Father and son and friend

Jo lived with his father and his fathers boyfriend. He knew his dad left his mom because he preferred men. He thought his dad was handsome and the boyfriend very sexy. Many times the two men were in the home naked and Jo loved to see their cocks. Both had nice cocks, long and thick.

Jo was f******n when his dad pulled his pants down and played with his cock. He stroked his cock and lifted it and rubbed his balls. Jo got hard fast and then the dad kissed Jo on his cock. His dad told him "You have a nice cock and some day you will be proud how huge it will be." Dad then began to lick Jo's cock and his balls. After he got the cock wet by licking he then began to suck it. He had the cock in his mouth sucking it when he stopped and looked at his son and asked "How do you like getting your cock sucked?" Jo answered "It feels so good. Don't stop." The dad took the cock all the way in his mouth to his balls and sucked just as Jo filled him with cum. Dad swallowed the cum and licked the cock clean and kissed Jo on his mouth. "Can you taste your cum on my tongue? You taste so good. Your cock is so smooth and feels good in my mouth. Now want to suck your dad's big cock?" Jo said yes and his dad pushed his face to his cock.

His dad told him "Do as I did. Lick my cock and balls first then suck my cock before you take it in your mouth. Your will have to get used to my big cock but soon you will deep throat all of it and swallow my cum." Jo licked the sucked the cock and took as much as he could in his mouth. His dad then told him "Now suck hard. Make me cum." As Jo sucked the cock hard his dad soon filled his mouth with cum. Dad said "swallow the cum. Get used to it. You did good your first cock sucking."

Jo's dad laid him on his stomach and began to rub his ass. He massaged his ass cheeks and then spread them wide open. Dad's finger found his puckered ass and rubbed it. He wet his finger and kept rubbing. He pulled Jo up on his hands and knees and spread his ass and then kissed it. He then began to lick Jo's ass getting it wet. Dad said "Relax. You will like this. I am going to finger your ass till you cum. I will jerk your cock as I finger fuck you and you tell me how much you like it." Jo's dad pushed a finger in the wet ass and began to finger fuck him. He saw Jo's cock get hard and then began to stroke it as he fucked the ass. He asked Jo "Do you like this? Tell me how you like your ass fucked." Jo screamed "Yes, it feels so good. My cock is so hard. Make me cum." His dad then added another finger and really was jerking the boys cock as he finger fucked Jo. Then Jo came again.

Jo's dad kissed his mouth and told him "you did great. I will soon be able to cock fuck your ass. Then you will fuck my ass." Jo stayed naked and looked at his cock and his dads. It felt so good to have a cock in his mouth and a finger in his ass. As they were going to bed that night his dad came to his room and had a gift for him. "I want you to wear these and keep you horny. I want you to be our fuck toy." He then put a cock ring on Jo's cock and pushed it all the way down. Next he slipped a butt plug in Jo's ass. "Now feel these on your cock and in your ass and think about my cock fucking you." He then kissed him good night.

The next day the dad pulled the plug out and rubbed Jo's ass. He pushed Jo onto his hands and knees and oiled Jo's ass and then pushed two fingers inside him. He finger fucked the ass as he told Jo "I need to stretch that ass and get it ready for my cock. Soon as it can take a cock I will bring you to bed with John and my self. Your cock is very hard so I am going to fuck you and add one more finger." He then pushed a third finger in Jo's ass and really began to fuck him. He watched as his fingers stretched his son wide open. It did not take long till Jo was squirting cum. His dad then told him "Now I am going to bind your balls to match the cock ring and push a bigger plug in your ass. You will feel very horny all day and you may suck my cock any time you want. You may also jerk your cock."

Jo was naked and horny all day. He would stroke his cock and play with his balls and sit on the butt plug. He then went to his naked dad and told him "Dad, I need you to fuck me. I am so horny and tired of playing with my own cock. His dad told him "get on your hands and knees. I think you are ready for cock fucking." His dad pulled the plug form Jo's ass and kissed his hole and then oiled it and pushed the oil in deep with his finger. "Put your head down and get ready as my cock enters your ass." His dad then pushed his cock in Jo's tight ass. Dad screamed "Yes. you ass is so tight. My cock loves your ass. Let me fuck you." He then fucked Jo easy but deep. Soon he had his cock all the way in Jo's ass as he grabbed Jo's cock. Jo screamed "Fuck my ass. Please fuck me harder. Pull my cock and make me cum." Dad was fucking the ass and pulling the cock till both men came hard. His dad told him "Fuck that felt good. I did not know a tight ass could feel so good. I can't wait to fuck you again. Now suck my cock so I can fuck you again. Then you can poke your cock in my ass and fuck me. I think you are almost ready to be a 3some with Hohn and myself."

The rest of the afternoon was spent with the dad fucking Jo's ass and Jo sucking dad's cock. All Jo could think about was being in bed with two cocks.

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9 months ago
2 years ago
nice story. hope there is more
2 years ago
GOD, that was good.
3 years ago
loved it , fucking hard now and ready for my son
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3 years ago
Very hot had my cock dripping. Please write more!
3 years ago
An absolutely Hot story. Thanks for sharing. I hope there will be more, you are an excellent erotic story writer.
3 years ago
great story