Julie And Her Very Mini Skirt

I was fairly board kicking around the house, in fact I was fairly board with life at the moment, 9-5 job, non existent sex life etc. Looking out the window the weather looked good so I decided to walk the dog, little did I know how much fun this day was about to be.
I slipped a lead on the dog and headed for the park, the day was lovely indeed, blue sky, 25 degrees and a slight breeze, I started to perk up a little. The park was a popular place for people to hang out and workers would eat their meals at lunchtime and as I entered through the big wrought iron gates I found myself walking behind a girl in a short, well make that very short, red tartan skirt! First of all I noticed her gorgeous and shapely legs and that skirt finished so high I could glimpse her white panties every now and then as she walked in front.
I was happily minding my own business following this extremely pretty lady when I saw her look back over her shoulder, she then took a second look and smiled, I was unsure if she liked what she saw or was just being polite? Just then she dropped her small clutch type handbag, it actually looked like she dropped it on purpose! I could not believe what happened next, she stopped and bent from the waist to pick it up, this revealed almost all of her perfectly shaped, white panty clad bottom, I was stopped in my tracks by the sight before me! With my cock beginning to bulge out the front of my trousers I decided that I best sit on a nearby park bench, to my delight this beautiful girl sat down on the bench opposite me!
I got another glimpse of her pretty panties as she sat down and crossed her legs, by this time I could tell this was no accident, she looked across the path and smiled, looking me straight in the eye as she now uncrossed her legs, slowly opening and closing her legs, affording me ever longer glimpses of her tight white clad pussy. My cock is now straining for release and making its way down my trouser leg, I am sure she can see the bulge from where she is sat and I know she is fully aware of the effect she is having on me! The lovely girl now leans back and puts both arms over the back of the bench this accentuates her lovely breasts as they strain against her tight top! I have to adjust my now rock hard cock and I can't resist stroking my length through my trousers as I watch this pretty girl now open her legs almost fully, giving me a clear view of her pussy and what looks like a small damp spot growing on her tight panties.
Getting up and unable to conceal my bulging cock I walked across the path and introduced myself. The girl was extremely friendly and told me her name was Julie, I was loving your show Julie I said and I think some of the other guys walking this afternoon enjoyed it too! Would you join me for coffee?

I would love to join you for coffee Julie said looking up at me from the park bench and still slowly opening and closing her legs her eyes slowly moved down my body, coming to rest at my crouch and I lightly caressed the outline of my cock as she watched. I think we better get to the cafe before we get arrested I said smiling, Julie made a big show of standing up turning round and slowly bending from the waist to pick up her bag, again her little tartan skirt rose up and exposed her beautiful small bottom again, I didn't know how much more of this I could take? Just then there was a loud crash from behind us and I tore my eyes from Julies pert behind just in time to see some poor guy flying through the air!! He had also been looking at the same thing I had only he was riding his bike through the park and hit a waste bin sending him flying! As he was not too badly hurt we both laughed and headed for the cafe before he fully recovered.
Julie sat down as I went to order the drinks, as I returned I couldn't help notice Julie's skirt was just and just covering her pretty panties again. We started some small talk and I couldn't help noticing Julie's jacket was open and her top was showing plenty of cleavage, it was hard to concentrate on what she was saying and it got even harder as she slipped a couple of fingers into her top and flicked open another two buttons! Julie watched my reaction closely as she turned slightly to the side and let her blouse open a little more. I was almost drooling on the table as her whole delightful breast could came into view, I looked around but at the moment no one else had noticed, when I looked back Julie was now toying with her nipple and my cock started to throb wildly again. Just then I felt Julie's foot slide up between my legs, it came to rest squarely on my cock! She gave me a look as she felt it pulsing under her bare foot and added a little more pressure as  she slowly licked her two middle fingers and watching me still slipped her hand under the table, I saw Julie's eyes widen and guessed those two wet fingers were now in her panties, sure enough the next time I saw Julie's hand those two fingers were coated with pussy juice! Just then the waitress came over with our drinks, I was gobsmacked as I watched Julie lick her fingers clean right in front of our very pretty young waitress, she was cool as a cucumber and the waitress never knew what she was witnessing! That combined with the pressure of Julies foot almost had my cock exploding in my pants!

.Julie watched the waitress walk away and then looking around pulled her blouse to one side and completely bared her whole beautiful breast, as if that wasn't enough she began to stroke and toy with her erect nipple! That combined with the rhythmic pressure coming from Julie's foot was going to make me cum, I had to make a decision right now! Cum in my pants and have some explaining to do when I got home or somehow cum right there and then in the cafe!!!
I was about to explode, Julie knew it too! She was looking so fucking hot! Her eyes had glazed over with lust and she knew exactly what she was doing with her toes, massaging my cock just under the head of my glands. OK the decision was made as I saw Julie's hand sneak back under the table to slide into her panties again I took the large menu from its holder and placed it open on its end at the edge of the table, I worked out that I could probably stand and my cock would be hidden by it. Next I pushed her foot away before I came and pulled my cock free from my trousers! I could feel the cum rising up my shaft and my cock was visibly pulsing! Next I stood up, looking to the casual observer like I am just about to reach for something, instead I wrap my hand around my jumping pulsing cock just as it explodes, I watch the first jet sail across the table and land on Julie's bottom lip and chin, the second even bigger spurt arc's across the table and lands perfectly on the upper slope of Julie's still exposed breast and I watch as it rolls down her chest and starts to drip from her lovely nipple, the third shot hits her chest as well but misses her boobs the rest just spatter noisily onto the table. Oh my god!!! Julie says as I collapse back in my seat, I look at her with cum dripping from her chin and rolling down her lovely breast, fuck she looked hot right then.
I grabbed a handful of napkins and started to mop up, there was cum every where! I managed to get my softening cock back in my pants and looked around, no one had just seen what we had done and I couldn't believe we had got away with it!! After we had cleaned up I suggested we go for a little walk before we got arrested.
Julie excused herself for a minute before we left and I settled the bill and waited for her outside, when she turned up she had a wicked little smile on her lips so I knew she was up to something but I didn't know what? We walked off through the park and as soon as we were out of sight from the cafe I found out why she had been smiling, she ran on ahead for a few metres up the path and then flicked up the back of her short skirt, I couldn't believe my eyes...No panties!!!! Fuck this was a bad girl indeed!!!
I whistled and she laughed, I know she knew what she was doing to me and I was going to enjoy having it done too! We were just coming to a flight of steps that climbed the grass bank around the park, again Julie ran on ahead and I followed her up the steps, I had a clear view right up her little skirt of her wet glistening sex and beautiful firm bottom, god I was getting hot again! 
There was a lake in the park with a small river and bridge at one end as we got to the bridge Julie stopped in the middle to look out over the lake, she looked so hot from behind with her little tartan skirt on and I was sure she was sticking her ass out to accentuate the curve in her back? As she put her hands on the rail I stood behind her and lightly kissed her neck, she pushed back into my crouch causing my re hardened cock to jump again! I thought this was going to be dangerous but looking around I could see no one, so again I whipped my cock out and slipped it quickly under Julies skirt! I felt her jump as she realised what it was that was nudging her bottom and she parted her legs slightly and arched her lower back a little more. I held my cock at the entrance to her lovely sex and she wiggled her hips to acknowledge she could feel me and could not wait to feel me sliding inside! My fat cock started to stretch Julie's lovely pussy as I pushed forward, she studied herself against the bridge as I sank my hot throbbing cock deep within her! Once I was deep within Julie I looked around and saw a young couple walking arm in arm towards us!!

As I was now buried deep within Julie, it looked to the casual observer as if we were just a couple of new lovers looking out over the lake, the lady being cuddled from behind by the gentleman, little did they know that the gentleman was buried deep within the lady.
The young couple who were walking towards us also stopped next to us to take in the view, I slowly slid out of Julie, but only by an inch or two and then clenched my buttock muscles thrusting back in and causing a small moan to escape her lips! The couple next to us looked over, it was obvious they heard it! Julie had also bent forward from the hips a little as I stood straight to gain deeper penetration, as I had hold of her hips it was pretty clear that we were fucking, right there and then on the bridge in the middle of the park! The young girl then caught a glimpse of my glistening wet cock as it was revealed briefly by your short skirt! I was expecting her to scream, or run off, or have her man try and sort us out! But she did nothing bar widen her eys and whisper in her mans ear, he then looked across and nodded to her? By this time Julie and I were only moving a little but it was a definite rhythmic fucking motion, I looked across at the young couple not sure what to expect but one thing I didn't expect was for them to be watching as her hand was rubbing the outline of his stiff cock through his trousers!
I leaned forward and whispered that we had an audience, I could not believe Julia had not even noticed them up until this point and she jumped at first almost pulling completely off my cock, obviously exposing my shaft and balls to the couple! Then Julie saw the girls hand on her mans bulging cock and I felt you relax, sliding all the way back down my shaft with a low moan. This was too much for the young girl and she slipped her free hand down the front of her jeans and slid down the fly on her mans jeans!
I now knew what an exhibitionist Julie was but I didn't know how far she would go? I decided to take a chance and flipped her skirt over her ass completely exposing her backside and pouting pussy to the couples gaze, the girl just stood there and said "fuck!" The guy said "that is so hot!"
and I started long, slow, full strokes so that our watchers could admire your wet sex sliding up and down my smooth shaft. I saw Julie watching the girls hand tugging at her mans trousers and then Julie's pussy clamped on my cock as the guys enormous dick sprang from his trousers! Even though I have always been fairly proud of my cock this guy was a freak! The girl fisted him hard, I could see her own hand working furiously at her pussy too!

Quite a talent I thought as I admired the girls technique, I was passed caring who came by now and started to fuck Julie properly with long powerful strokes, my thick cock stretching her lips taught as her juice frothed around the base of my cock. It was obvious we were having a big effect on our voyeurs! The girl who had been frigging her clit hard was actually coming already! She repeated "oh fuck.....Oh fuck.....oh fuck!" as her knees gave way and she slumped against the bridge wall, her boyfriend wasted no time in lining up his huge cock with her tiny looking mouth and she hungrily devoured the head wrapping both hands around his shaft and jacking him into her mouth.
Judith was studying the long stiff cock being expertly manipulated by the pretty young girl and I felt her fingers stroke my balls as her hand dipped between her legs, she then started to jill her clit as I moved one hand up inside her top to cup her stiff nippled breast. We were now fucking hard as we both watched the girl work feverishly to bring her man off and he didn't look to far away now! His eyes glazed over and a low moan escaped his lips, the pretty girl knew what was coming and removed his huge glands from her mouth just as he jetted out a long stream of boiling hot cum, that hit her full in the face, she squealed with delight and stroked his cock harder, she was shortly rewarded by jet after thick jet until almost her entire face was plastered! I was gobsmacked and I guess Julie was impressed as I felt her sex start to contract and spasm on my cock she started to cum and being fucked hard out in the open while watching a huge cock hosing down a pretty girl made her cum all the harder! I doubled my fuck strokes, pounding hard now, I could feel my balls slapping against Julia's warm and very wet pussy and she was starting to get real dirty now, "cock fuck me you bastard.......fuck me.......fuck me.......fuck me hard!!" And I did, holding her hips I started fucking Julie flat out now. I could feel the cum rising in my balls and knew it would not be long before my cock would be filling Julies hot pussy with cum. Looking across I saw the young guy was slowly stripping the last drops of cum from his softening cock and his lady was cleaning off her face with her fingers and tongue, just then I heard and felt Julie cumming again and that did it! As Julie clamped down on me I shot a huge load deep inside her, I came again and again pumping enough cum into Julie that it started to drip out before I had finished!
Looking around we were in luck, no police! Just a very excited looking old guy on the nearby park bench. We both kind of smiled politely at the young couple who thanked us and walked off hand in hand. As I slid out of Julie I watched my cum poor from her pussy and roll down the inside of her legs, don't clean that up I want to see you walk through the park with my cum running down your legs and I guess we better go before we get in trouble I smiled.

Writen for a friend.


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excellent so naughty
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great story :) really
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Love that story :)
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Great story... :))
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Very hot story following young Julie´s legs ... only the dog was bored early and walked away unnoticed ;-)