Clare Continued....

What a wonderful day it had been and I felt completely fulfilled and I felt like a young teenager who had just had her first date.
I waved to Peter as he drove off and then returned home to get down to the more mundane part of my life to prepare a meal for my hubby.
Before I did I sent of an email to Peter to let him know I was going to Cornwall and would be staying a night or two and possibly be out of email contact.
My husband arrived home from work and we had a meal together and he asked how my day had gone and I told him it had been fine but nothing special (liar).
Don't forget darling I am in Cornwall for the next couple of nights seeing my friend Emma. He nodded and told me to enjoy.
I put the plates in the dishwasher and rushed to the pc and there was an email from Peter and I was overcome with joy and excitement as he told me he would meet me there if I wanted that. I rushed a reply back to him YES YES YES YES  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
He immediately replied with the location and I was so excited as I packed my sexiest clothes ready for an early departure.
It's a long drive to Cornwall and how I didn't have an accident I will never know as my mind kept wandering knowing that I was going to have some more incredible sex with Peter.
I went to the pub and got myself a drink and sat in the corner and a few minutes later Peter walked in and went to the bar.
I thought I would put on the same show as I did in the Salisbury Costa and he played along with it as he did then.......................

...................Clare was being so hot I was struggling to keep my cool, she was wearing a short flowing summer dress, I was still watching from the bar as Clare dropped her hand under the table and slid her dress slowly up her thigh, high enough for me to guess she had slipped her panties off, I was panting into my glass by now but had to somehow stay cool!! Sure enough Clare shifted her position and afforded me glimpse of her perfect pussy, I saw the light glisten on her juice and my mouth watered. Well that just about done it for me, I set my glass down winked at Clare and walked straight out the door into the car park at the back of the pub! What was going through your mind when I did that I don't know but a few seconds later you walked out the door behind me, just as you were about to ask me what I was doing I span around and pulled you against my straining cock! Do you feel that I asked, yes you answer, well now I need to do something about it, what here!!!! you said? yes come with me and I lead you down a small alley way behind the pub and right there and then we fucked hard out in the open up against the wall! It was fast and erotic, almost like something out of the movies but this was 'virtualy' real.
5 minutes later we are both sweating, legs trembling my cock still buried deep within you and we are kissing in the afterglow.
We tidy up a bit and head out toward our accommodation for the night.....As we pull into the gravel drive you see what the surprise was, it is a 17th century thatched cottage with a sea view and open fire, what could be better? As we walk in the door you see a bottle of champagne in a chiller by the table and a meal already prepared! This night I tell you, you get pampered :-) XXXXX................

.........Peter winked at me and walked out of the pub and he was waiting for me outside and he pulled me towards him and I could feel his erect cock against my knickerless pussy and he was ready to give me what I had experienced the previous day.
He took my hand and I found myself in an alleyway at the back of the pub where he took his cock out and pushed my dress up around my waist and then buried his cock in me. He was fucking me like a whore in broad daylight against a wall and I just didn't care and was responding to his every thrust and soon he exploded inside me as we kissed with sheer passion.
I couldn't believe that I had just been fucked against a wall and my prim and proper attitude that some thought I had just exploded that myth.
We then returned to our cars and Peter instructed me to follow him and soon we were driving up a gravel drive of a beautiful thatched cottage which was typical of a Cornish 17th Century home. 
I followed Peter in and there was a lovely open fire and I noticed on the table a bottle of champagne already in a chiller and guessed he had arrived earlier to prepare for my arrival. Although he acted like an a****l fucking me in an alleyway earlier he was now showing his gentleman side as we hugged and kissed.
He told me that I was going to be pampered which made me so happy and I certainly needed it as I was still dishevelled from my experience in the alleyway. I told Peter that I was looking forward to it but had better phone Emma to tell her that I wouldn't be coming and that if my husband phoned to cover for me. She was a very good friend and I explained the situation and she laughed and told me to enjoy enjoy. I thought to myself that I surely would...........................

...........You gave me a great big hug obviously appreciating the effort that had gone my little surprise, I suggested that you pop up and get changed while I finish off our meal and poor the Champagne. When you returned I could not believe my eyes!! You had a beautiful little black figure hugging dress on, your long brown hair was flowing down your back and your lovely legs accentuated by your heels, god you looked smoking hot, my heart was pounding and a familiar tingle had started in my cock, that would have to wait though.
We ate at the dining table situated in the corner of the living room, it was just cool enough for us to light the open fire. Our conversation flowed you told me a bit about your life and I explained that I was a design engineering manager for a very successful German company. I work with large boat manufacturers and design systems for their new boats, this takes me around the country sorting problems and tweaking designs. As we finished our food and the last of the Champagne I opened a lovely bottle of red and we sat down by the fire, it was perfect we were both smiling, nuzzling, kissing, caressing.
I pointed over to the side of the fire where a bottle of massage oil was warming nicely, you turned your back so I could unzip your beautiful dress, I was in for an even bigger surprise when you stood up and let it drop to the floor, the pure silk French underwear you had on was stunning, I could only sit there open mouthed, my cock nearly tore its way through my trousers to reach you! I suggested you lie down on your front before I jumped you there and then.
I deftly removed your bra and as much as I loved to see your bottom in those sexy pants I didn't want to get oil on them did I.
I slowly started to work the warm oil into your back, neck and shoulders, I worked away until I felt the tension start to drain from your body, I slowly worked down your lower back until I was massaging your lovely bottom, then I moved to your feet, as you had told me that before leaving you had to shop at Waitrose I thought I would work all that stress from your feet and make them feel warm and soft. I then worked all the way up each leg, they seemed to part involuntarily but I stopped millimetres short of your pouting sex.........

....... It was fascinating to hear about Peter's occupation and it figured that he was a bit of a high flyer and well educated although you wouldn't have thought it when we both behaving like a****ls in the alleyway. I wonder what his colleagues would have thought or even his wife who apparently is younger than me which was a bit of a surprise.
I was now seeing a very different side of him as he treated me like a princess massaging me on the rug in front of a beautiful log fire. His hands were working on my feet, legs and now my inner thighs and I was purring with delight as I felt his fingers at my sex.
I opened my legs wider and then felt him place one and then two fingers inside me where he gradually worked me into a frenzy and a writhing state as he pushed deeper and harder.
I turned over on my back and Peter started to work on my front and he caressed my boobs making my nipples so hard and protruding.
There I was lying completely naked covered in oil on a rug in front of a glowing log fire, in a beautiful thatched Cornish cottage, with a man of my dreams and nothing could be better than this surely.
I smiled up at him as he slipped out of his clothes revealing once again his magnificent cock which over the past couple of days had penetrated me many times and I know that I was soon to have it again deep inside me. Pure heaven mmmmmmm ...............

............As I stood up to remove my clothes I looked down at Clare laying there on the floor, her body gleaming from the oil and the fire light accentuating her delicious curves, she was slowly writhing in anticipation of what was to come.
I laid down by your side and leaned over to kiss your eye lids, then your cheek, moving round to nibble your ear, I whispered very quietly.... I am going to fuck you now, very, very slowly.... I felt you jump as though electricity had sparked between us, you jumped because the tip of my hard angry looking cock had just brushed the outer lips of your sex. I slid my smooth fat cock head up and down, up and down, I could feel your juices pouring over my swollen cock, your sex was so hot, burning me. I was sliding so slowly but not penetrating, not yet. I looked deep into your eyes, trying to gauge your lust, your eyes were starting to glaze over and almost close, your hips were beginning to move involuntarily every time my cock swept over your hard little clit, the time was now just right, I slipped the head of my swollen cock just past your inner lips, you gasp and try to haunch up trying to get more of my thick meat inside you, but its not that time yet, I withdraw fully and again slowly, ever so slowly push into you but again just the head, you can feel the flair ridge pushing past your entrance and I can feel you clamp down on me.
I fuck you slowly like this for ages your legs are wrapped around my bum trying to pull me in, then in one swift movement I slide into you, I hear your breath hiss out and from your normally sweet innocent mouth you tell me to fuck you, fuck you hard, fuck me and make me come you scream, good job we are in the middle of nowhere, no neighbours.
I grabbed the warm massage oil and tipped it all over our bodies, the sensation of warm slippery bodies was mind blowing, I could slide my hands all over you running my fingers across your nipples and up and down your sides. The fire is now adding a little too much heat so we roll over away from the fire, now you’re on top and in control........... ...........As you sat above me relishing the feeling of my hard cock buried in you to the root, feeling my balls against your ass, you run your oily hands over my smooth hairless chest you lean forward and offer a stiff erect nipple, I suck and nibble it with relish then you offer me your other breast and again it gets the same tender treatment, then suddenly you sit up swing your legs around and so you are now kneeling in a reverse cow girl position, I have a perfect view of my cock sliding in and out of your beautiful sex, I can see your excitement glistening on my shaft as you continue to rise and fall, each thrust seems to make my cock swell a little more. I can see your lips stretched tight around me and I feel you gripping me, I use all the control I have to keep from filling you with my seed there and then.
I tentatively stroke your bottom and hold a well lubricated finger against your small puckered hole, I feel you tense up! I am not sure if you are comfortable with this or not so I move away from that area wishing I knew what you were thinking.
I push you forward and so you are now on your hands and knees, you feel me sliding into you from behind, starting slowly I grab your hips and start to thrust harder, my balls are pummelling your clit on every thrust, faster and harder, now you really start to let go, I remind you no one can hear us and you scream out for me to fuck you harder, I raise the tempo slamming into you from behind, an orgasm is building in both of us, again you scream out OHH GOD FUUUCK MEEE!!! DON'T STOP!!!! FUCK MY HORNY CUNT! I had not heard words like this from you before and it pushed me over the edge, I felt your pussy contracting in orgasm around my pounding shaft as I shot spurt after spurt of boiling seed deep inside you, we collapse in an exhausted heap on the sheepskin rug, I pulled the soft rug over us and cuddled you until we both fell into a deep sated sl**p.
The next morning you watch me half asl**p half awake as I make up the fire, I ask what you would like for breakfast? would you prefer tea or coffee? I think it's going to be hot enough for the beach today, fancy a swim?............

......... I really can't believe that was me screaming out those very explicit words as I was being fucked last night.
It just goes to show that I am totally relaxed with Peter and able to let out my emotions that maybe I have been hiding for years.
It was certainly another wonderful fuck that will live with me forever.
I woke in the morning with my arms around Peter and snuggled up so close until he got up and asked me if I would like coffee or tea.
I replied with a giggle "A Costa coffee please" He laughed and as he was making it and wanted to know if I would like to go to the beach for a swim.
I would love to but I didn't bring a costume with me but I could phone Emma and borrow one of hers if necessary?
You know she would be so jealous of me having such a fantastic sexual experience as she is married but her husband is disabled after a car crash and hasn't had sex for about three years now.
I smiled and asked you if you would like her to bring a bikini round for me and if you would help her out if you found her attractive enough.
You laughed and said why not especially as she is very good friend of yours and was expecting you to stay until you decided to drop her for me.
I phoned Emma from my mobile and she asked how things were going. I told her that it was going unbelievably well and that Peter was a lovely guy and a fantastic lover. Could you bring me one of your bikinis please as he wants us to go swimming and then you can meet him and tell me what you think.
Yes, of course she replied and I told her the address which was only about two miles away and she told me she would be about thirty minutes as she had to shower and change.
She arrived on time and I opened the door and greeted her with a kiss and then introduced her to Peter who kissed her and then gave me the thumbs up. We sat down and had a chat and I asked how her husband was and she told us that he was no better and would be an invalid for the rest of his life. Peter asked he if she was able to have sex and she replied that it was impossible and the only sex she ever had was with herself.
I told Peter that the problem was that if she found anyone for sex locally that it would soon be all over the village where she lived and she couldn't risk that as it would finish her husband if he ever found out and that she wouldn't take that chance although she wanted to badly.
Peter smiled and said "Well I live 200 miles away and only came to this area to be with Clare so if want to go with me and that Clare is ok with that I am available" She blushed and looked at me and I told her that I was ok with it if she was happy to . I assured her that he would be very considerate and discreet and that she would have a fantastic sexual experience if she went for it.
She smiled a little nervously and nodded in agreement. Peter came over and took her hand and led her to the bedroom that we should have used last night but didn't as we had crashed out on the sheepskin rug.
They went into the bedroom closing the door behind them as I settled down on the settee watching tv.
After about five minutes I heard Emma screaming out...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god....oh my god and I turned the tv sound down and could hear Peter and Emma really going for it and the sounds they were making was making me so horny that I started to girly play and the vision of Emma being fucked for the first time in three years made a tear come to my eye. They continued for at least thirty minutes and I know what she was getting as I had been there and done it with Peter.
Eventually the bedroom door opened and Emma and Peter appeared and she looked dishevelled and not as immaculate as when she went in.
So how was it for you Emma? She smiled and said that it was the best sex that she had ever had in her life and I told her that it was for me as well with Peter.
Peter smiled and told Emma that she was wonderful and that she should now have the confidence to find another man to give her what she needs on a regular basis.
I told her how I met Peter only about 3 days ago and that within an hour we were having sex in the Forest and since then every chance we had. 
Peter and I told her that she  that she should just go for it and do the same as she had a fantastic body and should find her own Peter in Cornwall.
She handed me the bikini that she brought along and then said that she would take our advice on board and kissed us both before leaving for home.
As she drove away I turned to Peter and said  "I have a problem as I was so jealous hearing you fucking Emma and think I am fast falling in love with you which is not good"  "I know I instigated that you fucked Emma but didn't realise what emotions it would bring on"..................

I Could not believe what Clare had done for her friend, I didn't have any friends like that! It was strange though, the whole time I was fucking Emma I could not stop thinking of Clare! Later as Emma drove away Clare confessed her emotions to me my heart leapt, I felt the same way but did not know what to do about it?
I thought we should find something to take our mind off it for a while, then I had an idea. We have to pop into town first I say, once there I find what I am looking for, an Anne Summers type shop, I just hoped they had the toy I had in mind. You were a little embarrassed at first but I grabbed your hand and pulled you inside, your jaw dropped when you saw the array of girly play things stacked upon the shelves. I found what I was looking for, a small pretty plastic butterfly, you asked in all innocence "what is that?" you'll see, I quickly pay and as we were leaving you mentioned a second visit some time in the near future, I laughed.
Slip this little butterfly down your panties so that the body is pressing against your clitoris and the wings are caressing your pussy, you quickly looked round and then did what I had asked, still a little confused you were just about to ask why you were doing this when I hit the remote control button in my pocket!! The butterfly vibrated in your pants causing you to jump and clutch your sex, now I have control over you I said, I can hit that button any time I want and just watch you melt! I think it's time for a Cornish cream tea don't you? (smile)
As we walk hand in hand to the Cafe I can't resist trying the button once more, I feel you grip my hand and your knees buckle, I guess its working still?
The Cafe is a typical Cornish tea room, very quiet, quite a few older couples sat at little tables, this was going to be fun.................

........In some ways I was pleased for Emma but now realise how extremely jealous I had been listening to them getting it on in the bedroom.
Peter suggested we went into town and he stopped at an Ann Summers shop and he pulled me in rather reluctantly and I was absolutely amazed at the array of clothes and sex toys on display. I had often walked past the shop in the Old George Mall in Salisbury but had never had the nerve to go in.
Peter seemed to know exactly what he wanted and the shop assistant smiled as she handed over his purchase.
He took out of the box what looked like a butterfly and told me to put it down my panties and over my sex which I did. It certainly didn't do anything for me until WOW it started to vibrate and gave me an astonishing feeling. How did that happen I asked Peter and he told me that he was in remote control and all of a sudden it vibrated again and my legs went to jelly and I nearly wet myself.
He suggested a cream tea and we went to a lovely tea room which was occupied by mostly retired couples and I did notice that most of the men stared at me as I was a very short skirt and 4" heels.
Peter had notice that to and hit the button and my hand immediately went to my pussy area as I tried to control myself but he kept it going and I was very nearly ready to orgasm with most of the old men watching on in disbelief....................

..........The reaction I got from Clare every time I hit the button was turning me on, she would immediately hold her sex and moan involuntarily, I think some of the older guys in the Tea Room were about to have heart attacks, I thought maybe we best get out of there before one of them keeled over.
This did not stop me once we were outside though, as we walked down the high street I would hit the button every time I caught Clare looking at another man and of course dressed the way she was they were definitely watching her.
Your little skirt was short enough for me to see your juice just starting to trickle down the inside of your thigh, that was it, I hit the button right in the middle of the high street and left it on, your knees buckled as you grabbed my arm for support, you were biting your lip to keep from crying out as a powerful orgasm ripped through you, yes right there in the street in full view of everyone you were having a mind blowing orgasm!
I managed to get you to the side of the road before you collapsed on the bus stop seat, you looked at me as if to say "no more" and I switched the evil butterfly off
Once you had recovered we walked arm in arm to the beach, there we changed and Emma's bikini fitted you a treat, you looked stunning, your long brown hair was tied back in a pony tail and your body looked great. We laid down in the fine golden sand holding each other tight, just kissing, cuddling and stroking, I think our sexual urges had been filled for the time being. We just basked in the beautiful weather and soaked in the beautiful scenery.
All too soon it was time to go, we had one more night together in Cornwall and I wanted to make the most of it, I took Clare back to the sex shop and told her to take her pick, chose anything in the shop I said interested to see what she would buy, in the mean time I picked up a few bits for later too.
Clare had bought some clothes at Anne Summers but I did not see what it was and she wouldn't show me, not yet anyway. We could hardly wait to get back to the cottage and play with our new toys. Once we were back Clare ran up stairs telling me to stay put, I heard the shower running and after some time called me up to see her.
OH MY GOD!!!! You were stood in the middle of the room with a tight black soft leather Basque on and the smallest little black soft leather skirt I had ever seen!! And not forgetting Your 4" heels. You looked so dirty and sultry I almost came there and then in my pants! "What if my friends could see me now??" you said Slowly turning your back to me bending forwards at the waist and revealing your freshly shaved and very smooth pussy, my mouth was watering and a very familiar tingle started down below. And where did you learn to be such a dirty slut I asked?, you didn't say a word you just watched my reaction as you ran your middle finger the full length of your pussy before letting it dip inside. You then turned sat on the bed and done the same again, all the time watching my reaction. I couldn't take my eyes off you, it really did seem like the years of pent up frustration from trying to be the perfect mother and wife were finally blown away. This was not the smart, presentable, albeit still slightly naughty Clare I had met in the Cafe 3 days ago! I wondered how this sex kitten had kept it bottled up for all those years!
Watching you now sliding your fingers in and out of your smooth sex, I had to do something so I released my straining cock and slowly started to stroke it. I sat down on the chair next to the bed and watched you as you watched me, it was extremely erotic to see you striving for release and knowing you were watching me. You could not have looked sexier or dirtier as you sat there with your legs wide apart, fingers buried to the hilt! I knew you were loving me watching your lewd show and it was not long before you were screaming OH GOD I'M CUMMING, PLEASE WATCH ME, WATCH ME CUMMMMMM. It was one of the most erotic things I have ever seen, I couldn't even touch my cock for fear of it exploding.
I just sat there speechless watching your chest heaving as you came down from your cloud and flopped back on the bed. It was then I remembered the toys I had bought! I pulled out two silk scarf's and a blind fold, you could not have been dressed better for what I had in mind. I slipped the blind fold over your eyes, this would heighten your senses, especially touch, I was glad that you trusted me enough to tie your wrists gently to each side of the headboard, now you were spread eagled on the bed completely at my mercy. I first undid the front leather fastenings of your Basque and opened it to reveal your lovely breasts, your nipples still hard and erect from your recent orgasm, I cant resist stealing a kiss from your lips, while your blindfolded, it is the first little surprise you get as my lips touch yours, we kiss softly for some time as your body finally begins to settle down. I don't have to do much with the skirt you have almost on, it has ridden up to expose your delicate pussy again. I jump off the bed and tell you I will be right back, I run down and grab an ice cube from the fridge, you hear me return to the room and wait in anticipation of the first touch. When I do touch you, you jump, I trace the ice slowly around your left nipple then your right, the cold makes them burn then tingle like you have rubbed a stinging nettle over them, your nipples pucker right up and then I place my hot mouth over your breast drawing the hard nipple into it, the heat from my tongue sets of even more feelings within you, feelings that you have not experienced before, the loss of a sense, you can not see, the loss of freedom your hands are tied, ice cold and fire hot. I trace the ice down your chest and across your tummy making you squirm, your panting in anticipation, you know where the ice is going next and your hips begin to squirm.
Suddenly there is a knock at the door!! Who the hell is that we wonder?? I look out of the window, it's Emma!, she must be back to pick up her bikini! Do I let her in? Do I let her upstairs? Was the jealousy this morning just that we weren't together?....................

.......what an amazing experience the butterfly was. The customers in the Tea Room must have wondered what was going on as I stood there squeezing my thighs together and squealing every time Peter hit the button.
We left the restaurant but it didn't stop there as he kept pressing the button even when we were walking down the street.
I collapsed on a seat and I told Peter enough was enough as my panties were absolutely soaked with my juices and that I couldn't stand any more.
We headed for the beach and I changed into Emma's bikini and it fitted a treat. We spent the afternoon cuddled up on the sand and it was heaven as we kissed and cuddled like a honeymoon couple.
Peter wanted to stop off at the Ann Summers shop and I wondered what he was up to now. It was the same shop assistant as before and she smiled and asked me if I had enjoyed his last purchase. "Oh yes" I replied.

Peter went off to the other end of the shop  and I bought what was the most sluttish outfit that was available and put it in a bag and then noticed that he had also purchased something as well and he had a twinkle in his eye and smiled.
We arrived back at the cottage and I went for a shower and decided to also shave my pussy for the very first time as I usually just keep it trimmed and tidy.
I then changed into my new Ann Summers outfit and when I looked into the mirror I couldn't believe what I was seeing as I looked every bit a street corner prostitute.
I decide to leave my knickers off as well and went to the bedroom and called Peter up and when he arrived he just stopped and looked gobsmacked and all he could say was "OH MY GOD".
I laid back on the bed teasing him by working my fingers inside me and looking him straight in the eyes and his reaction was to take his erect cock out and we just looked at each other as we took our own enjoyment. I was soon in a frenzy and opened my legs even wider as I went deeper and deeper and faster and faster before I screamed out as I cum all over my fingers and the bed. With that Peter exploded and shot his cum all over his trousers and the floor. What an erotic experience and another chapter in our sexual relationship.
Peter left the room and soon returned with silk scarves and a blindfold which he had obviously bought in Ann Summers. I knew what was coming as I had experienced some light bondage with my hubby and enjoyed it. Peter left me spread eagled on the bed with my legs as wide apart as they would possibly go.
He then placed the blindfold on and I was left at his mercy to be used as he wished. He had also bought some ice cubes with him and the effect of them on my boobs was incredible and my nipples were as hard as they could possibly go.
He then started to tease me with the ice cubes and eventually he put them to my pussy and then pushed them one by one inside me and I was now writhing around on the bed and I started to scream out as the effect took place.
I heard Peter leave the room leaving me spread eagled still with the ice now slowly melting inside me. I heard him return and felt a tongue now exploring my sex and licking the melting ice from me. It was a wonderful sensation that I had never experienced before to that extent. The tongue started to lick the inside of my thighs and then higher to my boobs where my erect nipples were sucked in and I was in heaven. I was now being kissed but something didn't seem quite right as I could taste lipstick and then the blindfold was removed and I screamed out "OH MY GOD ITS EMMA" .........................

......... Clare I have wanted to do this for so long, I just never found the courage to tell you Emma said, she was stroking your hair and her other hand was lightly stroking the top of your thigh, Clare looked confused? Her head was saying one thing and her pussy seemed to have its own mind!
I, I, I don't know what to do Clare stammered, don't worry Emma said I am sure you are a quick learner! Knowing that was not what you meant. Emma's fingers were now lightly caressing your sex with a touch that only another woman would know and any last inhibitions you may have had just melted away.
I sat back in the chair and just drank in the scene before me, you both looked stunning laid out on the bed before me, your bonds were untied and I had never before seen such gentle sensuous love making. As Emma moved slowly back down to your pussy she said "god Clare, I can't believe this is you, even I, your best friend had no idea how dirty you could be" Then a sharp intake of breath from you as her tongue once again found your smooth pussy, with your normally tidy bush out the way your sex felt so much more sensitive.
Emma Had settled down to a steady rhythm and you looked over at me slowly stroking myself, you had lust in your eyes but I was not sure at first what you were thinking? Then you held out your hand, as you enjoyed Emma's expert tongue working its way deep inside you , mine entered your mouth in a long sensual French kiss, the effect was mind blowing, your hips began to gyrate, I was working on your breasts, nipples and neck as Emma worked hard on your pussy, I could feel your orgasm building, your body becoming tense, your nipples were getting even harder, you suddenly pulled Emma tight into your sopping wet sex and yelled at her ..... Oh my god....don't stop....don't stop.... I sat up as I love to watch you orgasm and this was going to be a good one! You started shaking, your bottom muscles were clenching forcing your now cum spurting pussy hard against Emma's face. That was it for me, I grabbed my very swollen cock and came with you, I was so horny I pumped spurt after spurt of boiling hot cum all over your beautiful tits and across your belly. We looked down to see Emma who had been finger fucking herself cry  out as she too had a crashing orgasm, her face and hair soaked with your juice.
The feeling of three people reaching simultaneous orgasms was so intense, something more than a couple could ever achieve. Emma crawled up the bed me one side of you Emma the other, the three off us kissing and cuddling in the afterglow.
It was strange, the jealousy you felt earlier with Emma and I had now gone. Maybe because we were sharing intimately all together in one room, without a closed door between us things seemed completely different, relaxed, loving. I knew that if we made love again I would not have to think of you whilst I fucked Emma because you were already there, you would not feel alone and left out because you would be there holding me, even guiding me into your friend.
Right now though it was time for a shower...........................Emma left us to start the shower running and Clare turned to me and said "I have never ever felt anything like that before in my life!!!" I told her to hang on as our relationship had only just begun!
It was fortunate for us that the old cottage had been done up recently and the bathroom had a full size walk in wet room, Emma shouted out "come on in the waters fine" and we made our way to the shower. The sight that met us was fine let alone the water, Emma was standing under the shower her body taught and arched as she stretched up to run her fingers through her wet shiny hair. You had never seen Emma this way before, or in this way should I say. As we step into the wet room I hand you a bar of soap and you start to soap Emma's breasts, I am stood behind you and reach around to join you in soaping Emma's body, she is still stood with her hands behind her neck and she purrs as you slide your hands up and down her torso, I feel Emma's nipples harden as you reach down sliding your soapy hand between her legs. You can feel my once more hard cock bumping your backside as I move my soapy hands to caress your breasts, as I look up I see you and Emma are kissing passionately as your fingers bore into her sex, she is moaning into your mouth as you stroke her. Suddenly you moan into her mouth as my cock enters you from behind, I am at just the right angle to thrust against your 'G' spot, you pull away from Emma in surprise at the feelings you are experiencing within your pussy, Emma reaches down now and feels what is going on between us, she slides her soapy hand down across your pussy and strokes my swinging balls, she is now doing long deliberate strokes with the flat of her hand from the top of your pussy along the root of my cock to my balls and back again, it is sending us both wild with passion, I am biting the nape of your neck, one of your nipples in each hand and my cock buried deep in your beautiful pussy while your girl friend is stroking you into a frenzy. I hit your 'G' spot with every thrust, you are now moaning loudly, releasing the ecstasy that is flowing through your body and with an almost inaudible scream you cum...and cum...and cum, you are in the throws of a multiple orgasm! You push me away as you clasp your sex and fall to your knees shaking, trying to recover from the biggest, sweetest, most powerful orgasm you have ever had! I am stood there, having not cum, with my cock engorged, red and throbbing wildly Emma reaches down with her soapy hands and slides her fingers up and down my shaft. You are still on your knees as you ask Emma to turn around, taking my angry cock in your hand you guide me into your friend, fascinated as you watch from inches away as my cock slides slowly into Emma.
Now you can get your own back so as I now hit Emma's 'G' spot you slide a soapy hand between her legs. After stroking my shaft for a while as it slid in and out you concentrated on Emma's neat little pussy. Now she is beginning to moan....Ohhh fuck....Ohhh god!....Don't stop....both of you, don't stop...You watch her face turn to ecstasy, you know exactly what she is feeling, Emma screams out as an earth shattering orgasm crashes over her, she steps forward, my cock springs free, this time I am close to exploding, grabbing my pounding cock you sink your mouth over it and cup my balls, you can taste Emma on me but you don't care you feel my balls tighten as my cock is about to cum, you know it's about to fill your mouth but again you just don't care, sated with almost a****listic lust you just want to be as dirty as possible!.... AAHHHH, I'M CUMMMINNNNG..... I shout as I fill your mouth with my hot load, you jack me into your mouth swallowing every last drop.
We both kiss Emma goodbye as she picks up her bikini from you and heads out the door we follow her outside and cuddle each other as we watch her leave. It is early evening now, neither of us have eaten since lunch time, although you had a little snack in the shower lol, but for some reason we just didn't feel hungry and as the evening was near perfect we cuddled up on the big swing seat in the garden to watch the sun go down over the sea....Am I falling in love?.....

.......I just couldn't believe what was happening as Emma was like a bitch on heat as Peter fucked her and had her screaming out in the pleasure she had been wanting.
Also what had gone on between us was an experience I don't think I would ever had imagined. Kissing and cuddling as well as burying each others fingers in our sex and then tasting her as Peter withdrew his cock and placed it in my mouth so I was able to suck her juices off it. Was it my imagination or did she taste so sweet and I had to discover more as I buried my head between her thighs and with my tongue now lapping and taking every morsel as she cried out in the pleasure I was now giving her.
After she had another orgasm which spilled into my mouth before she got Peter to then put his still rampant cock in my mouth and then she started pushing my head up and down until he came filling my mouth with his hot cum.
What a sight we all looked as we collapsed on the bed all of us completely naked and dishevelled and completely worn out.
Emma had been a friend since schooldays and we had never ever seen each other naked and wondered who was the most embarrassed her or me.
Two married mothers giving each other sex and letting the wonderful Peter screw us silly but admit it was a wonderful experience and wondered if it would ever happen again or that we might regret it.
Emma showered dressed and took the bikini and with a kiss and a wave drove off down the drive.
I joined Peter in the shower where we soaped each other before dressing ready to return to our respective homes.
One job I felt I must do was to sponge the sheepskin rug as it was covered in semen and and my juices and looked a mess.
We kissed and then made our way to our cars for the long journey but with so many fond memories.
Peter promised to get in touch again and I couldn't wait................

To be continued..
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good story thanks for posting
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well written and awesomely erotic....... thanks
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excellent sexy
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Wonderfully matching talents in telling their hot story step by step! Yummy ;-)P