Ok... soooo... I'll go first...

This is a true story - but it happened over 20 years ago, so forgive me if it's sketchy!!

It was a Saturday evening, and Helen and I were at my house getting ready to go out for the evening, I remember we were both wearing a skirt and top, not
sure exactly what though!!

We met up with some friends and had a few drinks, and at the end of the evening our friend Jo said that her mum and dad were away, and invited a few people
around to her house, well it turned out to be quite a few more than expected!!

I suppose everyone had too much to drink, and I was quite tired, so I said to Jo "is there anywhere that we can sl**p", which of course there was!!

We were in the spare bedroom, Helen and I and we started talking about sexual things, such as what she had done and what I had done, and what we liked and
didn’t like, I’m not sure how it all started!

After a while Helen said to me "what do you think about two girls being together" well I was surprised she had asked me this and the first thing I said to her was "why?" and she said that she was just curious!

I never thought anything of it, but we started talking about it, and the more we talked the more I liked it, and I could tell that she did too!!

We both decided that we were tired and started to get undressed, and we both sat on the bed and took our tops off, then we both looked at each other and
started to laugh! I think we were both thinking the same thing, she
wanted to know what it was like just as much as I did, and suddenly we just started kissing, and I really felt the need to start touching her!!

Helen laid down on the bed just with her skirt and bra on, and I just leant over and started touching her boobs over her bra, and I could tell she really liked
it, I was just rubbing them gently and then she started to do the same, it was the strangest feeling, to think of a girl especially my friend touching me!

Then she sat up and took her bra off and then she said to me "I want to know what it will feel like with you touching them", and I remember gently rubbing my
finger around her nipple, and asked her if she liked it, which she did, and then she said " I want to do the same to you, I want to know if it feels the same
for you as it does for me!"

That's where it all started really, and in between all of this we kept stopping and laughing, but I think that was because we were nervous as much as anything!
When she started touching my boobs I started to feel quite turned on by this time, and I remember thinking about where it would lead, and I found that really

I rolled over and laid on the bed and she half climbed on me and started kissing me and I new that she wanted to touch my pussy, because she kept putting her hand so close, but then pulling away, I think she wasn’t sure how I would react!
Because of this I rolled her over and gently traced my hand down to her knickers, and started to touch her over the top, and then by the way she looked at me I knew that she liked it, and then I put my hand inside her knickers, she was feeling really wet, and I then realised just how turned on she was by all of this!

I don't know who said it but we both decided to take off out skirts, but we still had our knickers on, I think we were both a bit nervous about what was going to happen next!

I then said to her "what is it that you would really like me to do to you" and she said that she wanted me to touch her pussy! I leant down and I took her knickers off, and I remember when I did I felt all kinds of feelings, I was nervous excited and a bit scared probably!!

I started to touch her and firstly I rubbed her clit, and that turned me on I think as much as it seemed to her!! I remember when I put a finger inside her she started breathing a lot heavier and she started moving around, and after a while I had a feeling that she was going to cum, so I stopped cos I didn’t want her to because I didn’t want it to end there!

She said to me that the one thing she had been wanting to do from the time we started kissing was to lick me, and I remember really wanting her to, and when she did it felt really nice, I remember feeling her tongue around my clit, and it felt really good! While she was licking me I started to touch her, and
every now and again I would put a finger inside her and it was nice to think how turned on I was making her feel!

Then she stopped and I started to lick her, firstly around her clit and then all around her pussy, it felt very strange at first but also very nice, every know
and again I would realise what it was I was doing and it really excited me, more so because it was if I was doing something that I shouldn’t be doing, and I think that was what made it so good!!

We went on for quite a while just touching each other and licking each other, and I remember really feeling the need to cum, but not wanting to because I didn't want it to end there! After a while she clearly couldn't hold on any more, cos she came really loudly while I was licking her - and at that point I just had to cum, and it felt great...

Afterwards, it felt a little awkward, I think we were both worrying about what the other would think, but I loved it, and the memory still lingers.

It happened one other time, which I may tell you about soon.

So come on girls, can you share your stories too??

Hope you like,
Janey x
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4 years ago
nice story. x
4 years ago
A lovely story Janey thanks for sharing
4 years ago
nice story well writen
4 years ago
Well.... it does it for me! Nice one....
4 years ago
Not one of the woman here but I really enjoyed your writing skills.