bad gurl in town

I love business trips. New towns are so exciting. Whenever I enter a new town I check online to see where the local cruising spots are. This time it was in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Vancouver is a wonderful city with an active GLBT community. If you have never been there I highly recommend it.

Now I look pretty andro so I generally don't have a problem as a man or a woman. Tonight I was putting on my favorite skirt and cruising the town.

I went to the hottest gay night club but there was a huge lineup. Damn, I thought, no luck there. I decided to walk down the street a bit further and found an open 24 hour sex store with booths in the back.

It walked in and purchased ten dollars in token and walked into the dim back room. There was around a dozen booths and a couple had their 'occupied lights on. I smiled inwardly and picked a booth that was directly across a booth that was occupied and had its door slightly open.

I kept my door open and put in a couple tokens. The man in the booth opened his door a little more and peeked his head out. He was an attractive man in his late twenties, maybe early thirties.

He looked over at me in shock and I smiled back at him. I got up silently and walked over to his booth and opened the door and went in. I locked the bolt and got down on my knees. He had some straight porn on the screen and looked down at me in shock.

I smiled up at him wickedly and unbuckled his pants. He stammered that he had never done this before but I continued silently pulling down his pants. He was pretty average six inches. I grabbed his limp cock and put it into my mouth.

He hardened very quickly as I violently went down until his pubes were pressed tightly on my face. He gasped as I vigorously bobbed my head up and down. I lightly grabbed his balls and massaged them.

He moaned louder and louder as I violently sucked him off. After a couple of minutes he cried out out that he was about to cum. I smiled inwardly thinking that was quick as he exploded in my mouth. I cleaned every drop out as he looked down at me dumbfoundedly. I finished getting every last drop and looked up at him and smiled.

Thanks, I said, got up and walked out. I was obviously his first tranny and I think I left him shaking. I left the booth room and walked out of the store with a wicked smile...

Thanks Vancouver... I must visit here again.

90% (12/1)
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1 year ago
damn.....u got Daddy all hard thinking about that scene! Let me know if u ever get to Toronto.....
1 year ago
Lucky guy! I must get myself to Vancouver :D
1 year ago
Nice huni cant wait for more
1 year ago
good one
1 year ago
Yes I now, but I was in the airport on my tablet when I typed it out. Had to do something while waiting for my flight :)
1 year ago
your5 a lady with a propous hot could have been longer