Some Free time

A friend of mine picked me up one day and said that there was a place he thought I would enjoy going to. Having some free time, I agreed and we drove off. He drove into a back alley and parked behind a store in a strip mall. The sign on the door said 'open 24 hours/day'. We got out and went in. This was an adult video store There were some toys and costumes as well. He walked up to the counter and asked for Ten dollars for the two of us and we proceeded through some curtains into a dark room.

I looked around and saw several men standing around. There were booths all down the room. On the left were single booths and on the right were larger booths for a couple people. I looked around and my friend dropped ten dollars worth of coins into my hands and said 'enjoy'. I walked down a small hallway as I felt several mens eyes on me. I went into a single booth near the end of the hall. I put a coin in and went to a channel that had transgender videos. I was about to sit down in the chair when I noticed the holes on either side of the booth. As I was looking a man to the right stuck his semi hard cock through the hole.

'Ah', I thought, now I know why he brought me here. Grinning to myself I got down on my knees and put this strangers cock in my mouth. It was pretty large, around 8 inches, and I pushed myself as far as I could. I gagged slightly, but kept pushing until my nose was buried into his pubic hairs. I heard him groan and he became rock hard. I started to bob my head vigorously on his cock as he pushed himself as far as he could against the wall. I move my head at a furious pace and it wasn't more than a couple minutes before I felt his load shoot in my mouth. Swallowing it, I continued to suck on his cock as he spasmed. Getting ever last drop I kissed the tip as he pulled it back through the hole. Smiling, I wondered to myself if that was my friend who brought me here. I turned around and saw another cock sticking through a large hole.

I gently ran my tongue around the tip of this limp cock. It wasn't as large as the previous one, but it quickly jumped to attention when I put the tip of it in my mouth and ran my tongue all around it. Keeping my mouth in one place he rocked back and forth. I reached down and undid my pants and began to rub myself. I was certainly enjoying myself. After around 5 minutes he pulled his cock out of my mouth and left his booth. I was confused, did I do a bad job? Feeling slightly down I pulled my pants off and looked at myself. I had some stockings on and some bright yellow panties on. I had the stocking clipped on so they wouldn't fall down. Grinning to myself, I decided to keep my pants off as I left the booth. I walked slowly down the hall as I felt a half dozen older men stare at me with lust. Grinning I slipped into a larger unoccupied booth and put a couple coins in. I left the door slightly open as the first man walked in. He closed and locked the door.

He didn't say anything but pushed me up against the wall. He put both of his hands on my ass and began kissing my neck. I just about collapsed... god I love it when a man does that. I felt him go hard with his body up against mine. He ran one hand up my shirt and began playing with my small breasts. Pulling my shirt up he put one of them in his mouth and slightly bit down. I moaned loudly as he bit, feeling a sharp pain run through my chest. He stopped and then looked me right in the eyes. I just stood there helpless. He put one hand on the back of my head and kissed me roughly. He pushed his entire weight against me, I couldn't move against the wall. My hands fell down and instinctively began unbuttoning his pants. I pulled them down and began to stroke his cock. After a few strokes he was rock hard. Roughly, he gripped my hair and pulled my head down to his cock. I put it in my mouth and he pushed deep in my throat. Gagging, he kept pushing until my nose was pressed against his stomach. He pulled my head back then pulled my hair pushing his cock back deeply in my throat. He did this several times and then pulled me back to my feet by my hair.

I was spun around and he roughly bent me over. He pulled some lube out of his pocket and put some on his index finger. Pulling my panties to one side he began to rub the lube first around my anus, and then he pushed his finger in... applying more lube to the inside of me. Getting a condom out of his pocket, he quickly put it on. He pulled my panties down, I knew what was coming next. I instinctively put my hands on my ass and pulled my cheeks apart. With my legs spread apart he situated himself behind me and put his cock up against my anus. I closed my eyes, knowing what was going to happen next. He pushed.

I felt him enter me as I moaned out loud and curled my toes. Throwing my head back, I rolled my eyes upwards. He leaned over and began kissing my neck as he slowly pushed deeper inside of me. His hands reached down and started to stroke me. Breathing heavily, moaning slightly, he began to rock his hips back and forth. I had my hands on the wall holding myself up, barely able to keep myself from collapsing as his pace increased. Moving his hands, he put them on my waist and began to thrust harder now. Fully in me, I felt his body slap against mine. Occasionally he would slap my ass hard as he thrusted inside of me. I was moaning so loud that I was sure the entire store could hear. Well, at least those men standing in the back room certainly could. After 10 minutes of rough pounding I could tell that he was close. Suddenly he pulled and took off the condom. He exploded all over my ass cheeks. I stood there shaking. I cleaned the cum off my ass with some tissues that were in the booth. He pulled up his pants, deposited the condom in the garbage can and left without saying a word.

I pulled my panties back up and ran my fingers through my hair as it was all messed up. I sat down on a small bench trying to catch my breath. The door opened and the next man walked in... I was in for a rough afternoon.
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