BBW Curious

I love the summer mornings. The air is so clean and clear......especially if a thunderstorm cleared out all that typical humidity that slides in New England this time of year.. College towns have always appealed to me. The bustle of all the fresh faces that come through town from season to season. The waitresses change, the cloths styles, and all the beaming youngsters just in time to discover their sexuality. I especially like this certain town I'm visiting because it brings those memories back for me. The ones of first sexual experiences. The ones that stay etched in the sensuous corners of your mind and sneak up on you when your partner is out of town and you just need a good stimulating fuck. It brings me back to my first steady girl friend. She was the one that used to stay up at night after a good fuck planning our future together, as I drifted off into in good hard sl**p. Sarah was her name and her hair was chestnut and flowing down her back. The green eyed beauty had a talent for tennis and also sucking me erect at will. She was thin and strong, and I was the envy of many a male friend. At first I felt I won a great trophy with Sarah. We like to club and head off to beach for the weekends. Sex was good, but typical. Yeah we tried all the most fashionable positions, and there was plenty orgasms, but as time wore on it just seemed like she was more into it than I. I had a place in town, and she was staying in a dorm until she finished school.. Her roommate would sometime be around when I stopped by to pick her up. Leah was her name. One time I mentioned to her that I thought that was a pretty name and she just blushed and pushed my arm. When I would tease her about not having a boyfriend in a sweet voice she would say "oh come on Serg" and just smile sweetly. She was a fullfigure girl, a little plump around the rump, with a set of full double D breasts that would move on their own. I arrived early one night and Sarah was still in the shower, so Leah sat with me on the couch. I couldn't help but notice her moist delicious lips as she talked and her pretty white teeth. Her father was a dentist and it showed. Her sweater was quite full of her and I caught myself imagining as we talked what it must feel like to be pressing up against her deliciously plump body. She had great eyes. Deep dark brown with beautiful lashes. I heard Sarah chirp that she would be just a few more minutes and I felt myself get a little disappointed, as I was really enjoying Leah's company. Just then Leah dropped a coaster on the floor and as she leaned over to pick it up, her v-neck sweater was working overtime just to keep those beautiful tits from busting out. She looked up at me, and caught me taking them all in. She smiled sweetly and then sat back down with her thigh now touching mine. Whoops she says, I'm glad I didn't spill on you. This wine has more of a kick than I expected. She smelled wonderful and I could feel a very strong desire building up in me. To my surprise my jeans where getting very tight in the crotch. Finally Sarah walked in the room looking like her usually fit, beautiful, head turning self. I stood up and turned to the window, pretending to look out at something so that neither one of them would see the bulge that was quickly filling my jeans. I just could't believe how turned on I was. Just feasting on Leah and her beautiful chubby and delicious body. Off to dinner Sarah and I went. When we got in the car, I asked Sarah if maybe we should ask Leah if she would like to come out with us tonight. She gave me a cold stare and giggled rudely "your k**ding right". I noticed at dinner that night that Sarah and I didn't really have conversations. It was more like, Sarah talking about Sarah. I remember that night faking food poisoning and dropping Sarah off about 2 hours into our evening. She wasn't very understanding as my food poisoning ruined her evening. Oh Well, I went back to my place. I smoked a little off a joint and proceeded to fantasize about Leah until I worked up a man size load all over my couch. A few months later, I was out at one of the local clubs with my buddies, and Sarah was out of town visiting her parents in Long Island. Just my luck, there was Leah. She was out with a male friend from work and was enjoying the band. He seemed more interested in flirting with the bartender so I slide over and sat next to Leah to say hello. We talked for a bit and next thing I know my buddies are ready to head across town to another local watering hole. I'm not driving, so I mention to Leah that I better go or I'll get stuck. In a sweet inviting voice she offers to drive me home, and if I would enjoy hanging out for a bit. I asked her, what about her friend , and she says, he obviously preoccupied, and he has his own car.
I order another beer and we just melt into seats talking about everything and nothing. What seemed like minutes was now hours, as the bells ring for last call. With an unsure and curious look on her face she says" well its time I got you home mister" we just laugh and head to her car. My mind is racing now as the way I feel I'm not sure what I'm capable of with Leah, and of course there's the Sarah finding out thing. We sit in her car and her skirt slips up her full thick legs as she rolls into the seat. Oh wow I cant believe how turned on I am. She starts the car and I just take hold of her right hand. She looks me in the eye as I say explain to her how much I enjoy her company. She smiles and I cant help but kiss those full sexy lips . Oh yes her kiss is wet' warm and sweet with wine and is making my cock so hard. I unbutton her shirt and her ripe hungry melons fall in my hands. She whispers to me Serg you better fuck me now.....I slip my hand up her skirt and her panties are soaked through. Oh the feel of her warm chubby pussy all slick with desire. She unbuttons my pants and pulls out my now fully erect cock . She starts stroking slowly as she pulls me into another hot lip lock. She pauses and sits back against the car window. Now wearing a sexy evil grin, She takes my hand and slips one of my fingers in her wet warm naughty mouth. "Oh yeah baby" she says" do you like me naughty or nice?" I've already seen nice.....Show me naughty baby.... She say put on your seat belt. Off we go to her dorm room. I kissed and sucked and fucked every inch of her for the next few hours until the sun came up. I made her cum while sucking her toes. I made her cum again licking the palms of her hands while I slow fucked her with deep long back twisting strokes. I kissed and sucked her pussy with a passion I never had known. Her tongue was pure magic as she circled my cock until it spit long wads of hot cum on her big Tits and down her hungry throat. She was a true cummer and after she came for the 6th time and my second we passed out together at the foot of the couch. So there starts the curious desire that I found for Leah and the BBW's of the world.....those wonderful curvy bodies fill my loins with desire like no other type of women....stay tuned for the next time we will be in the coffee shop.


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very good
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very hot, needs more fucking action though