Kissing Cousins Part 1/3

I arch my back in waves of pleasure. Your tongue smothering my pussy lips, making me moan out in pleasure of your sexual ways. My nipples are hard, my pussy is wet, your cock is hard, and my body is in the zone. I pinch my nipples for more intense pleasure; you stroke your cock as you eat my pink, wet, moist pussy. I push you back against the wall, thrusting your cock into my hungry mouth. My mouth aching for your hard, juicy cock, I swallow your cock, down to the edge of your balls. Tilting your head back, with waves of immense pleasure, I suck hard on your swollen shaft! I pull back and suck on your balls, one by one.

I pull back leaving you want more, as I walk towards our ensuite door. You run to me, touch me with your soft sooth lips, kissing my left smooth shoulder. I freeze with excitement, “What’s next?” My back is to you, as your trickle your fingertips on my back, making me tingle with frequencies I cannot explain. You gently kiss my neck, and with every soft peck I quiver with love. I turn around and give you the most passionate kiss I have every given you. Touching your lips with my moist lips, sucking on your hot tongue, wanting more with every kiss.

I push you back, with swelling emotions of guilt! I run to the bed and cover myself with my cozy covers. You follow me with comforting words, while I beary my head into the pillows. You touch my shoulder, telling me everything is all right…. I hesitate then look deep into your eyes. When I look at you I see my love, my lover, my handsome! I give you a kiss to start up again.

You kiss me there, you kiss my neck, you kiss my chest, and you kiss each nipple with a subtle bite. I arch my back with unexpected excitement throughout my body. I comb my fingertips through your luscious hair. You now kiss my belly, my hips, and the outside of my pussy. You trail down further, to my inner thighs, over my stockings, and down to my little pinky toes. You suck my toes with such eagerness, I pull back my toes to make u chase.

You insert one finger into my wet, pussy lips. Your cock grows hard as you finger me with your dominant finger. Making my nipples get more erect. I clench my hands on the soft sheets, making me almost orgasm with every thrust.

I sit up and pull your mouth to my lips. Kissing you one more time before I give you something you won’t forget!!


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4 years ago
Hottttttt! Looking forward to more and more. Kisses.
4 years ago
you make me so horny.... mmhhhh