Love the idea of that combination - so much room for play. Thanks for sharing. Now make it real !!
3 years ago
Next time you invite me too thanks
4 years ago
Nicely done, you created a nice mental picture.
4 years ago
I hope your friend enjoyed this story as much as I did.