My first experience with a man

A few days ago my friend, Steven, and I went out to a bar for a few drinks. It was great because beer was $1 that night! Needless to say we both got really d***k. Neither of us could drive home, so we left the car and called a cab. The cab took us back to Steven's place around 2 in the morning. Neither of us was tired so we started drinking some more beer and wathced some TV. I'm not sure, or maybe he was as horny as I was, but Steven said we should watch some porn. Shit, I was d***k and it's not like it's that weird watching porn with a friend.

So after a few minutes of searching for the "right one", Steven comes back into the living room and puts it on.

"Don't judge me or anything...this is just something that kinda turns me on" Steven said.

"Ok, I won't" I replied.

It was a "spy cam" pointed at a shower. I recognized the shower because it was mine! Soon after I realize this, I see myself walk into the bathroom and undress. You can't see through my curtains and it was a quick shower. But when I stepped out of the shower, I had a huge erection. I dried myself off and then stood directly in front of the camera, and started masturbating.

"Dude, why do you have this?" I asked.
"I dunno...I just have a fantasy that me and you hook up" he said.

I didn't know what to think. Steven was the last person in the world I ever thought could be gay.

"So, are you gay?" I asked.
"NO! I just get really horny and stuff..."

At this point Steven was rubbing his junk through his gym shorts. I can't explain it. A part of me thought, "Ok, no one will ever know."

He moved closer to me and I started getting excited. He pulled his shorts off and at first I looked away. Steven is my height but a little bit on the chubby side. He probably weighs about 210 lbs.
I couldn't take it anymore...I had to look. He didn't have a very long cock...maybe 5 inches or so. But it was really fat and I must admit it was a good looking dick. He reached for my cock and balls and I almost stopped him, but I didn't. He rubbed my shit so softly but firmly at the same time. It felt really good. When I started to get beefed up a little bit, he asked if he could take off my shorts.


He pulled them down and immediately had my soft cock in his mouth. It wasn't soft for long, haha. For never having done it before, he was damn good at it. He had my hard cock so far down his throat I felt like I could feel his heart beat through my dick head.

He asked if I wanted to fuck him.

"Hell yeah"

I lubed up his asshole and he lubed my cock, although, it was still soaking wet from his mouth and dripping with spit. I rubbed my cock all over his asshole and tried to put it in. It wasn't easy but I finally got the head of my cock in him, and then slowly the rest of me, down to my balls. His ass felt so good annd it was incredibly tight. I slowly started fucking his hairy, chubby ass until I was about to cum. I pulled out and flipped him over on his back. He had a really hard cock now. I started jacking him off as a "thank you". After a minuted or two he told me to fuck him again. I shoved my cock in his ass as he screamed a little. After a couple hard pumps I knew I was going to blow my load. I couldn't help it...I shot my cum deep in his ass and almost at the same time, Steven shot his load because of the handjob I was giving him.

Steven followed me to the shower and we showered together. After we got out of the shower, I sucked Steven's cock until he came in my mouth and then he blew mine. After that, we went to sl**p.

I never thought I would ever sl**p with a man, but after that, I wouldn't mind going back to the bar with Steven.
7% (3/42)
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5 months ago
What a night to remember
2 years ago
very nice
4 years ago
Yes you and me both thanks