The Library.

I'm sitting at a desk in the library reading a book (around closing hour when there’s almost nobody)
I’m wearing a pencil skirt cause ‘my lover’ requested that. suddenly i feel hands running up my calves.

I keep reading, trying to concentrate. Which becomes harder when I feel that she hiked my skirt higher. I’m sure she can see the wet spot on my panties. Breathing becomes harder when i feel her mouth for a second on that wet spot before her finger pull down my panties. I know she has a grin on her face now, seeing me sitting like that.

I gave up reading a long time ago and when she grabs my ass and pulls me closer to her mouth, I’m lost. Slowly she starts to lick. I open my legs more and when I do so she slides two fingers in me.
Finger fucking me faster and faster. When I’m almost coming, she stops. I don’t have time to protest cause immidiatly she stands behind me, bending me over the desk, on top of my books.

She pushes my skirt up and grinds against my ass. She is wearing her strap-on.
I hear her zipper opening and suddenly I feel the strap-on sliding in me. I can’t help but moan.
But we can’t attract any public, so she holds her hand against my mouth while she starts fucking me harder and harder.

Every time she slides back in she hits that special spot and I know I won’t last long.
And when I feel her other hand rubbing my clit I’m lost.
My legs start shaking and I bite her hand to stop myself from screaming. She keeps fuckinng me through my orgasm until she eventually falls exhausted on top of me. It seems like an eternity that we lay there. She kisses my brow when she pulls herself from me, tucking the strap-on in her pants again and leaving me half naked on the desk with my panties around my ankles and my skirt hicked up.

I cannot move, but when I hear footsteps coming closer, I awake from my limbo, pull my panties up and pull my pencil skirt back in place. A man comes around the corner.
“We’re closing.” he says. I place the books away and grab my bag.
While walking outside i still feel my wetness drip down my tights.

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3 years ago
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. G
3 years ago
You are having wild imagination dear
Keep working

Good start ;)
3 years ago
Lovely story, you got quite a dirty mind, girl...