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Whats a lonely guy in SLC to do? Well, I will tell

Not that it really helps because it is far from the real thing. But omegle can be a wonderful site. Sure there are a lot of other horny guys on there. And a lot of u******e girls that make you shout "NO NO NO NO NO and forever NO!". But on occasion you can meet a few horny semi normal others. For instance I have had the strange but enjoyable luck of running into the same BBW several times now. She is from the UK. Though we have not exchanged Emails (much to my sadness but I understand). We have had some quite enjoyable cyber sessions. True, they leave the physical part of me achingly empty. As well as leaving me with a hard on that last for quite some time. These sessions have been very erotic and inspired some of my thoughts to maybe write another story in addition to the one I added recently. I almost in fact did a copy paste of our last conversation, but out of respect for her I resisted, that and due to the fact that it lasted several hours and Im sure there is a limit to how long a story I can be. But my advice to anyone who doesnt mind online and hasnt been able to get any real action in some time, go to omegle. Be patient. And make sure to put any little erotic thing in the interests box. Because you never know who you will find. ;)
Posted by youngwithcrohns 2 years ago
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2 years ago
And just to add a note here since Ive already gotten several messages. Yes I am a fan of bbw's but Im also a fan of all women, my mindset isnt exclusive on any type, age, race, what have you, just like it says in my profile.