Caught jerking by neighbour

This actually happened to me this summer.

It was during the hot weather we had in July this year and I was at a loose end one-week day, on my own in the house, and decided to sort out the shed as it was full of rubbish and I could hardly get in the door. I was wearing just my shorts and trainers and was in the shed sweating and swearing as I moved stuff around. I picked up a box and turned to put in in another location but walked into the edge of a pile of other boxes and squashed by balls on the corner.
Only a guy knows how much this can hurt and I dropped the box I was holding and clutched my sore balls. I pulled my shorts down to inspect the damage and decided I had had enough of clearing up for one day.
Still with my shorts down I rubbed my aching balls wondering if I had done any lasting damage.
The rubbing moved from my balls to my cock and I started to get a hard on. What the hell I thought, I will jerk off, that will prove I have done no lasting damage. So I leaned back against the pile of boxes and wanked away.
I should mention here that my shed backs onto our garden fence and the door opens facing next doors fence.
I was enjoying jerking off and close to cumming when I glanced out the shed door. My next door neighbor Val was standing in her garden at the washing line staring at me with a shocked look on her face.
Oh my god. What should I do???
If I stopped or moved to cover myself up I would have to look up and acknowledge her. I froze for a split second, I was so close to cumming, OMG, I just closed my eyes and carried on. A couple more jerks and I came hard, my spunk spurting out and spraying into the shed, finally dripping onto the floor.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw her un peg the washing she was taking in and go into her house.

I quickly pulled up my shorts and went indoors myself. Now I started to worry.
What if she told my wife what she had seen??
What if she told her husband??
What if she reported me to the police or something??

Every time I saw either her or her husband going in or out of their house for the next couple of days I worried. If they were in their garden I stayed in doors.

The following Sunday I was walking back to my house after getting the Sunday papers and Val was walking up the road towards me. My heart missed a beat.
“Hello” she said, “how are you?”
“Oh fine thanks” I said and we chatted for a couple of minutes about trivia.

This is OK I thought, maybe she did not see anything after all. Then she said she was enjoying the hot weather but asked if it had rained the other day.
“I don’t think so” I said, “which day do you mean?”
“The day you cleared your shed out” she said. “The only reason I ask,” she said, “is because, when I took my washing in, it was all dry except for my knickers which for some reason were very damp”

She said this looking directly into my eyes and smiling slightly. She then said bye, and walked off up the road.
So she had seen me. And she knew that I knew she had seen me.

Just for your information Val is in her early 60’s.

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5 months ago
so have you gone on to make her panties wet again would make a erotic story even better
5 months ago
fuckin lovely.
6 months ago
Awesome story thanks can't wait for the next update.
6 months ago
Hoping to read an update on this very soon.
6 months ago
neighbours are great when they are easy going. hope you get to bang her.
6 months ago
I have worked on it. The incident I described in my story took place in July. It is now late August and something else has happened. Planning to type it up in the next few days.
6 months ago
She wants to fuck you...I'd work it
6 months ago
nothing like getting caught jerking one off. they enjoy what they see as will continue to watch if you dont act like you know it. All women enjoy seeing a guy jack his cook off