"Aunt Rita" by zarzo

It was my first year in high school and my parents were planning to move because my mother who was an administrative assistant of addmissions at the college in our city was to be transferred to another city in which my aunt Rita and her husband Dale lived.It was October and I had only been back in school for about six weeks,one day after school mom explained to me that we would be moving in a couple weeks.I protested and explained to her that I liked it right where we were,after all my friends were all here.She said that she was going to be receiving a considerable increase in salary and we would all get to be nearer to her younger s****r...Soon November came,it was the second week and all the leaves had just fallen from the trees.Today was the big day,my parents and I loaded the moving van and set out on the twelve hundred mile journey to our new home,when we arrived two days later I was pleasently surprised at how warm it was in our new desert locale.We all rested for the evening,mom said that uncle Dale and aunt Rita would be stopping by in the morning to help with unloading.I had never met my aunt and uncle but had seen photos that mom had of aunt Rita,she was a beautiful woman having short straight black hair and bewitching almond brown eyes that sparkled with joy as she spoke...

I am so glad to finally meet my nephew,you have changed so much since the last photos I saw of you from a few years back.We were halfway through moving our stuff and were starting to get hungry,not yet having a chance to visit the grocery store mom asked uncle Dale if there were any good take out food places?He said there was a great italian place that had the the best pizzas around.My parents and uncle Dale hopped in the car and went to pick up a couple pizzas.I told my parents that I wanted to keep working on uloading the rest of my things,aunt Rita said she would stay and help me here.

I couldn't help but notice as her eyes drank in my toned teen body the moment we met.After everyone but aunt Rita left,I was in my bedroom feeling really horny.. I glanced out the window watching aunt Rita as was bending over in a sexy pair of faded cutoff jeans,as she bended low to pick up a lamp I spied her black pubes poking out from the sides of her deliciously curved round ass,I unzipped my shorts and began to stroke my hardening cock as I imagined plowing aunt Ritas pussy...suddenly my bedroom door flung open,I turned from the window
startled my dick sticking straight out at full mast... aunt Rita I exclaimed,she had a table lamp in her hand,Iwas wondering if this was yours?

Oh I said I'm sorry I thought you were putting things away downstairs,she glanced down at my erection and exclaimed, that's some tool you have there,as she cupped my dangling balls with her left hand and encircled my thick seven inches in her right,would you like your aunt Rita to kiss that for you?
I cleared my throat somewhat in shock that my aunt was touching my cock... as she gazed in my eyes with wanton lust my cock began to throb harder.Yes,I said that would be nice.She kneeled down and began kissing my glans and continued,kissing and licking both sides of my shaft,I reached down and lifted up her t-shirt fondling her firm 36c tits pinching her pert pink nipples between my finger and thumb as they swelled with desire...none of the school girls I had contact with had her expertise in cocksucking,she swallowed my dick all the way down, it felt so good as my dick pushed it's way past the muscles in the back of her throat, she did not even gag, just kept breathing through her nose... she backed away and said,how would you like to stick that hard rod in my pussy?She wiggled out of her shorts and bent over placing her hands on my foot locker,ass high in the air she spread her legs wide apart as I kneeled and inhaled her intoxicatingly musky pussy fumes and began licking her from behind,ooooh oooh that feels sooooo nice she exclaimed as her sweet pussy juices dripped onto my tongue... stick it in now she said! I obliged her pumping her hot tight little pussy with long deep thrusts as I reached around,alternately caressing her tits and rubbing her hard clit and nice soft bush,I felt her cunt muscles tighten down and my cock and my nuts tightened as I pumped wave after wave of hot baby batter in her sweet cunt!
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