fucked by indonesian ladyboys

this is a true story of what actually happened to me in bali

When i was 17 i was on holiday in bali, indonesia. i'd only had sex once prior, with a genetic girl, and i barely managed to get hard and wasn't able to cum so i knew pussy wasn't for me.
i had been clubbing several times on this trip to bali and had been hassled by numerous prostitutes while out but wasn't interested, except for one night whilst walking back to my hotel on a quiet street in legian, a deep but seductive voice called out "hello" to me from the shadows of a run down apartment block, emerging from the dark stood a sexual creature of my wildest wet dreams. She had on tall stilettos with somewhat large feet with perfectly manicured and painted toe nails, long slim legs with toned calf and thigh muscles, a short and tight mini dress (tight and short enough to see a sufficient bulge), there was not an ounce of fat on her, but she was rather thick through the waist and torso, shoulders perhaps just as broad or slightly broader than my own, flawless smooth skin, i noticed the adams apple, a pretty face with plenty of makeup however a slightly masculine jaw and fore head. She was about 6'2-6'3 in heels, a few inches taller than me. No breasts i should mention, this amazing human being was a gorgeous cross dresser, no hormones, surgery, nothing. (like most ladyboys in indonesia)
She looked about 25
"do you want to come back to my place?" her husky but sensual voice asked me. i was in a trance, i don't think i even said anything. i turned around and power walked to my hotel as fast as i could.

When i got to the lobby, i sat down for a couple of minutes, nervously thinking if i should go back or not, i was a quivering mess, was i really considering this?
i was only 17 remember.

i got up and went back down the street, found the apartment block, and walked into the shadows. There she was, about to get on her scooter and call it a night. My fumbling nervousness got the better of me and i walked right up and kissed her. She politely but firmly pushed me back and asked the same question again, "do you want to come back to my place?"
"yes!" i replied
"how much money have you got" she asked nicely with her hand rubbing my semi hard penis through my shorts,
"250,000" (indonesian rupiah, about $25-$30) my hand now touching her rock hard penis through her dress and panties,
"thats enough, do you know what i am?" she said with a warm smile. Well Duh
"your a ladyboy " i said in a very shaky voice.
She just laughed, "Get on, my name is Lucy"
I got on the back of her scooter and we rode about 500m up the street and down a skinny drive way and parked the scooter out the front of a small ground level apartment, it was nicer than i expected, there were a lot of plants growing a round and it felt like we were at a 2-3 star hotel.
As we got off to go inside another scooter pulled in and off hopped another ladyboy, this one was very tall, about 6'3 with just flats on, black skinny jeans and a small white crop top. She was extremely skinny, had long hair in a ponytail, once again beautiful skin, slight muscles, adams apple and a very pretty face, although had bad teeth and braces, still very sexy, she looked about 22.
The tall ladyboy and Lucy started speaking indonesian to each other, they said a few things then the tall one looked me up and down and laughed at me, Lucy also laughed. I was confused and slightly scared.
Lucy opened the door and pulled me inside, it was a basic but clean room, there was a TV and computer in one corner, a large chest of drawers overflowing with sexy clothes, a bathroom attached and a small double bed with no pillows or sheets or blankets.
Sitting on the bed with her back against the wall was another ladyboy, this one only looked about my age and was completely naked. She had a totally smooth but otherwise masculine body, a pretty face although messy make-up, and short hair that was styled to be as feminine as possible. She had a small cock, only about 5 inches and was pretty hard too.

I was shocked, the tall one had also followed us inside and was stripping.
"i can't afford all three, i only have the money i gave you" i told Lucy in a panic, they all laughed and said a few things in indonesian.
Lucy put a finger to my lips and gestured me to shhh, "relax" she told me, "get in the shower"
I was evidently scared and went to leave back out the door but Lucy and the tall one grabbed me (the tall one now only wearing a thong and revealing a truly massive bulge, whoever says asians have small cocks haven't been to indonesia before, lol)
"GET IN THE SHOWER" Lucy said in an aggressive demeanour,
all three now pulled off my t shirt and ripped off my shorts and pushed me towards the bathroom.
They continued to speak to each other in indonesian and laughed at me. I got in the shower and turned it on, i figured i may as well do this, I've paid for it and they don't seem to mind that I'm getting three for the price of one, although I'm not sure if i can get hard for three, I'd honestly struggle with the nerves to stay hard for one.
I spent a couple minutes in the shower and thoroughly washed my peepee and was about to get out when Lucy came to join me, she was naked, a truly gorgeous body, the perfect blend of masculine and feminine, her cock was stiff and about 7 inches, reasonably thick too.
She put her arms around me and kissed me passionately and deeply, our cocks came together and mine instantly stiffened, our hands started to explore each others bodies wildly, wow, i could fall in love with this magnificent asian femboy.
She pulled away and reached for a bottle of shower gel, put a generous amount onto her hands and scrubbed it all over my body, my legs, arms, underarms, torso, my dick and balls, then put my cock in her mouth for a good few seconds and worked some magic with her tongue, she then turned me around and scrubbed around my asshole, she massaged my hole very nicely and i couldn't help moaning with pleasure,
"oh you like that sexy boy?"
"yes" i said in between gasps.
She then grabbed the shower head off the holder and washed the soap off me, then she used the shower head on her own butthole before turning around and putting my face towards it. Needless to say i buried my face in that perfect balinese asshole with outstretched tongue, my instincts took over and i wanted to taste what she'd had for breakfast, she moaned and groaned and said a few words in indonesian that i couldn't understand, except for "bagus" (which means good), as she poked her ass into my face and spread her cheeks with her hand. She then grabbed me by the hair and pulled me away while she turned around and stuck her beautiful asian penis into my mouth, my first time tasting cock and i can not describe how much i love that taste (I'm sure you know what i mean), i sucked and licked away like a true penis junkie who'd been deprived of my d**g of choice for too long, before she pulled me to my feet and kissed me again.
"i like you" she said, smiling at me.
i smiled back.
"i need you to do me a favour, ok my sexy young boy?"
"yes" i replied. She turned me around and bent me over slightly, i was anxious as to what was going to happen next but figured that this could be a truly incredible experience if i let my submissive nature take over and just go with it.
"Relax baby" She said in that incredibly sexy but husky voice of hers, as i heard her unscrewing the shower head.
"Open your ass" I did as i was told, with my head resting against the tiled wall of the shower i used both my hands and spread my ass cheeks as wide as i could. At this point i knew what she was going to do. Sure enough i felt the flexi pipe of the shower head go about an inch up my ass as my bowels filled with warm water.
"good boy" said the lovely Lucy, she then took it out and got me to sit on the toilet and i let it all come out, she then pulled me up and we repeated the enema a couple of times before she gave me a towel. We dried off amongst touching each other and kissing and she smiled at me some more, I'm sure she could have enticed me to do anything with that smile of hers.

She then took me by the hand and took me out to the bedroom again, were the tall ladyboy was sitting at the computer wearing only her black thong and the younger short haired one was sitting on the bed still as if she were waiting for me, her cock in hand Lucy pushed me towards it and once again i was sucking cock, only this time a smaller one although just as delicious, i then felt Lucys tongue start probing my asshole furiously, licking it up and down while her hands fondled my genitals, this was shaping up better than i could have imagined, we continued like this for a few minutes before i felt two more warm hands caressing my back and shoulders, i took a break from the younger ones small cock to look up and see the tall ladyboys nine inch, thick, hard and dripping cock right in my face, she sat on the bed next to the young one and pulled me by my hair onto, this penis was truly majestic, i was losing my mind, it was so good i had to stick my tongue as deep as i could into her peehole just to taste that beautiful sweet nectar, and then slam my head down on it in order to get it as far as i could into my throat, i then felt a cool, wet, big drop of lube fall right onto my virgin asshole, and Lucys finger slide right in, along with the younger ones finger, they were both fingering my ass at the same time, i was moaning as much as i could with an enormous dick in my mouth, as they spanked and grabbed my ass, one of them put a very lubed up hand onto my cock and balls and started to massage them carefully but firmly, my ass started to relax more and more and by now the both of them had two fingers each up my bum, i then felt a hand drag across my back, the sharp nails scratched me and i shuddered uncontrollably for just a few seconds and thought i was about to cum. The hand on my genitals then stopped and slapped my balls hard.
"MMMPPHH" i groaned, muffled by the cock in my mouth.
"BAD BOY" i heard one of the girls say.
"You a naughty boy!"
"You like cock? You like getting fucked in your ass?"
i nodded as best as i could with my head impaled on the tall ones tremendous meat.
Lucy then pulled me up off the cock and put her arms around me, smiled at me again, and asked very calmly and nicely,
"do you want us to fuck you now?"
There is no way i could resist.
"Yes please Lucy, i want you all to fuck me so hard, please"
They all laughed at me again.
"oh, i don't think we have condom" i heard the short haired young one say, after looking in the bathroom.
Lucy looked at me with that beautiful smile again.
"You want us to fuck you without condom?"
i knew it wasn't wise, to have three transvestite prostitutes fuck me up my ass in a third world country with no condoms, but i could not say no, even if i had said no, i'd like to think they would have convinced me or held me down and fucked me anyway.
"yes, fuck me without a condom" i replied eagerly. "and cum inside me" well that slipped out.
They laughed at me again, and the tall one slapped me across the face.
"you a naughty boy" they cooed, "very dirty boy"
Lucy kissed me deeply again before pushing me back onto the tall ones cock.
the younger one got on her knees behind me and pushed her small penis into my ass, it felt good, really good, no pain at all, i guess the fingers had stretched me enough. She started to fuck me hard and fast while Lucy dirty talked in my ear and occasionally pulled my mouth off the tall ones cock to kiss me passionately.
The tall one wasn't so kind, she kept pushing my head down on her cock making me choke and calling me names like, "FAGGOT" and "Gay boy" and "Slut" just to name a few. But i didn't mind, i loved it all, the dominant yet loving care from Lucy, the abusive humiliation from the tall one, the soft giggles from the young one that made me feel like i really was doing something i should be ashamed of, it was all so amazing, so intoxicating.

The younger one started to grunt and thrust harder, i felt a hot wet rush squirt up into my bowels and she pulled out, wow, that was one load into my anus, no going back now.
"Im going to fuck you now, ok baby?" Lucy said in her ever so sexy voice.
i nodded
"mmmm, you have such a nice ass baby?"
i would have thanked her for the compliment had i not that amazing nine inch dick in my mouth (which btw i had been sucking for longer than 20 minutes now and the tall one still hadn't cum, she had size and stamina)

Lucy pushed her lubed up dick into my ass, i groaned, now this hurt a little bit, her cock was sufficiently wider than the younger ones and had a couple extra inches in length. She gently pushed all the way in and held it there for a minute, before slowly pulling all the way out again.
"come suck my friends cum baby" she turned me around and put her cock in my mouth for about twenty seconds, it was really salty, obviously from her friends cum.
They all laughed at me again.
"Good boy" Lucy said while giggling,
"You like cum?"
i nodded before going back to the tall ones cock, Lucy slid back into me and this time wasn't so forgiving, she fucked me hard and fast with her hands on my hips for about 5 minutes, spanking me at regular intervals.
She then said something to the tall one in indonesian, i couldn't understand but i knew what they were going to do, the tall one grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to my feet, Lucy then jumped onto the bed and sat with her back against the wall, she pulled me towards her cock and made me suck it, it tasted so good, it was covered in the young ones cum, her own precum and of course my ass juices.
I felt more lube go onto my loosened asshole and fingers massage it in.
I braced myself and focused on Lucys beautiful dick. It didn't help.
"AAAAAAGGHHHH" I screamed as the tall ones massive cock went all the way in. I was now lying on my stomach, pinned down by the tall ladyboy with her cock up my ass, the young one was holding my hands down, while Lucy held my head and skull fucked me with her cum covered cock. The tall one thrusted hard and deep and i was f***ed to take it til pain turned to pleasure, i groaned in extacy, my own hard cock which had received little attention getting squished into the mattress. The girls continued to call me dirty names and demand that i take it until Lucy started to quiver, just as i thought she was about to cum the tall one spasmed and filled my ass with an enormous hot load, then it was Lucys turn, she squirted hard again and again straight down my throat and filling my mouth with her semen, a little overflowed from my mouth onto her balls but i quickly licked it up.
The tall one continued to slowly thrust for a minute or two before getting up and heading to the shower, i went to follow but Lucy grabbed my arm, we both stood up and held each other and kissed once again before the young one held out a plastic cup for me,
"what is this" I asked them,
Lucy gestured for me to squat and held the cup under me, i farted out enough cum to fill it halfway,
"Drink" she demanded,
i hesitated.
"Drink" she said again, this time frowning at me.
i did as i was told and drank it all in one.
"Good boy" she said, she then led me to the bathroom and gave me some mouth wash, the other two then gave me a kiss and said they're goodbyes.
Me and Lucy then hopped in the shower and washed each other off. I was still rock hard.
"can i cum now Lucy?" i asked
"after shower" she replied and kissed me.

We got out and she lay me on the bed, then got out a pair of handcuffs and quickly cuffed me to the bed post.
"Wait, what are you doing?, are you gonna let me cum?"
"Relax, ok baby?" she pulled my legs up, we were in the missionary position, i had not noticed but she was rock hard again, she reached for the lube, put some on her cock and stuck it in me.
"You can come in the morning, i'm going to fuck you all night!"

and she did.

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1 month ago
well done!
4 months ago
fantastic story,,
5 months ago
so,so hot
i did thailand, much do indonesia
thanks for the story, lucky boy
5 months ago
Talk about a story you can jerk off too. I nutted twice just reading this story only once
5 months ago
Pretty good
5 months ago
You're a lucky boy.