The Lap dance

I walk inside the room, only wearing lingerie and stockings.
You're sitting on a chair, watching me while I dim the light and put the stereo on.
Down in Mexico sounds from the speakers.

I move to you and end up in your lap. You want to grab me but I pin your hands behind your back. "You can only watch… no touching, at least not yet." I whisper while my lips curl into a wicked smile.

I wink and get up from your lap. I start moving to the rhythm of the music. You are watching me closely. Swaying my hips. Your hands are aching to touch me.
But the teasing will last a bit longer.

I'm slowly dancing me a way so that I stand behind you. Holding you hair to the side, I start kissing your neck and suck your earlobe.
"Hmmmm don't stop please." you moan.

My hands travel from your shoulders to your collarbone… going lower… grabbing your breasts from behind. They feel so good in my hands, a perfect fit.
"Can you still stand it, not touching me?" I teasingly ask.

I move to your side and swing one leg over you lap, so that I'm straddling you.
Your arms are still behind the chair. But I notice that you are struggling. I can see the hunger in your eyes. My tongue slips out to wet my lips, your eyes follow the movement. I start kissing you and press my hips into your lap. Grinding my crotch against yours.

I unhook my bra and let i fall down the floor. I press myself closer to you so you can feel my breasts against yours. Grabbing your hands I bring them to my breasts.
"Can you feel how hard my nipples are?" I ask you.

"Ooh yes… so hard." You say quietly so quiet that I almost didn't hear you. You know how sensitive they are and you begin to pinch them. The music is still playing and I realize I still need to finish dressing.

I pull myself back from you. You watch with desire when I bend right in front of you.
My ass in the air. "Take of my panties with your teeth. No hands!" I tell you.
Your lips travel along my back to the place of destiny. You manage to take them of without your hands. I step out of them and I'm only wearing my stockings now.

Admiring eyes wander along my body. I place myself back on your lap. This time with my back to you. I feel your breasts pressed against my back. Again I grab your hands while I feel your lips on my neck. One of your hands, I bring to my pussy.

You feel how wet my pussy is and that my clit is hard. I start grinding my hips and push one of your fingers in me. Your other hand is still playing with my nipple. "You're so wet, naughty girl. " you whisper in my ear; biting in my ear.

My moans start to drive you crazy. And you take control over from me. My hands grab you hair and I turn my head so I can kiss you passionately. Two fingers are pushing inside of me. And your other hand went down to play with my clit.

I'm so close to cumming. Your fingers start to push deeper and deeper inside my pussy and my hips are moving faster, pushing my ass into your lap.
"Are you close, baby" you ask.

"Mmmmm… yes, please make me cum." I moan loudly. Your thumb rubs fast over my clit. I can feel my pussy becoming tighter. When you push a third finger inside me, I feel myself crash. You keep fucking me trough my orgasm. My whole body shakes and you hold me tightly on your lap, not letting me slip on the floor.

Your fingers slide from my pussy and you bring them to my lips. "Taste yourself" you say. I take your fingers in my mouth, licking them clean. My head falls on your shoulder and I start breathing again.

"That was a lovely lap dance." you tell me when you grab me and drag me to bed.

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2 years ago
Mmmmmmm, you know exactly how to make me need something like that ;)
3 years ago
Hi Love the story. G x
3 years ago
really really really love baby !!