My night with you...

I ring your doorbell and you answer. Wearing a slick grey work suit. I say, “Hi, may I come in?” You graciously accept with your beautiful hand guiding the way in. You close the door behind me and you take my plaid coat off of my smooth moisturized shoulders. I take in all of the beauty. I stare in aw of your magnificent crystal chandelier. Your incredible winding staircases that end up in the centre, glass staircase with water streaming down, like an endless waterfall. I couldn’t help but notice your wonderful Buddha stature welcoming me, with amethyst and agate surround him.

You guide me to your elaborate living room filled with a gorgeous fireplace, recessed lighting, round cotton fabric furniture. There is a rose sitting beside 2 red wine glasses on a glass table. I continue follow you as you guide me, and we sit down beside each other, gazing into each others eyes. I blush with excited of what might come tonight. You had me a glass of red wine and I took it from your lovely hands. I drink one sip of wine and my body starts to tingle.

We start to talk, and as we start to talk my pussy gets moister with every word. I thoughts turn to your lips. Longing for your passionate kiss.

You move closer to me with every word you say. And I hesitate with sexual unknowingness. I relax into your sexual voice and I kiss you abruptly with no patience.

Oh how your lips taste good. Oh how I love your tongue. As I kiss you passionately I take off your coat with anger. I push you down on the couch with all my power and might. Lying on top of you with my wet pussy and hungry mouth.

You take control of me and carry me to your bedroom upstairs. I kiss your neck with little love pecks. You moan in pleasure with your cock growing.

You push me down onto your red satin fabric, with fluffy white pillows. We separate for a minute for me to take off my little black dress and for your to take off your shirt and lovely pants. You climb on top of me with just your underwear now. I moan in pleasure with your throbbing cock touching my wet pussy. I push you back, and make you stand, and I take off your underwear. I take your cock into my warm, watery, hungry mouth. Sucking on your cock, licking your every molecule of your cock. You tilt your head back and moan with immense pleasure. “Oh yes, baby, just like that” I suck, lick, eat all of your pre-cum all over my baby face. I moan in pleasure how much I love your hard cock in my soft mouth.

You guide me up to you to have another soft, relaxed kiss.

First you grab my breast and suck on my erect hard nipples. Moaning with every kiss and nipple you do to my nipples. You push me down onto the bed and take off my panties. My pink lace garnet, and stockings stay, for now. You start to lick my pussy lips, teasing me, painfully, giving me no mercy. Then finally, you put your tongue right into my wet pussy. Oh how your tongue feels like heaven. Oh how I moan your name in pleasure. You lick my pussy soft but firm. Making me squirm with every lick. I put my manicured hands on your head pushing you to lick all of my wet pussy juices. “Oh honey, you are so good. Oh baby!”

I guide your lips up to my lips kissing your lips and tasting my juices.

I get under the covers with you following behind me. You slide your wet, juicy, throbbing cock into my wet, warm pink pussy. You make love to me all through the night, with every position imaginable.

The night goes on with every moan, with every inch of pleasure running through out sweating bodies.

The rest is up to your imagination.

Hope you came!! ☺

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3 years ago
I can't find your username to read more of your stories. Good one.
4 years ago
mmm pussy licking part got me soo hard :)
4 years ago
Well now that almost got me to take my dick out of my pants and sart mastrubating...almost
4 years ago
very good