A Secret Afair Part 2

Since our first encounter I had been thinking of Toni, I could not shake the image of her, laying back in ecstasy as my bare unprotected cock slid erotically in and out of her hot and very wet pussy, I remembered her smell, her taste, everything and I knew I wanted more! We arranged to meet soon after at a bar just off the M3, I did not know how this one would play out as we did not have the luxury of a hotel room this time?

I arrived at the bar and found Toni waiting in her car, we kissed warmly and walked to the bar, ordering our drinks we sat chatting, making small talk as best we could whilst not wanting to seem like we were rushing our drinks just to get back out of the bar! It was not long until our drinks were finished though and excitedly we made our way to the car park, I felt like a teenager again as we both climbed into the back seat of my car. I knew we could be seen by anyone who cared to walk past but I was passed caring at this point. Toni looked great and when we kissed it felt like the first time again, it was so soft and sensual, again I had gone in thinking of all the things I would do and again it was so different and so much better than my bad imagination.

As we kissed I just wanted to caress Toni all over she felt so soft and so smooth I wished that we could have got completely naked but that was going to be a little awkward given our circumstances. I released Toni's superb tits from their suffocating bra and could not wait to draw her beautiful nipple into my waiting mouth, I could feel it growing under my nipping and tonguing until it was fully erect, much like I was becoming. I felt Toni's hand snake down my trousers and trace the outline of my cock and I moaned into her mouth as we kissed again, the feeling of her sliding her hand slowly up and down the hard outline of my cock through my trousers was incredible, my cock had been aching for this all day.
I slid Toni's skirt up her legs and again she had on some lovely frilly panties and again her pussy was so wet it had soaked them right through, this is something I found so horny, I wanted so much to go down and drink her nectar as it pored from her sex but this was not going to happen very easily in our cramped conditions. I gently slid my fingers into Toni's warm wet pussy knowing my cock would soon be ploughing through the same hole, it felt so hot, Toni moaned and gasped as my fingers found the right spot, it was not long before and orgasm was starting to build in her stomach, sending tingles down to her sex, I could feel her start to clamp on my fingers and I worked harder to bring her crashing over the edge. I watched her face as the ecstasy swept over her, her eyes glazing over and looking at me with a deep lust as she slowly came back down.

I could not hold back anymore, I wanted to feel that beautiful pussy clamped around my stiff cock! I looked down at Toni's very hot and very pretty pussy as the swollen head of my glands slipped inside, Ooohhh, fuck, that felt sooo good, I could feel her wrapped around me as we kissed again with kisses like I have never had before, soft beautiful kisses that just increased my already very horny state. I wanted our fuck to last for ever or I wanted the time to fuck Toni again and again, but time was against us and all to soon I was cumming and it was time to part again. I was sure we would have another adventure soon though. We kissed goodbye and once again I drove back to my home with a very big grin on my face.

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4 years ago
Fast and good! ;-)P
4 years ago
A sensual quickie. Who knew men were aware of such things. Bravo!