Interactive Story - Rainstorm Rêverie Pt2


Rainshower Rêverie (Part 2)

The girl pursed her lips and blew across the top of her coffee, causing brief ripples to form across the surface, and moving the now melted cream to one side. She took a long slow sip from the cup, and glanced up at Kirsten through half-lidded eyes.

Kirsten was at a loss for words. She glanced around the shop, once more, and noticed that space was getting tight in the shop, as people began milling around, and putting chairs together to form groups at the tables and booths. The hard rain was continuing outside, and the windows of the coffee shop were beginning to steam up.

“This coffee is very good,” the girl suddenly said, breaking the silence. “It has been AGES since I had one.”

Kirsten took notice of the emphasis on the word ‘ages’, but didn’t have time to ask her about it, before being interrupted by a well-dressed middle-aged mom and her two daughters.

“I’m sorry, could we use this chair here? Was anyone joining you?” The woman asked, as she made a move for it, and began noisily dragging it to the neighboring table.

“No. No. Go right ahead...” Kirsten answered without thinking, though after a moment she almost wanted to say, ‘you were going to take it anyway, bitch...’

The women was dressed in expensive designer wear and probably used to being demanding and waited upon. Kirsten was suddenly conscious of the ridiculously green polo, green slacks, and green apron of her coffee-shop uniform.

She turned briefly to look at the woman’s two daughters, who had quickly settled into their seats, and noticed them both staring, wide-eyed, at Kirsten’s new interest. Kirsten looked back at the girl, to see her holding the large mug in both hands, back arched and eyes closed, taking peculiarly large gulps of the coffee, as if it were her first, or last, taste of the beverage. Her soaked lilac dress still clung tightly to her figure, and her legs were splayed out in an almost risque manner. Little droplets of rain still glistened and clung to her thick black hair and face, giving her an almost glittery other-worldly aura. Kirsten quickly looked back at the two girls, one in her young teens, and the other around ten years of age, were both obviously transfixed with the girl sitting across from her. Ignoring their frozen frappes on the table, they both looked at Kirsten briefly before returning their gaze to the girl.

Kirsten was suddenly defensive of the girl, and moved her chair to be directly beside her, freeing up the opposite side of the table to traffic as people shuffled back and forth finding places in the coffeehouse.

“Well, hello...” the girl quietly chuckled, closing the distance between them, and batting her eyes at Kirsten once more, her voice sounding a bit like the tinkling of bells, despite the lower pitch of her voice. “why don’t you pull up a bit closer...”

“My name is Kirsten, and I think I love you...” she blurted out , and then laughed. Across the table, she could see the two young girls still staring.

“Nice to meet you Kirsten. You can call me Fay. Kirsten. Hmmm... Did you know that name is of Scandanavian origin, meaning Follower Of Christ?”

“Umm... no. I mean... I was named after my great-grandma, it was her name, she was Scottish. And, uh, my f****y is not really super-religious. I mean, I don’t have a lot of faith in organized religion”

Now that she was closer to the girl, Fay, she felt an almost magnetic impulse to touch her, run her hands over her skin, through her hair - despite the public setting and the nearby audience. The young girls were still staring, and Kirsten’s heart was racing. Mother was on her cell phone now, chatting away, her back to Kirsten and Fay, and oblivious to her daughter’s interest in the two women at the table. No one else in the vicinity were paying attention, and most had their backs turned, watching the rainstorm through the giant glass paned windows. She repressed an overwhelming urge to jump the girl’s bones right then and there.

As if reading her thoughts, Fay set the now empty coffee mug down on the table, and turned in her chair to face Kirsten. She leaned forward, and put one hand on Kirsten’s shoulder, pulling her forward. Kirsten closed her eyes, wishing, no, hoping, that Fay would kiss her - right there in the shop. Instead she felt Fay’s gentle breath on her cheek, and then on her her ear, and the the girl said gently and surely, almost in a whisper, “It is important to have faith, Kirsten, as some things on this earth cannot be explained...”

The girl’s breath, and voice in her ear, made Kirsten instantly melt, and she felt almost light-headed, and that familiar warmth in her gut that betrayed a stirring beneath her legs. She opened her eyes slowly to see Fay’s face in front of her, her deep green eyes gazing into her’s, her plump pink lips only inches from Kirsten’s.

“Kiss me. “ she heard herself say, her bl**d pumping so fiercely now, the swooshing sound in her ears obscuring any sound of falling rain or chatting customers.

The girl leaned forward and their lips met. The girl’s lips were smooth, hot, and moist, and they planted little kisses on each other, before Kirsten thrust her tongue past the girl’s lips to tangle with her tongue. Hands began to explore cool skin and wet fabric, and Kirsten felt almost light-headed with giddy pleasure, as they explored each others mouth. She felt the girl's hand cradle the back of her head, and for a moment she felt like she would faint.

It was Kirsten who finally broke off the kiss, feeling a need to come up for air. Hot, bothered, and very breathless, she pulled away slowly in a semi-haze, only to see Fay looking at her with the same wide-eyed half-amused expression, almost expectant of a next step.

“Oh my god, i don’t think I’ve EVER been this turned on.” Kirsten exclaimed breathlessly. She looked around them briefly, and noticed the two young girls still staring, though this time, both girls were wide-mouthed.

“Ooooo, we should get out of here. I can’t do this, here - i mean.”

“Do you have a place in mind? Somewhere nearby where you would feel more comfortable?” Fay pressed gently?

“Oh. I live diagonally across the street, in a small flat. Let’s go.” Kirsten answered.

“Take me then.” the girl answered, quickly rising from her chair in a rustle of fabric.

With the girl silently close behind, Kirsten rushed to the door, nearly oblivious to the gathering crowd in the shop, and still coming through the door, even though the rain was beginning to let up. Another young women with a small boy at her side was blocking the doorway, trying to come in as Kirsten tried impatiently to get out.

“Oh, excuse me,” the mother said, as she pressed to the side. “Look, mommy, a fairy” said the young boy. “There’s no such thing as fairies, Nathan, now look out, this way, come on.” chided the young mom.

‘That’s a first,’ Kirsten thought to herself, ‘that’s the LAST time I wear all green to work.' as she and Fay slipped silently, hand-in-hand, through the raindrops on their way across the street.


WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? You get to choose! I'll be continuing with part three of the story, but will have time to work in some sordid little details. If there is anything, in particular, you would like to see happen between the two girls in the apartment, please leave comments below.

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4 years ago
You have a great imagination. i am getting so hard reading your story. You should have the 2 girls watching on the fire escape watching Kristen and Fay having sex, after Fay and Kristen has climaxed many times the notice the girls watching them through thenwindow the girls are soaked from the rain Kristen invites them in and tells then to take off their clothes to dry and Fay and Kristen teach the 2 girls all of the joys and pleasures of all girls sex
4 years ago
Love the story. And the introduction of the fairy. definitely go along that track. So sexy!!! Don't bring the girls into it tho. Thats just wrong. Maybe ther mother! tee hee ;)
4 years ago
Really hot hot imagination....good work.
I am sure you would have something great for next part even without our suggestions.
4 years ago
love the interactive idea, makes it fun and gets people coming back... another way to go would maybe be throwing another person into the mix, maybe a male? maybe a female? or how about a secret voyeur watching them? the voyeur gets caught but Kirsten and Fay play it like they dont know they are being watched, which hightens their excitement...
4 years ago
Molly. This is leading to an even greater adventure that either could imagine. Knowing each otheres desires and feeling are more lustful; feeding fuel to there fire that can only go higher with there desires wanting to be with each other at all costs and in all ways only a young woman can know how to show anothere young woman. Kristen & Fay's feelings being hightened by there desires will be Mesmerized by each other touch of there Hot, Sweet, Sexy bodys by each other to have there full passion Explode for the full fulfillment that each want for each other. Possibly not noticing they were followed by the teen girl that was transfixed by the actions the young ladys were showing for each other. Awesome. Keep the story going. Hope this isn't to much. Thanks, take care.
4 years ago
I agree with Nevss- the downpour will soak them even in a quick run across the street. Once the door closes behind them, Fay will of course take the lead in peeling her clothes off.....
Their first time together should be private. but perhaps the young girls will figure in later.....
4 years ago
I like the idea of the coffee shop girls following!
4 years ago
Mmmmmmmm! what a picture you set!
4 years ago
I say the two girls in the coffee shop follow, and watch whatever happens :)
4 years ago
I think they need to take a shower together to get warm.
4 years ago
Waiting for the unreal getting closer to real
but in the same time yet still imbued of unreal
4 years ago
good creation
4 years ago
wonderful story molly, it left me wanting more.
4 years ago
both get home and cuz they are horny they dont waste much time and get their soaked clothes off. the rest of it is up to u, how/when/ should add some more "special" stuff about Fay since she is a mysterious and magical figure as uve put it. dunno some special habit during sex..some smell..some word..something making her otherworldy..maybe at the end u can make her disappear as if she never had existed, nobody ever remembering her except u. like a dream
4 years ago
If they age going to her flat well than this should progress very quickly kissing, touching, pulling each others closes off and the like use your imagination thanks