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We arranged with Pete and Margarate to meet one Saturday afternoon.
As the day got closer my mind went into overdrive, I was scared and excited both at the same time.

The day arrived and we followed the directions given to a local public house.
On arrival I was pleasantly surprised to find that both Pete and Marg were really nice good looking people in their late forties.

After exchanging pleasantries and a few jars we loosened up and decided, after getting the nod from my husband to go for it.

Marg and I went to the city shopping, leaving the men to have a few more drinks then meet us back at margarate’s house. Whilst out we called into a fantastic sex shop which sold all kinds of kinky things, with my nipples aching and my juices running I bought some sexy clothes which I knew would blow my old mans mind and hopefully get me the shagging of my life.

On arrival at Marg’s house we found the men with cocks in hand watching a blue movie on the tv.

Leaving the men to their wanking Marg and I went upstairs to get dolled up.
I had a skirt and blouse on over my sexy new basque and stocking and watching Marg out of the corner of my eye I could see she was a stunner with firm tits and a good arse just the sort my husband would die for.

Once ready we went down stairs, I sat between the men on the settee thinking it would give Marg the choice of who she sat next to, but to my surprise she stood in front of us, she really did look good in her smart business suit and knee length boots.

She took off her jacket to reveal a fantastic cleavage with her tits trying to burst the buttons of her blouse and started a slow striptease until she was down to boots, stockings, gee string and bra, with her hand inside the gee string massaging her cunt, she moved towards my husband and pushed her tits into his face, undid her bra and grabbed her tits in both hands letting him pull and suck on her nipples,

He slowly moved down her body kissing every inch until he had his face between her delicious thighs, he moved her gee string to one side and tasted the sweet stuff leaking from between her legs. Sucking and nibbling on her cunt lips sent her wild.

As I watched, Pete put his head between my legs, I moved forward in my seat and spread my legs then looked over at Marg and smiled, put my hands into my bra and released my tits which Pete grabbed and stretched to the sky by pulling on my nipples, he then moved up and started sucking on my tits whilst fingering my cunt, my legs were in the air pushing up in time to the finger movement in my cunt.
I could not believe my luck and reached over, pulling on Pete’s cock, I then pushed him back onto the floor and sat on his face, I could then see Marg was giving my husband a blow job.
With her arse in the air and Pete’s tongue deep inside my cunt I reached over and slipped my hand between marg’s legs massaging her cunt and bum hole.

As she started pushing her arse against my hand her legs opened up and I pulled on her juicy wet cunt lips, her arse slapped against me as I rammed my hand in and out of her. All too soon she came, pulled away from me and straddled my husband bouncing those tits up and down as he banged away at her.

I spun around and impaled my cunt onto Pete’s fat cock then felt another cock nudging at my bum hole, relaxing I let it in, my first double penetration.

I opened my eyes and saw my husband had knelt in front of my face I grabbed his balls and pulled his cock into my mouth, I had achieved every hole being filled my orgasms were mind blowing and the cock up my arse was marg wearing a strap on dildo.

We tried every position we could think of with even the men being shagged by Marg and her strap on.
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3 years ago
mmmh so hot. i've got cum every where from wanking to this story x
4 years ago
love your story fancy some of the same
4 years ago
That was hot you made me cum twice have to change my panties