me my girlfriend and a very good friend

Silvia and a Friend were sitting in Silvia’s boyfriend’s living room, waiting for him to finish work so they could go out. Silvia was leaning back on the sofa, sipping some wine. She was wearing a small leather jacket, a curve hugging dress down to her knees with a low cut to give ample cleavage, finishing with black sexy boots with her dark hair down, making her the definition of sex. The Friend was sitting on the other side of the sofa having a glass of water, wearing her leather biker jacket, a figure fitting black lace corset showing her breast as much as possible, without showing them totally, leather trousers ending an inch above her ankle, and black high heels, with her blonde hair in pigtails and a beret.
As they both waited they talked about their day. Somehow the conversation turned to their boyfriends (as it does) and what lingerie they like. Silvia was getting damp as her Friend was describing her little lacy numbers that turn on her boyfriend. Glancing down towards her Friends breasts when she was not looking made Silvia even more wet. She refilled her wineglass and moved even closer to the Friend, while thinking of a way to have this woman, to taste her juices, to touch and kiss her breasts.
“Are you sure I can’t convince you have a glass?” she asked, holding her own up.
“No it’s ok, I’m fine with water,” the Friend replied, “I don’t really like alcohol.”
“How do you know if you never tried? Come on, try a little, you might like it,” Silvia said, speaking of the wine, but thinking of something else.
“I don’t know if I should,” the Friend said, looking at the glass.
“Just a little sip,” Silvia pleaded, moving even more closer until their legs touched.
“Well, maybe a little sip won’t hurt. Don’t tell my boyfriend,” the Friend replied as she took the wine glass from Silvia and sipped from it. “Mmm, fruity,” the Friend said passing the glass back.
“Here, have it. I’ll go get another,” Silvia said, pressing the glass back into her Friend’s hand. After getting up and grabbing another glass, Sylvia sat back down even closer than before. She could smell the sweet aroma of her Friend.
They continued to talk for awhile longer, all the time Silvia refilling the Friend’s glass as shesipped. As the alcohol flowed the conversation became naughtier. “You know, I only ever had sex with one man, that is my boyfriend,” the Friend let slip.
“Really?” Silvia replied, “Have you ever had sex with a girl?” Silvia asked, hoping for the right answer.
“No.” She got it. “It never came into my head.”
“Really? You never looked at a girl and thought, ‘mmm bet she’d taste nice,’ even once?” Silvia poured her eyes over the sexy little thing in front of her, remembering some of the others she had seen and bedded, focusing on the good parts, making herself even more moist.
“Well there have be a few girls I like the look of, some naughty thoughts have come to mind.” The Friend blushed, noticing how close this hot girl in black was and not caring, looking directly at her cleavage wondering if her breasts felt as soft as they looked. Then she realised she was staring a bit longer then she should.
Silvia smirked, seeing her Friend looking at her breasts, thinking ‘not long now and she’ll be eating out of my hand or between my legs’.
“You surly must have kissed a girl, you know, just to see what it is like, with your friends?” Silvia asked hoping for another right answer.
“No.” She got it again.
“Well maybe you haven’t met the right friend. How about it?” Silvia asked.
“What!! You want to kiss me?” The Friend looked shocked, but was thinking ‘oh please take me.’ Her thighs were getting hotter by the second under the black leather trousers.
“Only if you want me to, I mean, I’d like to kiss you,” Silvia said, focusing on those bright red wet lips on her pale white face. She moved closer. Slowly her Friend leaned towards her, the two of them moving together until they could feel each other’s hot breath, stopping a inch away from each other, looking into each other’s eyes.
“Oh, what the hell,” the Friend breathed, and with that Silvia pressed her lips to hers hard, taking both wine glasses and putting them on the floor. The Friend felt Silvia slide her tongue across her lips. She parted them, letting Silvia enter her mouth. Silvia held her Friend with her left hand, while she moved her right up her Friend’s leg, over the corset to touch the flesh of the Friend’s breast. She was on fire, leaning forward to take off her jacket, Silvia doing the same with her jacket.
The Friend lay back as Silvia moved over her, their legs intertwining as they pressed their bodies together, grinding their hips on each other legs. The Friend’s beret fell off as she tilted her head when Silvia started kissing her neck. Silvia’s fingers moved down, finding the zip to the corset and slowly undoing it. She kissed lower and lower.
Removing the corset Silvia looked at the most perfect set of tits she has ever seen. ‘mmm, this is going to be fun,’ she mused to herself as she placed her mouth over the left one, slowly kissing it then licking it, then sucking it, producing a moan from the Friend, raising her right hand to slowly tweak the right nipple before moving her mouth over to it, sucking it hard, then biting it, making her Friend yelp then moan.
Silvia’s hands dropped to the Friend’s trousers, undoing them as if there was a bomb inside. Once undone the Friend kicked off her shoes as Silvia pulled off her trousers, revealing a pair of white laced thongs with a wet patch making it see through. Silvia kneeled on the floor in front of her Friend spreading her legs, kissing the inside of her thigh, and moving further up until she was kissing each side of the Friend’s thong.
The Friend thought she was on fire. Silvia hooked a finger under the thong, slowly rubbing her knuckle against the clit and down the slit, feeling how wet her Friend was. Moving it aside, and revealing some of her smooth pussy, she moved her head closer, smelling the musk coming from her, sticking her tongue out, tasting the juices as she slid it along the Friend’s pussy. Sylvia flicked her tongue over the Friend’s clit, her own pussy practically gushing. The Friend grabbed Silvia’s head, pulling it more deeply in to her pussy. Silvia licked and sucked it making her Friend moan and groan, hips bucking more and more, trying to get as much of Silvia’s tongue as she could even deeper into her wet pussy.
The Friend’s legs clamped around Silvia’s head as the first wave of her orgasm hit. She pushed Silvia closer to pussy as another hit, and another, her body convulsing .Silvia held her still as she licked as much of her Friend’s juices as she could. When the Friend stopped convulsing, her breathing hard, Silvia inserted two fingers – her Friend’s pussy being so wet that they slipped in with ease - slowly fingering her as she rode the aftershocks. Silvia gave her a deep wet kiss, letting her taste her own pussy juice.
“My turn.” Silvia stood, dropping her dress from her shoulders, revealing a black lace corset like her Friend’s - only this one stopped under Silvia’s tits, making them stand out even more - and a pair of very damp black lace knickers that were hardly there. Placing a knee either side of the Friend she pulled her head up to tits.Her Friend slowly moved a trembling hand towards her right breast as she slowly moved her lips closer to the left nipple, her hand holding it steady.
“Mmm god, yes that feels so good,” Silvia said aloud as her Friend sucked hard on her nipple, twisting the other in her fingers. “Oh god, don’t stop, yes.” Silvia put her hands on top of her Friend’s head, pulling it closer, the Friend sucking more tit into her mouth and biting on her nipple, making Silvia moan more, moving one hand down to her own pussy, and inserting a finger as the Friend moved to her other tit, licking the nipple and sucking it.
“Wow, that feels so good,” Silvia purred, sliding a finger in and out of her pussy and stoking her Friend’s hair.
“I want to taste you so much,” the Friend said, pulling away from the two erect nipples in front her. She moved Silvia to the sofa, laying her down, grabbing her knickers on the way down, sliding them over her legs and then off her feet, leaving Silvia completely bare from the waist down. The Friend moved hers eyes down, drinking in the sight of this extremely hot and very horny girl in front of her, locking on to the wet and swollen pussy that seemed to draw her in, climbing over the sofa until her nose was millimetres away. Silvia felt the Friend’s hot breath on her skin. She had shaved it bare for Jamie this morning as a surprise for him, and now it was a surprise for her Friend.
The Friend breathed deeply, enjoying Silvia’s smell. She spread Sylvia’s legs wider, getting full access to the throbbing clit and the wet puffy pussy lips. The Friend dipped her head, getting her first taste of women juice, and she liked it. Silvia moaned loudly as her Friend began licking and sucking in earnest, reaching up, and pinching and pulling Silvia’s nipples.
“Oh god yes, don’t stop, don’t stop,” Silvia moaned in pleasure, the Friend moved her mouth up to Sylvia’s clit sucking it in and biting it, flicking it with her tongue, and then inserted two fingers in to Silvia’s pussy. Silvia shook as the first orgasm hit her, bucking her hips with each thrust of her Friend’s fingers, riding wave after wave of pleasure, head thrown back with her eyes closed as the electric current flowed through her.
The Friend removed her fingers, licking all the juice off them, and then moved up and kissed Silvia, letting her taste all of her juice.
“Mmm, not bad for your first time,” Silvia said. The Friend smiled as Sylvia moved down and began to kiss her tits. Sylvia closed her eyes, and enjoyed the afterglow as she held her Friend tightly while she started to nibble her nipples.
Opening her eyes, she saw Jamie standing there by the door, a look of shock and bewilderment on his face. Silvia moved her eyes down and saw that he had his cock in his hand. He was slowly stroking it, looking at the sight of these almost naked, incredibly hot girls. Sweating with lust, his eyes met Sylvia’s. His face changed to a sly grin.
“Now for some real fun,” Silvia said, pushing her Friend up. The Friend moaned like a baby who had lost a sweet, until she noticed Jamie as he walked round to the front of them, his cock still out.

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