Kissing Cousins Part 2/3

I strap you down on our bed… making u unable to move. I suck on your left ear, making your throbbing cock pulsate. I suck on your right ear, making u moan with excitement. I trickled down you body kissing every part of your muscular body. Kissing every nipple, kissing your belly button, kissing the tip of your shaft. I open my mouth and suck hard on your swollen cock. You moan my name, making my pussy wet inside. Licking every atom on your cock, licking, biting, sucking, and wrapping my soft hands around your cock. I continue this, making u almost orgasm, then stopped. Your yarning for your explosive orgasm, but I won’t let u. Climbing on top of you, slipping my nice wet pussy on your throbbing cock. I moan in pleasure, how much your cock feels in my red pussy! I ride u until you almost orgasm again. I climb on top of your face, and let you lick my cream filled pussy, filled with your precum and my mini orgasms. Oh how your tongue feels good… Yummy….

I turn around, keeping my pussy on your face, and start sucking on your hard cock. Making you almost cum again, I stop suddenly. I start wrapping my tits around your cock, and you start tit fucking me. I moan in pleasure how good your cock looks, rubbing all your pre cum all over my tits, and having your tongue licking my pussy.

Your orgasm starts to build up again and this time you have to beg me to orgasm. ☺

You say, “Please, please baby may I orgasm??”

I reply “What I can’t hear u??”

You say louder “Oh, please baby, may I orgasm, ohm??”

I reply “Oh yes, honey, please orgasm, your wet load on my tits!”

You squirt your huge load on my erect nipples and tits. Making me moan how warm it feels on my tits. I rub your warm cum all over my tits, making me glisten with your pleasure juices all over me.

I untie you, letting your hands and feet roam freely. You sign with relief, and I lay beside you catching my breath, on how awesome it was.

You say, “Now baby, it’s your turn, come to the living room with me, I’ll give u something you won’t forget…”

I ask, “Why are we going there?”

You replay with a hidden smirk “You’ll see…”

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4 years ago
I must say I tend to agree, there is very little in life that compares to fucking ones cousin...a very special memory indeed...