The Night With A Transgendered Angel pt.2

So,I stroked harder and faster till I couldn't take the pleasure anymore,then I blasted fat wads of my hot cum into her pink asspussy. She moaned in extacy as I she felt my load splurge into her. I pulled my semi hard cock from her ass slowly so I can watch as it leaks out. Being the little cum slut she is she ate every drop that came out of her freshly bred fuckhole. I sat in the chair naked and lit a cigarette,as I was smoking Steph got onto her knees and cleaned the pussy and cum residue off my member. I leaned my head back in amazement as she cleaned my cock. By the time I was finished with my cigarette my dick was squeaky clean and rock hard ready for another round. So,I ordered her to keep sucking while I pack another bowl and toke up. She happily continued to work my cock over as I toked, she was moaning from the pleasure of servicing a dominant black cock. The bowl was nearly gone and my cock was throbbing,anxious to fuck this slut again. I ordered her off her knees and to bend over the bed on her knees with her ass up. She popped the cock out of mouth and bent over. I watched her pretty pink asshole spread as if it couldn't wait for me to fuck it. I inserted the first three inches and she bucked from the sheer size of the head and shaft as it penetrated her begging asshole. She was really worked up now,she begged for more cock deeper into her. So,I rammed the other 5.5 inches into her roughly,she let out a yelp as she came again. That really turned me on so I kept pounding her from the back until I felt like I was gonna explode. I told this slut I was ready to come,she pulled off my dick and got on her knees so she can taste this load that was cumming soon. She wrapped her lips around the mid area of my shaft and put my cock into the back of her warm throat. I grabbed her by the head and fucked her throat like no other. Then,I released a fat nut into her throat without warning,as she swallowed and gagged on my nut,I pulled my cock out of her mouth and slapped her in the face with it to show my appreciation for the way she was servicing me. I sit back in the chair and light another cigarette. I get up to go the bathroom to take a leak and she stops me and says "Why go in there and waste it,when you can use me and recieve more pleasure". I was confused I had never been asked that before. She see's the puzzled look on my face,and confess to me that she is into watersports.....To Be Continued... If you would like for me to post pt.3 rate it or comment plz..thanx..and please read pt.1 if you haven't already...
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2 years ago
yes you ordere and she obeys and i do love water sports myself