Restaurant Romance part 1

As I walked into the restaurant I glanced across the dirty, plate covered tables. This was a dive, the kind of dive that made normal dives look like the Rits. Then I saw it an ass so thick, juicy, round, jigglin', and fat that it would of made my cock stand up straight, had it not been crammed down the left leg of my tight jeans. She was in her late 30's early 40's, or maybe she was just worn down by life, working in some shitty half faltering diner on the side of a dusty highway for meager tips from assholes she'd never see again. I was just one of those assholes. Still the years or the miles didn't hide her natural beauty; shoulder length black hair was pulled back in a short pony tail, allowing me to see her soft neck, I wanted to kiss and suck every ebony inch. I ducked into a corner booth as she approached, "can I get you something to drink?" she asked. Do my best Marlon Brando I replied, "What'da got?" My eyes burning with intense sexuality I could almost smell the pheromones in the air as she let out a deep breath, "coke products and water." My cock was throbbing pushing and straining against the jeans when she returned with my coke, she glanced down, noticing the thick long shaft pressing up, the head almost popping through the cloth. She not so accidentally dropped my napkin and silverware all over the floor, getting to her knees to pick it up her hand ran up my thigh over my cock. Squeezing it firmly I could feel precum beginning to drip out, I looked down over her back, her dress was riding up exposing the bottom of her round apple ass. I reached down running my had from her shoulders down the small of her back, in-between her massive ass cheeks, my middle finger slipping under her panties, I began teasing her asshole and pussy. She leaned over my lap, surrounding my cock with her mouth, she began to suck and lick my throbbing erection through the jeans. My balls ached as the tightened needing to feel that thick, fat ass slamming against them. Just as I was about to stand up and pull her into the bathroom, a car pulled into the parking lot. She quickly stood up and pulled her uniform back into place, walking towards the door she turned and said, "I get off in two hours." My cock throbbing, balls aching, pants went, I sat drinking coke, killing time. Like an a****l in a cage I raged internally until I could get out of this dump and into her pussy.
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4 months ago
Haha, thanks I probably should finish it, I have been preoccupied with non erotic writing lately... but will get time to wrap this up ;-)
5 months ago
You should finish this.. I mean this was fucking hot. So I'm 100% interested in the rest of the story :P
2 years ago
Good start but you need to go ahead and do part two:)