Teacher to perform - part 2

For picures see part 1 "Teacher to perform"

Chapter 4

Phil said " Someone pass her that beer glass. Miss Bush, put it under your pussy to catch the juice, and keep it out of the way of the camera while you do it." I took the glass and put it's cold rim just below my open hole. Phil told me to adjust it and when he was happy with it's position. He told me to hold firmly in place and Carl to carry on.
Carl unfastened another bottle and passed it to my free hand. I sniffed the goo in the bottle as before. It smelled the same but different. I poured all the sperm into my mouth and started to move it around with my tongue. This time Phil said to open my mouth so he could film the semen all around my tongue. I opened my mouth carefully so as not to spill any. I could feel my vagina flexing and knew that my lubrication juice would be flowing out of my gaping pussy and down between my legs into the glass that I was holding in place.
I could almost feel the guys watching but worse was knowing the camera was recording everything. My vagina was in a high state of excitment and it appeared to be happy to put on a show for these guys. They were certainly enjoying the view. Phil called out to one of the guys to bring the long black lead from behind the tv. He then plugged the lead in the video camera and suddenly we could all see on the tv what the camera was recording. Phil said "Great. Now watch this." He zoomed in on my vaginal hole until it almost filled the screen. You could see my vaginal contractions inside me and the clear juice running slowly out of me and down into the glass. Carl told me to close my mouth and to breath deep in and out thru my nose a few times. I did this then he told me to swallow. Just as I swallowed I orgasmed again but this time on the big screen. I could hear the guys clapping and whistling at my performance but it was away in the distance. As I came down from the orgasm the sounds came back louder until I was surrounded by the noise. I realised that I had been groaning too. Doutless that would have been recorded too.
Phil said "You're doing real well Missy. It seems that swallowing black spunk makes you cum real easy. You're going to be having a real good time before I let you go!
Look at all those sample bottles full of black cum and they're all for you to swallow down! And after you've finished all them, then I let you start to empty all these guys big black ball sacs for them." He grinned "And I'm gonna tape it all!"
Suddenly there was a hard knocking on the door. I hope it was the police and I could escape.
Phil turned to me and said "You don't move. The cameras still recording".
He went to the door and shouted "Who is it?" A voice said "It's Dale from next door. What the fuck you guys making all the noise for?"
Phil opened the door "We got a white whore giving us a show. Do you want to come and watch?"
Dale said "I got a few friends round for a beer or two. Can they come too?" Phil replied "If they're they all black they can." Dale said "Yeah they're black. I'll go get em. Do want us to bring the beer?" Phil said "Yeah if you want but the white bitch is paying for all the beers from now on". Dale disappeared and the door left open.
Phil paused and said to Carl "This bitch is making the guys noisier then I thought. I don't want no more interuptions. So you go get Harry from next door. He's black and it means that both our neighbors are here with us guys." Carl went off to fetch Harry.
I felt ridiculous being videoed laid back in the chair naked with a leg over each arm. My vagina hole was open and running with my sex juices that I was dutifully collecting in the beer glass for Phil. God knows what he wanted it for.
Before I could speculate further Dale and his friends came into the room and started to make themselves comfortable. Then Harry arrived.
Dale had brought four guys with him. They were all about 55 to 60, they were all overweight but they looked strong like manual workers. Harry was probably over sixty and well overweight. There had been about 17 guys before, now there were about 23!
Now Phil spoke up "Here's what's happening . Miss Bush here is a teacher at my school. She's a stuck up bitch who doesn't like blacks like us. But I asked her over here tonite to give us lower classes a few lessons. As you can see she agreed willingly. Isn't that right Miss Bush?" I nodded yes. Phil said "Those at the back of the class didn't hear you. You agreed willingly. Isn't that right Miss Bush?" I said "Yes. I agreed willingly."
The guys were having a good laugh at his bating me.
One of the guys said "Most strippers and such don't let you photo them. Is it ok if I take photos of Miss Bush the guys down the gym would love to see a young white teacher spread like she is?" Phil said "Yeah. Take as many as you like. Just make sure you spread her pix to all your friends. That goes for the rest of you guys who've been taking phtots. Spread them around nice and wide. Just like that bitches legs. You like having your picture taken don't you Miss Bush?" I said "Yes I do." "And you like having your pictures shared around don't you? I said "Yes I do."
"And you like swallowing black spunk that much that it makes you cum. Isn't that right Miss Bush?"
I said "Yes it does."
Phil laughed and told Carl to carry on.
Carl reached for another sample bottle of semen. He said "Now put on a good show for our new arrivals. They'll all get to know you just as well as we do!"
He passed me the opened bottle and I sniffed at the new sample. This one was much the same as the first. I wondered if the same guy had filled two bottles for me. There about 40 bottles so each of the orignal 17 could have done about 2 given a week. I suddenly thought I don't know if I could manage 40 orgasms.
Carl told me to get on with it. I opened my mouth and poured all the semen in to the applause of the guys watching.
The new guys hadn't seen what happened before and leaned in for a close look. Others were watching the big screen showing what was the video was recording. I looked across at the big screen.
As I finished pouring the sperm into my mouth, I carefully licked the last remains of the goo from the bottle. I could see my tongue working into the bottom of the bottle. It was all being recorded.
I started to stir it around with my tongue. It tasted the same as the first although maybe a little more 'lumpy' in texture. As I moved it around my tongue I saw, on the screen, the insides of my vagina start to contract and release without me even conciously thinking about it. My juices started to run out of me faster with the contractions inside me pushing it out. I was starting to enjoy the excitment and feelings that the semen was making me feel but I was not enjoying the humiliation I was being subjected to. If I could have been alone in my bedroon with these bottles of sperm I would have been having a great time sampling each and comparing the taste, color, and texture of each one. Perhaps even choosing a favorite. Maybe even enjoying milking the sperm fresh from the heavy black scrotum that had produced it. As that thought pass thru my mind I orgasmed hard. I could barely keep me eyes open as I watched my vagina clamp down hard and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze again as the orgasm rippled thru me. As the last squeeze finished my vagina opened up again and sat there 'gasping', opening and closing gently, in front of the camera. The show had been enjoyed by all the guys and I could hear a lot of comments. One stuck in my mind was " Cunt like a horse collar but gimme gimme". That got a lot of laughs. I didn't really care at the time as I was still recovering. I must have swallowed all the semen as I orgasmed as there was non left in my mouth as I opened it to show the camera.
This time there was no pause, Carl passed me an open bottle and I immediately poured it all in. Not even pausing to sniff it or to clean the bottle with my tongue. This one was really thick and gloopy. I really enjoyed this one. I enjoyed so much I hadn't even started to stir it around my tongue when I orgasmed again. As I started to orgasm I was vaguely aware of Phil speaking to me. He was saying "That one's mine Missy!" I didn't care at the time as I was being racked by the orgasm rippling and washing thru me. As I started to come round my mind reeled knowing that I had just been filmed swallowing the janitors semen. And worse yet, orgasming hard with it. Carl said "Clean the bottle." I held the bottle back up to my mouth and hesitated a moment. I really didn't want to be fimed doing this. I put my tongue down to the bottom to get the last dregs of Phil's sperm from the bottom of the bottle. On the big screen I could see my tongue reaching down and then I saw the letter "P" on the side of the bottle. That's how he knew!
Phil said "Keep your tongue cleaning up in there while I just zoom in on that. Keep smiling and look at the camera. Yes that's good. Now let's zoom back out to see what your puss is doing." It was gaping and 'gasping' as before but it was now producing a steady stream of vaginal juices that was running down to the waiting beer glass. It didn't need the vaginal contractions to make it flow out of me. It was now producing enough juice for it to simiply flow freely.
Phil said "Right I think we really need to move the show on. Carl I want you to open and pass her all the remaining bottles as fast as she can swallow it. Missy I want you to take each in turn swill it round your mouth once then swallow and open your mouth for the camera to see it's all gone. Then clean the bottle out with your tongue and pass the bottle back to Carl. I want you to go as quick as you can, but no spillages. Your friends here have worked real hard to bring you all these gifts so don't you go wasting any right?" I said "Ok."
Carl reached for the next bottle and I started. As I moved from one bottle to the next my vagina was flexing and 'gasping' as two, three and four more orgasms washed over me. I was now really enjoying the sensation inside my body, but I was hating the people forcing me to humiliate myself like this. I finished the last one ten or fifteen minutes after starting the first. As I swallowed the last one my vagina had one last orgasm and I felt totally spent.
Phil told me to keep the beer glass in place until he told me to move it. On the big screen I could see my juice still flowing freely. My vagina was fully dilated and holding it's self wider open than I had ever seen it before.

Phil said "Now while you collect the last pussy drippings I'll tell you what's going to happen next. Before I start you do remember the options I gave you before? What option are you going to choose?" "Cooperate" I said.
"Good I don't want to hurt you unless I must. If you want a drink or anything just ask old Carl here. Carl sorted you out with some real good drinks he got from the hospital. He got you three pints of old cum from the sperm donor bank. When it's been stored and people don't want it no more it gets binned. Carl got all the old black spunk he could find, defrosted it, and brought it over here just for you. You owe him $10 dollars for that. All the time you stay with us all you'll get is the spunk. " The thought repulsed me. I vowed I wouldn't be asking for drinks
"Right my uncle Henry lives a couple of floors up in this block. He's 79 and lived in the south during the real bad times. He hates whites like they hated him. He always told me he's never had any white pussy but always wanted to fuck one. Well I'm just going to get him down and see if he wants to use yours. Keep smiling I'll be back soon. Carl when her cunt stops running like a tap get her to pay her students for watching her show off". With a grin he left.
Carl got the camera back on me and waited for my vagina to stop flowing it's lubrication juice.
When it had he said "Now show the glass to the camera and smile. Yes that's good. Now swill the glass back and fourth. Yes now drip a finger into the juice and taste it for the camera. Good, very nice. Now it's time to pay your students. Pass the glass to me. Hmmm about two inches in the bottom that will come in later. Right, now you can use both hands, I will give you a $10 note you will roll it up nice and tight and put it up your cunt. You will grip it with your cunt until the student comes up to the front here and pulls it out. I'll have the camera filming you all the time so I want a nice pretty smile and don't forget to say thank you to each guy as he tales your money. Got that? Good let's start."
He passed me the first note and I rolled it long way round so they didn't get too close to my vagina or labia. The first guy came up and took the money and I said "Thank you." He leered at me and sat back down sniffing the note.
Each came up in turn and took the money from me. The last was Carl who did it twice as I 'owed' him for the 'special drinks' he had got for me.

Chapter 5

Carl said "You did well. Now let me tell you about the beer you had earlier. I got one of the guys to get me some medical d**gs. The one I wanted for you was to open the neck of your womb. I wanted to do that so that everything that goes into your pussy has a real good chance of getting all the way right up inside your womb. It works for about four or five hours then the neck goes back to it's normal size. Anything that's got in there stays in there. For you to keep nice and safe like. Good plan eh?" I stared in horror at the thought.
Carl carried on " Phil's uncle Henry will be down soon. If he wants to fuck you he will. If he does what do you think will be going into your cunt next? And what do you think he'll be leaving inside your womb? Oh and you're not on the pill are you? As you said your a lesbian. And lesbians dont need the pill right? You also said that your in the middle of your cycle, so you should be nice and fertile. Looks like you will be having some little black babies. I'm sure your les partner will understand when she sees the edit of the videos to show you happily partying with all your new black friends. I'll leave you to think about that."
The horror of my stuation began to dawn on me. I could not go to the police, the vidoes all showed me cooperating and smiling. I was seen paying the guys too, it looked like I was paying for their sexual services. And Ruth, my partner, would see me having a good time and being unfaithful with a load of guys.
Carl watched my face as these thoughts went thru my head.
He said "You're right. You're screwed however you look at it! And I look forward to screwing you soon."
He continued "Anyway, let's get you ready to meet uncle. Stand up. Now wrap this sheet around you. We don't want you wearing any real clothes. Now put some lipstick on. The redest you've got. Uncle Henry might want you to take his cock in your mouth to get him started. It will be fun to see just how much cock you've taken down your throat. So put plently of lipstick on your mouth cos you'll be wanting it to show on cock later."
The contents of my bag was still on the table. I got the lipstick and did as I was told.
Carl put a whisky glass down next to me. It was half full of semen. He said "For you." I said "Thanks". I had no intention of drinking it. Carl must have seen the look on my face because he then said "You ain't leaving here until you've had it all! If you don't drink it, it will be going in your puss. Just think, this as all been stored right. So it should all still be fertile. So take a nice big drink now and tell us all how much you like it." I though if I have a choice I'll choose where it will be safest for me. I lifted the glass and took a small drink. I must say I enjoyed the feeling and my juices started to run down the inside of my left leg. I didn't cum this time but I was alot more scared now.
Just then the door opened and Phil came in followed by his uncle. Henry was wearing an old brown dressing gown and looked his age but in spite of the fat was still strong looking.
Phil said "Meet Miss Bush. She's come here tonite to do whatever you want. Isn't that right Miss Bush?" I said "Yes."
Henry said to Phil "Is she a whore. I never paid and never will." Phil said "No I told you she's a teacher were I work. She's only ever had one cock and that was only once." Henry said "So she's a dyke then." Phil said "Yes but she's come here tonite to learn different see." Henry said " I hope none of your moron friends here have fucked her. I'm going after one of those damn fools." Phil explained no one had touched me. Henry said "OK then I'll fuck her but I ain't wearing no condom bitch." Phil said "Don't worry about that. Miss Bush isn't on the pill and is perfectly happy if she leaves here pregnant. Isn't that right Miss Bush? She's developed quiet a liking for black spunk. Isn't that right Miss Bush?" He then went on to tell him about what had happened earlier. Henry laughed and said he'd like to see the video of that later. Phil said he'd give him a copy when he did some. I didn't like the sound of 'some' copies.
Henry said "I'll sit down. You pull up the coffee table for this bitch. Now Miss Bush bitch. Take off the damn sheet so I can see what you've got." I dropped the sheet to the floor. His eyes went down to my large pubic triangle which contrasted so much with my pale skin. He said "God that's a beaver like from the old days. Phil you did I good job choosing this bitch. I love that big hairy bush it's got the old pecker twicthing already! Shame about the little tits though. Turn round bitch I want to see your fat ass. That's good even got a little cellulite on the buttocks. Missy take a step back here towards me I want a feel of those." I didn't like being stood there talked about like I was a horse or something, but I took a step back towards to were he sat so that he could reach me. He roughly grabbed both buttocks and squeezed hard. It hurt but I said nothing. He said "Spread your legs bitch. Bend over and put your hands on the coffee table."
I did and realised that my labia would be hanging well clear of my pubic hair.
He ran a finger up the inside of my left thigh. He was collecting the juice that had run down earlier.
He said "The bitch is well ready for mating. Bitch have you had your ass fucked before?" I said "No".
He said " Good. I'll fuck it for you later" He then wiped my juice down between my buttocks and over my anus. He gave it a little push with his finger and then continued down to my labia. He took hold of them and pulled slowly but firmly for a few seconds to stretch them out. He then let them go. He said "The bitch has got some lips on her! I reckon if you pulled them out often enough you could have half way to her knees!" This comment got some laughs.
Henry said "Time to put this bitch to work. Turn round and kneel in front of me. I'm gonna let you get my cock nice and hard for fucking your butt. Phil get that camera over here. I want you to record all this. Bitch have you ever sucked cock before?" I said I hadn't. He smiled and said "Good I never thought that after all these years I'd ever get to fuck a pretty virgin white mouth like yours. And here you are all ready and willing to do the job."
He opened his dressing gown and I saw his large belly and his semi stiff cock. "Get started bitch."
I reached down and took his cock in my fingers. The blackness of his penis contrasted sharply with the paleness of my hand. He was uncut and still only about 4 to 5 inches long. I started to gently pull back and forth on it and it started to harden out beyond 6 inches. I was sure there was more to come.
He said "Put it in your mouth and I want you to peel the skin all the way back with it in your mouth all the time. Only use your tongue, no hands."
I lowered my head towards his lap and lifted his penis end towards my mouth. I looked at his foreskin getting closer and could see the texture and wrinkling of the pucked skin covering his penis end.
Just then Phil said "Look at the camera and smile as you do this. We want it to look good. Remember it's not every day your mouth looses it's virginity." There was laughs around the room at this comment. I opened my mouth and started lowering my head. I could feel the heat from his large body. But worse, just over the top of the camera I could see the big screen showing me doing this. His penis end was approaching and now passing into my mouth. I could almost feel the heat radiating from his cock. I still hadn't made contact with it as yet but I could see on screen that it was getting bigger. He could probably feel the heat from my mouth. I avoided closing my lips over his penis for as long as possible. But in the end I had to I had no choice. My lips encircled his black wrinkled cock. I started to search the puckered skin at the end of his foreskin so that I could peel it back.
Henry said "No hands." So I let go and rested my hands on his bare thights. As my tongue searched for the hole in the puckered foreskin. My job started to get easier as he reached his full size and the foreskin tighten out. I found the opening in the foreskin and started to push my tongue inside it.
The girth of his penis made my mouth into a round 'O' shape. He had reached maybe 8 inches and was now completed hard. The camera was still on me and I noticed that Carl was using a phone to video me too. He noticed I was looking at him and told me to wave both hands at the camera and keep smiling. I did my best but I was still struggling to get my tongue into Henry's foreskin. I'm sure he knew how difficult it would be before he told me to do it. I suddenly realised that the phone that Carl was using was mine! It had all my f****y, friends and colleagues phone numbers on it! If he choose that video clip of me could be on their phones too in a matter of seconds!
I looked up at him in horror. He saw my look, smiled and smile "Your gonna play real nice now aren't you? Otherwise I think maybe Ruth first?"
Henry said to Carl " When I've finished with the bitch. I want you to put the video and all her contacts onto my phone. I might want to call her up to come and service me in the future. I'm 80 next month bitch and I think you'll make a great birthday present! I'll maybe share you round with a few of my friends."
I then knew my ordeal was not going to end tonite or any time soon!
Henry said "Back to work bitch. I need my foreskin peeled back remember." He looked round at the guys drinking beer and watch me and said "I didn't bother washing my dick today, I though this white bitch would like to get it all nice and clean for me in her mouth. See how well I look after you bitch. Phil told me last week you were coming and I've not had a wank since, just saving it all up for you. You take my balls in both your hands and give them a nice slow roll around. They're so damn heavy with spunk you'll probably feel it sloshing around in them!"
He spread his fat thighs so I could reached his testicles. I couldn't see much because of his penis in my mouth. He had quiet a lot of pubic hair with a little grey showing. His sac was hung low and loose, inside it his testicles felt quiet large and heavy as I gently rolled them around in my hands.
I was still trying to get the foreskin pushed back. I had now got just the head of his penis in my mouth so I had more room to move my tongue around. At last I got the tip of my tongue inside the foreskin. Not wanting to loose it again, I pushed my tongue down quickly inside the foreskin and down the side of the penis head. I heard Henry groan with pleasure and felt his sac tighten in my hands. I wanted to get this over as my mouth and tongue were both aching.
With my tongue still down between the head and foreskin of his penis I pushed down until it woldn't go any further. I then ran it around the head to free the foreskin from the head. He was telling the true with he said he hadn't washed; I could feel little balls of smegma rolling around as I moved my tongue.
I started to try to easy the foreskin back at the top side of the penis first. I pushed and moved and pushed and moved and suddenly his large black glans was naked inside my mouth. I moved my tongue all around the head and then started to suck on it. I wasn't enjoying the experience concoiusly but I could feel that my vagina had started to run again. I could feel my juice running down the inside of my thigh. I hoped the guys wouldn't notice.
Henry suddly said "Stop the sucking bitch. Stick your little pink in my cock hole as far has you can get it."
I moved the tip of my tongue into the glans opening and tried to push in. Needless to say only the very tip of my tongue went it, but I kept it there and wiggled the tip as best I could.
He took his penis from my mouth and put it next to my face and said "Smile at the cameras. This one is for over the f****y's fireplace. Maybe a couple of extra copies from your gran to show around?"
On the big screen I could see my smiling face next to his large penis. The glans stood out like a large plum.
He said "Turn your face a little and run your tongue up it. Perfect. A real keeper that one! "
Henry said "That'll do. Now time for your other holes!"

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