the chair

Friday afternoon,there I was,in the chair again as I had been every week day for the last two weeks.God I was so horny!But I was no stranger to that feeling,sitting in this chair was the only time I ever had my cb3000 off without my Mistress removing it herself. I was 90 minutes into my 2 hour training session and I was really feeling it now,my cock was rock hard as always,straining for the orgasm that I knew I coundn't have,would it never learn?Would I ever learn to control my desires? My Mistress was sure that I would,and She did not take no for an answer.It had been nearly 2 weeks since my last orgasm but I didn't know if I would be granted one this weekend.That depended on my ability to control myself and this last 30 minutes in the chair might make all the difference.I had pressed the red button on the arm of the chair 19 times in the last 2 weeks and 20 was the magic number. Let me explain.Two hours ago I had walked into the dungeon basement,naked wearing just the cb3000.Sitting on the chair was the usual equipment including the sealed envelope with the keys to the cb in itThe first thing I did was to turn on the computer and webcam sitting on the table.Then I plugged in the electical control boxes and made sure all the wires were properly attached.After making sure the webcam was recording correctly I moved to the chair,opened the envelope,removed the keys and took off the cb.Freedom I thought to myself....yeah right! It was 2.45pm,so I had 15 minutes to complete my preperations.I lubed up the metal butt plug and slowly inserted it.It was 7 inches long and quite broad,but I was used to it so it slid in easily.Next came the 2 inch leather ball stretcher,nice and tight.I was getting hard now so quickly I fastened the thick but stretchy rubber strap behind my cock and balls,then the thinner one around the base of my cock.A rubber sleeve went around the length of my shaft.My erection was here to stay now,whether I liked it or not.Lastly came the leather collar and penis gag,buckled tightly round my head.Almost ready to go.I headed back to the computer and after a final check started the program,giving myself 5 minutes to complete my self bondage.Standing infront of the chair I connected the first 2 wires to the butt plug.Next came the 2 sticky pads placed on either side of my balls,and the wires to the sleeve.Last the ring that slid tightly over my glans.It wasn't just a ring though,it had a hook like attachment that ran up the underside of my cock and slid about half an inch into my slit.I connected the wires to this too and sat down in the chair.I tightened the thick leather cuffs around my ankle that came from the legs of the chair and tightened the cuff to one of my wrists.One wrist would remain free,after all I was alone in the house and despite it being very secure,Mistress felt it wise that I could escape if I had to.Also there was the possibility of the computer program going wrong,but it hadn't yet unfortunately. The first thing to happen was the dvd started,the large screen above the table began showing one of the many femdom films Mistress had.I had to watch it carefully as Mistress sometimes quizzed me about them,if I got the answers wrong there would be extra punishment,and I really couldn't afford that in my position. I felt the butt plug begin to vibrate,and then the sleeve encasing my cock began to slowly vibrate as well.Lastly the ring around my cock head began sending small pulses through me,small erotic pulses.My cock was incredibly hard,and I was fantasticly turned on,watching a beautiful latex clad Mistress flogging a slave on the television,and vibrations running through my arse and cock.I resisted as best I could,but it was so difficult as I had to pay close attention to the erotic images infront of me.After 15 minutes the program went to level 2,increasing the vibrations coursing through me.I moaned softly through my gag,a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach,I knew that I would not be able to keep myself from orgasm for more than another 15 minutes or so,let alone 2 hours.Level 3,I had occasionally managed to keep myself under control until level 5 before,but this wasn't going to be one of those days.Fighting hard I surprised myself by holding off for the whole 15 minutes of level 3,but within a couple of minutes of level 4 I could feel it coming,there was nothing I could do.I was dribbling form behind my gag,sweating,thinking of anything I could but to no avail.I was on the brink of an amazing orgasm when my finger pushed the red button on the arm of the chair. Pain shot through me,for 1 minute my arse was shocked,my balls were shocked and the head of my cock were shocked.In a random sequence a series of short sharp shocks hit me.By the end of it I was breathing heavily and sweat was pouring off me,then nothing for the next minute.Then the program started up again,with gently sensations coaxing me back to the incredibly aroused state I had been in.How long had I lasted?About 50 minutes I guess,but there was no way I could last another 70 minutes of the growing sensations the infernal machine would put me through and that was the 20th time in the last 2 weeks that I had hit the button,damn!! Each time I hit the button I would receive 30 minutes punishment,or re-education as my Mistress put it.The maximum punishment I could get in one day was 5 hours,after all it was serious punishment and that was the most Mistress would allow.Saturday and Sunday were the days for this which meant 10 hours was the most I could receive.If there were more than 10 hours of punishment due then the remaining time was carried over for a week,as unfortunately,was any chance of an orgasm.I had hit the button 20 times which was 10 hours,if I had to use the button again in the next 70 minutes that was that.The next hour was pure hell,as it always is.Maybe it was the knowledge that I had already failed my Mistress,but resolve was gone and I hit the button another 3 times in the remaining time.Each time was agony but an unauthorised orgasm would lead to things I didn't dare think about beginning with one whole month in chastity with no removal of the cb at all followed by torments not worth contemplating. The 2 hours were over and I sat there,drained,waiting for Mistress to appear.Monday to Thursday I would get up,sort myself out and put the cb back on,lock it and put the key back in a safe,the combination to which only She knew,but Fridays I had to sit and wait. I heard the key in the lock and the door opened to reveal my Mistress,my Godess,my heaven and my hell.She was so stunning I simply moaned softly as I saw Her.The black latex catsuit was like a second skin,thigh length boots with 4 inch heels shinning with a perfect blackness.Her hair was tied tightly behind Her,and as She stepped infront of me I gazed into two intense pools of green emeralds,Her eyes boring into me.Without saying a word She cuffed my free wrist to the arm of the chair,removed the button and sat down behind the computer."23 times"She looked up"23 times you were unable to control My penis,23 times you wanted to gain pleasure from My penis"She shook Her head slowly,"My penis is for My pleasure,not yours.My pleasure is the only thing you are here for.your pleasure is giving Me pleasure.I am your Mistress,you are My slave yet 23 times you have tried to disobey Me"My cock was throbbing,so hard,so needy.My balls were aching badly,and my arse was stuffed and sore but all I could do was sit there and stare at the beautiful Goddess who ruled my life.She hit the button and my world exploded in pain for another minute."Do you enjoy that?" She asked."you must do to want to feel that 23 times"Again She hit the button."My cock is still hard even after all that pain,you must enjoy it,after all you only have to remember that it is there for My pleasure,not yours and there will be no more pain,only the joy of pleasing Me.your mental reprogramming is going to take a long time.How many times did the Mistress flog the slave in the second scene?"I had no idea,my mind had been elsewhere for obvious reasons.I tapped the arm of the chair 12 times,pure guess work."So you can't even remember that slave.It was 20 times.your evening will be fairly unpleasent for that mistake,although not as unpleasent as this weekend"She smiled so sweetly,yet I knew that there was not a chance of any sweetness coming my way.She walked over to me and began removing all the wires from my tortured genitals.She took off the sleeve and rubber straps from Her cock but left the leather ball stretcher on.Uncuffing me,I was ordered to remove the plug,clean myself up and go to the sitting room.Once there I was to move the low table to infront of Her comfy armchair and wait.
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