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Here's how to do a hands free ejac:

play with ur cock for a long time but stop
every time you feel like you're gonna cum.
do it over and over.
If you do this for an hour you'll build up
cum pressure until you want to burst.

Tease yourself by remaining very
aroused and close but not too close to cumming.
massage w your finger tips, lightly caress,
drip precum and stay in that aroused state
for a long time.

NOW, try to lose your erection, roll the camera
and play w your nipples till you get erect and cum.

If you're hetero you can stroke your belly and
stroke your nipples
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If you're under 18 you shouldn't even be reading this.

I'm NOT a doctor, this is not expert
medical advice, just stuff that
worked for girls and Tgirls i know.

You should seek professional medical advice from your doctor
before you do anything described in this guide.

This is a serious, permanent change to your body and your lifestyle
so do not do this unless you're absolutely sure you want breasts.
Also, the use of any hormone, d**g, supplement or body modification
carries with it both benefits and dangers that you should fully
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[Story] Teen Sex Worker

I was a prostitute when I was very1 3young for
a rich perverts' club.

There was a client who liked me to suck him off
again and again.
he could cum 5 or 6 times. sometimes more.
I know he limped the next day!!

He fucked me too, rested then cummed
again and again.
Another client liked to cum on my face.
he'd feel up my naked body then play with himself
i'd kneel on the floor and he'd jerk off on me.
I didn't mind.
I tipped my head back and let him paint me.

then we talked about nonsense until he was ready
and he jerked off and came on my face again.

He cummed on me two
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Accidental Public Nudity

On a beautiful, cloudless warm spring day I was
sitting in the park, dozing in the shade.
A warm breeze billowed my shirt around like
a lover caressing my breast; the warm air,
the fabric flapping around, further
stimulating my nipple and making me sl3epy.
I moaned very softly, not loud enough for
anyone to hear, I thought. I hoped.
I thought about sex partners I had had,
remembering the breast play, the plucking,
the giggling, the nice feelings of warmth
and affection and also the pounding, the
nipples being sucked and pulled until I orgasmed.
I know I was visibly smiling in c
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[Story] Little Ladyboy Domme

Little Ladyboy Domme
by yutubeslut

If you read my other stories you know I'm intersexed
and I was a ladyboy prostitute when I was um, 1 very 3young.
I don't condone such activities.
They were sick perverts who used me.
True I got a lot of money and expensive gifts but
that doesn't make it right.
They should all be castrated.

This is a story about one of my clients.

Let's call him Mr. submissive.
My sex club supervisor gave me a sheet of paper with all
of Mr Sub's needs and desires.

How do I begin this? It's almost unbelievable.

An expensive hotel room, laminate
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When I was very1 3young I was into all things sexual,
including exhibitionism and !ncest.
I was also a prostitute and my fetish was good advertising.

I would sit on an elevated platform of padded milk crates
atop my heavy nightstand directly in my bedroom
The corner of the room had two adjacent windows,
perfect for exhibition.

At night I'd pull the blinds all the way up and in the
summer I would open the windows so only the screens
separated me from the world and I'd dildo my
blind ending vag and my ass.
I cummed very hard knowing that people
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[Story] THE WALKING FUCKERS, Complete Story


It was supposed to be a weak RNA strand that
disabled the enemy then withered.
The vector virus had other ideas.
It found a single, mutated Ecoli bacterium
and mated with it.
Military “Intelligence” had finally fucked us all.

“M0m will be furious with me,” I thought, lying in bed,
trying to figure how I'd refuse the “corrective” surgery
and not get kicked out of the house.
The alarm clock beeped.

“I'm 18, why NOW?? I grew up this way! NO, mom, NO!”

Fifty rehearsals in my head.
I waited.

Then voices in the street.
I looked out the w
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