Clare Continued 3

Please read the story Clare first or this will make no sense to you.

...........It was still early in the morning and I was so pleased Clare had managed to get the rest of the day with me, she told me earlier that she had to go away for 10 days soon and I knew I would miss her badly, we must make the most of the time we have I thought. I got up and made us breakfast, then returned to the bedroom with it, Clare was snuggled up in the big duvet, her hair all messed up with a very happy and contented smile on her face. I stopped by the door and stared, I thought she looked wonderful...........

............. We ate our breakfast in bed and chatted about the wonderful night we had just experienced, as we chatted the memories came flooding back and so did the feelings, I saw your nipples begin to stiffen as did my cock. Breakfast was over but the fun is about to begin! I grabbed you around the waist and tickled you, screaming you kicked the duvet off the bed and laughed out loud, letting you lie back and rest I looked down on you stretched out on the bed, your chest heaving from my tickling. You looked so hot stretched out before me, I could not stop myself diving between your lovely legs and planting a big wet kiss on your sensitive cunny to which you responded by trapping my head with your smooth thighs. I lapped at your tasty pussy with relish as your breathing started to become erratic and little jolts of electricity started emanating throughout your body.
Neither of us had heard the front door open! Nor the footsteps up the stairs, the first we knew that we were not alone was when the bedroom door swung open and in walked my friend Russell who owned the house! You thought about grabbing the duvet to cover your modesty but that had been kicked to the floor and it was all a bit too late for that! Russ asked who's she and as I explained I noticed something had caught your eye, you were watching a rather large package bulging the front of my friends trousers. I asked would you? and you looked into my eyes nodding slowly. Would you care to join us mate I said and Russ tore his gaze from your body long enough to nod that he certainly would. I knew his cock was a fair bit longer than my own if not quite so thick but I knew you would enjoy it a lot. As I started eating your juicy sex again I heard you murmur... "oh god"... as Russ dropped his pants and his large semi hard cock sprang into view. Russ shuffled up the bed and held his cock to your welcoming mouth, I continued to work on your delicious cunny as Russ's cock swelled and hardened in your mouth, I couldn't wait to see the ecstasy on your face as you rode that long cock later. I left you sucking expertly on Russ and ran down stairs soon returning with the bag of toys, I think this will be a day you will never forget I said smiling.......... 

What a wonderful night I had spent with Peter and had no regrets about staying over with him.
We have had plenty of sex in the past but this was really "sl**ping" with him for the first time and just the snuggling up so close to him and spending the night with our arms around each other was so much that I desired.
I woke to find Peter looking at me closely and I smiled but knew that sometime today I would have to return to my f****y home.
He then started to tickle me and we were laughing and giggling until he plunged his head between my legs and licked and kissed my sex and my mood changed once again to ecstasy and as usual had me moaning and groaning with pleasure.
The door swung open and a man appeared staring at us and as Peter had torn himself away from eating my sex it left me completely naked to his gaze.
Peter laughed and introduced him as Russ the owner of the house. The bed that I was occupying was where he usually slept and I wondered what he thought of that as he certainly wasn't expecting a female in it on his return.  
Peter then more or less "offered" me to him and as I was still in a state of sexual arousal I agreed.
Peter then went back to where his head had been before our interruption and Russ smiled and dropped his trousers and I gulped as I saw the size of his semi-erect cock which he fed into my mouth and I could feel it growing and growing as I sucked on him. I started to gag as he used my mouth to deep throat me.
I then noticed Peter had left the room and after sucking on Russ for sometime I had to get some air and he obliged by withdrawing and then I saw it fully erect and all I could utter was "Oh my god". I had seen many big ones on xHamster but his matched or even exceeded anything that I had viewed in my time on that site.
Peter then returned with the familiar bag of toys and I thought to myself that I was now going to have some more sexual fun before my drive home later...........

.............I wanted to take Clare's mind completely off the fact that this would end in a couple of hours and she would have to return to her normal life, I really hoped hubby would not be frisky on her return or she would be in trouble. Russ was now laying on the bed with a very large grin as Clare on her knees throat fucked him like a pro! I was gobsmacked, this prim and proper lady who I had only just met was now a panting wanton sex goddess on all fours with one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen rammed down her throat!
Standing there I was looking directly at your upturned bum, I pulled the medium sized butt plug from the bag and knelt behind you. As I pushed the soft plug into you there was no reaction at first, your mind so pre occupied by the huge slab of meat in your mouth, then with a start and gasping for air you looked back and I winked, relax and enjoy I said, slowly sliding the plugs tip in and out, gently letting you become accustomed to it. You smiled and went back to the huge cock in your hands. I slid the butt plug in fully and you wriggled your bum in enjoyment. Next the large vibrator, I slowly worked this into your pussy, it was tight and you must have felt stuffed. I was still stroking in and out of your soaked sex with the vibrator but I had yet to turn it on. Russ had reached down and was toying with your lovely nipples, it was obvious from the look on his face that you were doing a good job down there, I reached for the little vibrator now and wondered if you had the slightest idea of what was about to happen!
The giant cock in your hands was turning you on like mad, your pussy juice was literally running down the insides of your thighs, I had a raging hard on too but wanted to send you into orbit first. I sank the large vibrator deep into you, it felt twice the size because the butt plug made you even tighter. Suddenly I switched both vibrators on together and held the small one against your sensitive clit as the large one trembled deep inside you. Russ's cock sprang free as you collapsed forward shouting.....Oh god........Oh god........Oh god...Ooooooo fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.....YES! Your hips were bucking as you came loud and long. We allowed you no rest, even as your thighs were still quivering Russ moved behind you and removing the large vibrator from your pussy replaced it with his even larger cock! With the butt plug still in your ass it felt as though he was splitting you in two, the huge cock was not stopping, it went deeper and deeper, far deeper into your sex than anything had before...Ohhhh my god....fuck me with that monster! I knelt in front of you and you instantly swallowed my cock deep down your throat, this was not the girl I slept with last night! Last night you were soft, gentle sensual, tonight you were a wild a****l, hot for cock and absolutely loving it, and now you had two pounding in and out of you at the same time, a classic spit roast as they call it.
Russ and I picked up the pace, sliding in and out in perfect union as you started a long powerful orgasm that had you screaming out but we hadn't finished yet I asked if anyone would like a Clare sandwich? The answer from you was a little tentative, but I explained again we would be gentle and stop meant stop. Russ laid out on the bed as you straddled him, sinking down on his very long stiff cock as I came around behind you and removed the butt plug, Russ pulled out to let me into your still almost virgin and very tight bottom, once I was in you Russ started to push back in as I pulled out, slowly we built up speed and with two large fat cocks pounding in and out of your tight holes you were in heaven. I could not believe how tight you were, I could feel Russ's huge cock sliding in and out of your sex through the thin wall dividing your holes. We had been fucking for hours and the double penetration was the last straw for all of us, being taken hard by two men at the same time was causing you to loose control completely, all your inhibition’s had gone out the window a long time ago and you were right at this time one hot dirty lady. As we all fucked faster and harder I felt the my orgasm approaching, I didn't want to hold back anymore I wanted to cum deep within you, I didn't know Russ was feeling the same way beneath us but we were heading for a massive 3 way orgasm, as you felt Russ and I began to squirt boiling hot cum deep within you it set off your own huge mind blowing earth shattering orgasm.
We were all lying on the bed in post orgasmic bliss, me one side, you in the middle, Russ on the other side, we were just stroking you gently as we all came back down to earth. Thank you, you said and kissed me deeply, I knew it was the time to get ready to go home to our respective families, I just wanted to cuddle up and sl**p with you again, I kissed you deeply and waved as you drove away. I wondered what you were thinking as you drove home that day and what our lives would hold for us tomorrow.

Wow!!! What can I say.
I never ever thought that I would have a sexual experience and satisfaction like that.
Peter and his friend Russ had just given me two hours of sex that had me moaning and groaning and then screaming as they brought me to orgasm after orgasm and I have never even seen a porn video with so much aspects that they used.
Peter is big but Russ was absolutely enormous and I was quite proud of the fact that I took  all of him.
Peter used what he called a butt plug on me as Russ fucked me so hard and fast as I took Peter's cock in my mouth and sucked him in unison.
Peter asked me if I would like a sandwich and instead of a ham and cheeses he pulled the butt plug out and placed his cock in my bottom as Russ withdrew slightly and then with a push from both they were in me and I was worried that they would  split me but I needn't have worried as the lubrication that all three of us had produced made it bearable.
They now hit a rhythm and it was an incredible experience and one that I might not ever repeat.
After what seemed ages they both shouted that they were about to cum and I was ready as well.  We all did just that and I was filled with the sperm of both men as I also had the best orgasm of my life.
We all collapsed on the bed and after a few minutes I dressed and then thanked them and made my way to my car with my legs wobbling.
I arrived home and showered and then lay on my bed and thought through all what had happened that previous night and over the last few days...........

Please remember this story has just been cut and pasted from emails, there is no editing and we are not professional writers, please rate our story and comment if you can, the story is still on going and your comments would be both helpful and exciting.
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4 years ago
4 years ago
Wow...... the story has stayed erotic sexy and yet very romantic
4 years ago
In an unexpected turn the door opened and another threesome emerged, turning on Clare tremendously and her into the hot woman she is and which was waiting to be explored.
Curious how their story can continue this way with Clare leaving for a fortnight, without Peter. Let´s hope her hotel has wi-fi so they could stay into semi-permanent contact ... how can Peter help Clare to further break her sexual barriers ...?
If I were Peter, I would ask Clare to describe in detail her first long masturbation sesssion on her holiday location. With good weather there, Clare might do it outside, adding the excitement of getting found out, who knows what might happen?