What is your desire and fantasy?

The following story is an act of fiction and any resemblance to reality is purely a coincedence. It is something in my imagination that I am using to describe my open mindedness as well as some of the kinks I have been or am into. I hope you enjoy.

She eagerly awaits the arrival of her guest, checking again to make sure her husbands car is gone from the driveway. She adjusts her sundress and tries to steady her breathing. "I've never been with anyone but my husband" she thinks out loud "And never with somebody so young, what if he doesnt like me?". She looks herself over, her wide hips and slight belly making her frown. "Maybe I should change" she muses. But as she moves toward her bedroom she hears the *Ding Dong* of the doorbell making her jump. Biting her lower lip she walks slowly to the front door, seeing the dark shadow move behind the curtains on the side.
Opening the door her jaw drops, and then she smiles. "I didnt expect you to actually come in that attire you know". The young man, almost fifteen younger than her smiles "You said you wanted a wild afternoon with a young goth while you wear your sunday finest, if its too much I can at least run to the bathroom and wash off the eyeliner". She blushees, "No its fine, I just, Im surprised". She feels herself growing hot between her legs. Why oh why did I have to join that porn site, I mean, I didnt want to meet anyone, just watch porn, right? She thinks to herself.
"May I come in" he asks, his deep voice sounding even more sexy then when they chatted on cam. "Oh, of course Im sorry I wasnt even thinking" she stammers. "Its fine, you look beautiful by the way, its a shame I cant steal you away from your husband". Blushing she opens and closes her mouth, trying to find a response as he closes the door behind him, not managing anything. His dark smile, made even more mysterious now the door is closed and the fedora he is wearing casting his face in shadow. "So where to" he asks, shifting foot to foot almost seeming nervous making her smile. "Um, the bedroom?" she says brightly. Taking her arm in his, rumbling a low "Lead the way" making her heart pound.
Reaching the bedroom she looks around not sure what to do with herself. "Are you okay" he asks, the concern in his voice making her melt "I can just go if you want". "NO!" she shouts making them both jump "No, I just, Ive never done anything like this before, and Im not sure... What I want, what... You want" she gets out, hanging her head in embarassment. Using his fingertips up he brings he face up and brushes her lips with his in a feather light kiss, making her pulse pound again. "I just want to make you happy, thats what I told you from the beginning" he says with a smile, his blue/green eyes looking deep into hers.
"What fantasy would you like, I know you have a few" he teases, walking slow circles around her. "Um, I, I dont know" she tries to stay still but watch him. "Well, do you want to rough captor, forcing his will upon you?" he says his voice stern as he grabs her from behind, crossing her arms over her chest and holding them tight as he kisses and bites softly across her neck making her moan and sigh. "No?" he growls into her ear. "You maybe want the dark stranger sweeping her of your feet?" he asks, pulling her into a dance posistion, a cross between a sexy slow dance and a ballrom dance. His hips grinding against hers, the smell of his cologne exciting and arousing her.
"Or maybe you were thinking about age, yes I saw that look in your eye when you opened the door". She gulps, swallowing loud enough to break the silence "Was I that obvious" she blushes. "Only slightly, so you are worried about the age, or maybe you are excited by it, yes I remember the first fantasy you mentioned to me" slowly he pushes her to to bed, kneeling before her and lifting her dress to reveal the sexy pair of lacy panties she chose "Please mommy, I just want to make you happy, like before" he breathes queitly across her hot and now wet womanhood his voice soft enough to be a small c***ds now.
She shakes her head, then nods, so unsure, her horomones driving her wild as she tries to cross her legs. But he fights her gently, keeping them open, but being kind enough that she can tell if she really wanted, he would stop in a heartbeat. "I, I, I" she stammers. He stands smiling, sitting beside her. "I dont think you are really ready for this" he says, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "I want to, I just, I dont know. What if I screw up and make you hate me?". The last of her sentence is cut off by a deep passionate kiss, his tongue dancing with hers, lulling her into a pre climax making her moan past there lips. "You wont scare me off, you wont make me hate you, I came into this knowing I would never have you, but listen, and listen good, in the three months we have talked, I have grown to care for and desire you, I want you so badly sometimes it makes me ache at night, and you know I dont mean only physically". She nods her head "Im sorry".
Kissing her again, she takes her breath away once more, no longer a pre climax she shakes, feeling the cum drip onto her panties. "No apologies" he whispers when their lips finally release. "Oh god the things I could do with this boy" She thinks to herself, suddenly more aroused. Worried though when her Cell Phone blips out several sharp chirps. "Damn its my husband" she jumps grabbing the phone. "Hey honey, what did you forget, your briefcase?" she thinks, remembering it on the coffee table. "Yeah, I know where it is, are you at the office? So about half an hour away? Okay". She hangs up looking at the young man smiliing at her as he gently rubs the wet spot on her bed teasingly, and noticing that he had a clean view of her wide behind in the air when she was on the phone. "Im so sorry" she moans, both embarassed and actually sorry "Hes coming back, I know it took you a while to get here on the bus, but I think you shoud..." he pulls her into another kiss stopping her. "No apologies" he whispers again.
She looks at her clock, then the wet spot on her bed. "Come here" she says with a smile, pushing him to the edge of the bed. "I owe you for that" she says teasingly darting her eyes toward the wet spot. "Sorry" he responds, hanging his head with a smile on his face that says he is anything but. "Oh no, you arent getting out if it that easily" she grins as she undoes his eleborate gothic belt, sliding the lower half of his clothes to his ankles revealing his long hard shaft. She knew it was big, but... Not that big. "Is, is that for me?" she questions almost nervous. "Every inch" he says with a smile as she pushes him to sit on the edge of the bed. "Then I better use my gift to show you how much I appreciate it". Kneeling before him she wets her lips, taking him into her mouth slowly. He puts his hands on her shoulders, showing the pleasure she is giving, but not at all being f***efull like her husband after a long day at work.
She shivers, knowing how rough this young man could be. Memories of their erotic chats swarming into her head. Making her moan and take him deeper into her mouth. He lips making soft pops and sucking noises as she moves. Lulling them both into a hot and bothered state. He moans her name, telling her how wonderfull she feels and that he does not deserve her. Deciding that her arousal is getting the better of her, she pulls back and looks up into his eyes, the passion and caring there only making it worse. "Be patient with me, I want to try... You know, but I think I will need your help". Smiling at her and leaning over to kiss her forehead. "I really dont deserve it, I only made you cum once you know, but okay, just remember, if its too much, just snap your fingers". She nods, having never done this with her husband, but only due to his lack in size. She guides the young mans hand to the back of her neck. His other hand instinctively moving to her breast to both calm and excite her.
Taking him into her mouth once again, deeper and deeper till the head of his shaft is poking the back of her throat, bobbing her head up and down for a few moments before looking up and him and nodding. Adjusting his posistion he pulls her head down, sliding deep down her throat. She starts to gag and he releases her in fear. But she pushes forward without his help. Sliding it all the way down, till her lips touch the base, feeling his pulse through her lips. The world grows fuzzy as her lack of breath starts to get to her. Moving her head up and down again his hand returns to her neck. Guiding it to posistions that seem the excite her even more. His experience astounding for someone so young. Letting out a moan he tells her that he is about to cum, knowing that she only likes to swallow when she is truly in the mood.
Pulling her head back and smiling up at him once again. "Do you know why I wanted to wear this sundress baby" she asks, stroking him hard and fast to push him even closer to the edge of climax. "I, I was curious about th-that" he stammers as she giggle at what she is doing to him. "Because Im your mommy, and mommy's need to look pretty dont they?" she aks. "Y, yes mommy, you are very pretty" he gets out while squirming. "Do you know what would make mommy even more pretty right now my baby boy?". He shakes his head, biting his lip. She knows he couldnt get any words out if he tried, the desire almost driving him insane. "A new pearl necklace from her son" she whispers, moving the tip of his cock to just above her double D breasts "Give mommy a new pearl necklace, please?" she says the last and it obvously drives him over the edge, because he releases one of the biggest loads she has ever seen across her chest, somehow though all in a perfect semi circle. But his cum keeps coming. So she takes him into her mouth again and lets it slide across her tongue and down her throat. The bitter taste different from her husbands, more arousing. And she spasms as his hot cum drips down the front of her shirt between her breasts, causing her to have a mini orgasm before falling into his lap.
"Are, are you okay?" he pants, having fallen back onto the bed looking down at her. She smiles up at him her breathing just as heavy "Im just wonderful baby, the necklace made mommy very very happy thats all". He sits up and lifts her to her feet, holding her since she is shakey, pulling her into another deep kiss which doesnt help her trembling kiss. "Im glad you like it mommy". He says with a smile.
They stand and kiss for a few more minutes. Before he lets out a sad "I guess I should be going" and pouting. "Yeah, but dont worry, you will be back, and next time I will show you some tricks that older women are amazingly well known for" she says with a wink. Smiling at her he nods and walks her to the opening hallway, kissing her on the cheek before whispering a goodbye and squeezing her butt as he darts out the door. Leaning against the door as she closes it she mumbles to herself "What did I just do". Hearing her husband turning the key she moves and quickly wipes the last of the young mans cum from her chest. Smiling as her husband comes in looking grumpy "How could you let me forget my breifcase, you knew I had an important meeting today" he stomps into the living room to grab his forgotten breifcase as her phone lets out a pleasant low chirp telling her the young man has sent her a text. Smiling as she opens it to see a picture attached, a close up of his manhood with her lipstick still there and a simple message of "I dont know if I want to wash mommy's lips off me or not". As her husband stomps out the door she smiles and thinks to herself "I shouldnt be thinking about what I just did, I should be deciding what I want to do next time".

Okay, so that doesnt cover even a fourth of my interests. And I know it sounds like any story coming from a self centered young man. Even though that was not the intent. Id love any constructive critisizm there can be. As well as regular naughty messages as well. ;) . So Im excited to hear what you all have to say. A few notes though. Yes, I know its a grammatical nightmare. If you want to proofread and fix it and send me the corrections I may or may not change it. Secondly, I do not think every woman should have an affair or cheat on her husband/boyfriend. But I am a closet submissive, so I believe that the woman should be pleased by any means whether or not she is married. That being said I admit to having been part of several "scandels" never being caught. And would possibly do it again. But would prefer if the husband is aware to begin with because I dont want to ruin any marriages. And thirdly, as much as it is a work of fiction, I did take some from the experiences Ive had in the bedroom and do know that some things like a kiss can cause a woman to orgasm if done just right. But by no means claim to be a sexual guru. Anyway, hope you all enjoyed it. Maybe if it is liked enough I will write another. :)
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