Disobedient girl

Irina,clean up that mess said her father,later dad she spoke.now dad told.no dad.so you disobey me he said therefore you will be punished.take your clothes off.no dad.dad calls his wife and five sons.so you refused to obey fathers others.her b*****rs ripped off her clothes,the 18 years old girl stand now naked in front of them.on your knees shout mam and head to the ground.father she is yours his wife said.she deserved a good lesson .now he took a horsewhip and spanked her bare ass mercessily.stop dad irina cried.continue the mother said let the boys have some fun too.the oldest son took a red hot poker.dont scream he said or else.he held the poker against her nipples an agonizing scream filled the room,what did my son told you said the father.not to scream.but it hurts dad.spread your legs wide says ma
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4 years ago
lacking in details but not bad short