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[Story] What is your desire and fantasy?

The following story is an act of fiction and any resemblance to reality is purely a coincedence. It is something in my imagination that I am using to describe my open mindedness as well as some of the kinks I have been or am into. I hope you enjoy.

She eagerly awaits the arrival of her guest, checking again to make sure her husbands car is gone from the driveway. She adjusts her sundress and tries to steady her breathing. "I've never been with anyone but my husband" she thinks out loud "And never with somebody so young, what if he doesnt like me?". She looks herself over, her wide h... Continue»
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Whats a lonely guy in SLC to do? Well, I will tell

Not that it really helps because it is far from the real thing. But omegle can be a wonderful site. Sure there are a lot of other horny guys on there. And a lot of u******e girls that make you shout "NO NO NO NO NO and forever NO!". But on occasion you can meet a few horny semi normal others. For instance I have had the strange but enjoyable luck of running into the same BBW several times now. She is from the UK. Though we have not exchanged Emails (much to my sadness but I understand). We have had some quite enjoyable cyber sessions. True, they leave the physical part of me achingly empty. As... Continue»
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An interesting day with my older b*****rs ex....

You know, I think its a sign I truly have a submissive side when I allow close female friends to "trick" me into paying for a movie for them. Especially when said movie is a chick flick or rather at least a movie aimed at the female audience. Sad to say its rather awkward to when the friend is giving mixed signals. Both in where they want the relationship to go and in expressing whether they are the more dominant or submissive type. I cant complain though. The company was appreciated and enjoyed. Though the fawning over the lead male actor in the movie got kinda old kinda fast. Hehe. Of course... Continue»
Posted by youngwithcrohns 3 years ago