A slaves devotion

""Here I am, naked, with my leather collar on my neck, on all fours behind the door waiting for my Mistress to come back home after Her Saturday night out. Her orders are clear: She wants me waiting for Her this way when She comes back home, no matter what time it is or how early I have to wake up the next morning. She wants me to tribute Her as soon as She gets in, lick Her shoes and then help Her to undress and wear Her slippers, which I have to keep always warm and perfectly clean.

I love Her immensely and I consider serving Her a honor, I wonder if She feels something for me, I hope so but at times I find myself scared at the thought She only keeps me because I am useful. I have known Her online, then after a few months She ordered me to donate Her my house and all my belongings, which of course I did, and since then She moved to Her new house and I have become Her 24/7 slave and Her cash caw. I have in fact to work to sustain Her and give all my salary straight to Her. Since then my life has completely been dedicated to Her service and pleasure. Today for example I woke up at 5 am, cleaned all the house, cleaned all Her shoes, got Her breakfast ready and then run to work, I in fact have a second job, on Saturdays and Sundays, to earn some more and be able to provide my Mistress with a proper amount of money. When I got back home, at 8 pm She was already out, in the house there was the usual mess, I then put anything in order and then got the dinner ready. I made my best to make it as tasty as possible as I know She loves to find a tasty, abundant dinner when She comes back home, especially if She had sex with someone, which much likely She did tonight.

Sex, She is so sexy and hot, the only thought of Her turns me on, but She never has complete sex with me, She says I am not able to satisfy Her as She needs a real man, not a whining slut as me, but at times, when She is in a good mood she let me lick Her, which I love so much: Her pussy has the sweetest flavor I ever tasted. As soon as I think to Her pussy I get hot, but then the chastity device I have to wear all the time prevents me from having an erection.

My frustration is replaced by the joy as I hear her footsteps from behind the door, I get ready to greet Her properly. Here She opens the door, steps inside without even looking at me.
- "Greetings my beloved Mistress" -- I whisper as I prostrate at Her feet and kiss Her shoes with all my devotion and love -- "I hope You had a nice time"

She not even replies me, then I take Her shoes off and Help Her to wear Her sl**pers, I get up on my knees and help Her to take Her coat off. I look at Her: She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, Her long hair, her long legs, Her curves, all in her talks about sex and shows Her absolute superiority.

She is heading to the kitchen, She expects to find a warm tasty dinner, I start feeling nervous. I know I did my very best and I know I can cook quite well, but She is very demanding and never tolerates the least fault.

- "Serve me my dinner!" She orders as She sits to the table.
I crawl to the oven and extract the meal, I show Her the dishes.
- "Uhm... Lasagna, meat and mushroom cream... looks tasty, go ahead worm"
I bow deferentially and start serving Her the dinner. I stay kneeling at her feet and try to serve Her as the best waiter, trying not to do the least mistake: the punishment would be very hard, I know.

The punishment, my ass is still sore from the last beating: 50 strokes from the cane for a few drops of wine flipped on the floor. I had problems in sitting down for two days and at work I had to use a pillow. But She is my Mistress and I love Her with all my heart.

She eats the dinner without paying attention to me, as She is busy messaging on the cellular with -- I guess -- Her lover. When She is done eating tells me "not bad slut" and throws a piece of meat on the floor. I run at it and eat it straight from the floor as I am starving.

Starving, I can't eat nothing that does not come from Her and usually She feeds me only at night, it is 1:30 am and I am really hungry now, luckily she left Her pee in the bowl for me to drink and I am not thirsty.

She stands up and heads to the coach in the living room, I start cleaning up but I hear Her voice calling me:
- "Come here slut"
I crawl next to Her and bow my head, She opens Her legs and I notice She is not wearing Her undies.
- "You know, than Mark is a real stallion, he fucked me twice tonight, it was fantastic but my pussy is dirty, luckily there is you to clean it up"

She nods and I get close to Her pussy and start licking it clean.
- "Make sure you swallow it all bitch"

I don't like to swallow other men's sperm but She loves it, and little by little I got used to it. I lick Her pussy clean and get very excited. The frustration coming from having my cock restrained gets harder.
- "You are getting hot, uh?"
I nod.
- "How long have you been denied this time?"
- "Two weeks my adored Mistress"
- "Uhm, you did a good job with my dinner... but... nah, I will deny you one more week, go ahead slut, I have not all night."

I get myself licking Her clean again and a tear of frustration drops out. She starts getting hot again, grasps my hear and f***es me closer to Her pussy, I lick Her as good as I can, shoving my tongue deeper and licking and sucking Her clit. She moans, shakes Her body and has an orgasm, then She pushes me back, and leans backwards:
- "Get the bowl and wash my feet" I go to the bathroom, get the bowl, fill it with warm water and come back to my Mistress, knew down and start to wash Her feet.

Her feet, the object of my deepest veneration, I am so thankful She lets me take care of them, maybe it was the beauty of Her feet to make me will to became Her slave at first, now I couldn't imagine myself without serving Her. I finish washing Her feet and dry them with my hair and put Her sl**pers on. She stands and heads to the bedroom, then stops and turns to me:
- "You served me well tonight, you may eat my leftovers and drink my feet wash water"
- "Thank You my adored Mistress, have a good night" -- I say as she fades in the corridor.

I devour Her leftovers and drink all Her feet wash water before starving, clean the kitchen and the living room up and head to my spot on the ground to have some sl**p, I glance at the clock: it is 3 am and tomorrow I will have to wake up at 5 am to go to work.
Tomorrow, I know it is Sunday, but I will have to work anyways: I not even dare to imagine what would happen if my Mistress found Herself short of money!"
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2 years ago
Must really work hard a it
2 years ago
Must really work hard a it
3 years ago
Wow what a slave thanks Candi