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An interesting day with my older b*****rs ex....

You know, I think its a sign I truly have a submissive side when I allow close female friends to "trick" me into paying for a movie for them. Especially when said movie is a chick flick or rather at least a movie aimed at the female audience. Sad to say its rather awkward to when the friend is giving mixed signals. Both in where they want the relationship to go and in expressing whether they are the more dominant or submissive type. I cant complain though. The company was appreciated and enjoyed. Though the fawning over the lead male actor in the movie got kinda old kinda fast. Hehe. Of course I guess I deserved it with my mocking the movie off and on. Anyways. Just felt it was time for a journal update. And one that didnt have to do with my health or me whining about it. Hope everyone is doing well out there in internet land. Till next time.

Posted by youngwithcrohns 3 years ago
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