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She was just developing sexually in body and mind. She and her friend next door had started having sex with the b*****r. Their 3somes were getting hotter and hotter. She loved pussy and cock. She spent a lot of time next door at the friends house sucking the b*****rs cock and letting him fuck her.

One night as she was getting ready for bed her step father came to her room, He was angry and yelled at her "I know all about what you are doing next door. I heard about your sucking John's cock and he has been fucking you a lot." She began to cry not knowing what would happen next. He told her "I want you naked and you have two minutes or you will be in really bad trouble." She slowly removed her nightie and her panties and stood naked before him. He looked her over and turned her to see all sides of her young body. As he rubbed her tits he told her "Nice tits. I see why John likes them." Now get on your hands and knees on the bed with your legs spread wide. I am going to punish you."

As she got on her hands and knees with her legs spread her step father looked at her pussy and ran a finger over it. "First I will punish you and it will hurt but then I will give you much pleasure." He then took a thick paddle and began to spank her ass. He watched her ass turn red and felt his cock get hard. He then removed his clothes and kept spanking her in the nude. By now her ass was on fire and she was crying. He rubbed her ass with his hand and felt the welts. "You are a nasty girl. Daddy has to punish you." He then ran his finger to her pussy. It was wet and warm. He found her clit and pulled and twisted it making it hard between his fingers. He liked she had shaved her pussy as he rubbed it. He wiped the cum from his fingers on her red ass.

"Spread your legs wider. Put your face on the bed." He then once more began the spanking as he watched her pussy get wetter. By now her ass was red and full of welts from the thick wood padddle. He put it down and hand spanked her pussy. She was crying harder as his finger then entered her pussy. He told her "you have been fucking the boy next door and tonight you will fuck a man. I am going to give you some big hard cock." He then kept fingering her as he rubbed her sore ass. He then kissed her ass cheeks and kissed to her hole. He licked her ass and added a finger in her. Now he was fingering her ass and pussy. He moaned to her "Do you like that ass fucked? Tonight you will be fucked hard and in every hole. From now on I am going to fuck you any time I want. You will be my slut and act like a whore that you are."

He then told her "Lay on your back and hang your head over the side. Keep those legs spread wide or i will tie them to the bed and you will be sorry if I have to do that." With her head over the bed he straddled her face and shoved his cock to her mouth. "Lick my cock and balls. Then I am going to let you suck my cock before I shove it deep down your throat. I am going to gag you with my monster cock a I face fuck you." She then licked his cock all over and licked his balls. She tasted the cum seep out of his slit. He then said "Enough. Open wide and suck me hard. You will learn to suck like a whore and swallow my cum as I ram my cock deep down your throat. Now suck hard!" As he face fucked her he played with her nipples pulling and twisting them and slapping her tits. He had his cock all the way in and would pull out then dive back in even as she gagged on the size. He smiled and said "I like to see you gag. Then I know I have it in deep enough. Now suck hard and make me cum. I want to watch you swallow my load of cum." As she sucked he then filled her throat with cum and she had to swallow every drop. He then pulled out and pushed her on her back.

"You suck cock like a good little cocksucker. You will get to suck me a lot in the future. I am going to have my cock down your throat every chance I get. Now keep those legs spread. Daddy is going to eat pussy then fuck you like you have never been fucked." He then put his face in her pussy and began to lick her. He grabbed her clit with his teeth and pulled and bit lightly. He sucked and licked her till he felt her cum on his face. His tongue found her hole and he licked her then shoved his tongue in her deep and tongue fucked her as she screamed and came all over him.

His cock was now hard again so he got between her legs and pointed his cock to her hole. "Now you will learn how to be my slut. You will take every inch of my cock and feel this big rod as I fuck you till you beg me to stop. That little pussy will be full of cum before I am done with you today. If you think my big cock is tight in your cunt, wait till it enters your ass. I want to see your ass spread wide open." He then pushed his cock in her hole. Inch by inch he pushed into the tight pussy. "Yes, baby, you feel so good and tight on my cock. Now I am going to pound your cunt and make you cum over and over." He then began to fuck her hard and deep. He rammed her hole fucking her as hard as he could. He loved the tight pussy around his hard cock. He loved that young tight snatch. He hadn't had contol of a girl since he took the young street girl and made her his cunt slut. He used to fuck the young girl for hours till she was weak and could not walk. He loved young girls a lot. He loved to treat them rough. Now he had one right here in his house for his use when ever the mom went to work or shopping and he planned to fuck her every chance he got. He could imagine her sucking his cock as he drove. She would be a great young cock slut.

He felt her cunt get wetter and wetter as he fucked her harder and harder. He loved to show that he was in control and loved to fuck rough. He grabbed her face with his hand and asked her "Do you like my big cock? Do you want to fuck me every day? Is your pussy sore? If it isn't it will be before I am done with you. I am going to fuck you in several different positions and in every room and out on the porch. I am going to drive you naked to the woods and fuck you there. You will suck my cock as I drive and I will finger fuck that poor used pussy. Do you like being a slut? Tell me you are a slut." She replied "yes, I love being fucked and being you slut." He grabbed her and slappd her face. "Tell me you are a slut and a whore. That you like to be fucked." She cried but told him "I am a slut and a whore. I like being fucked by your huge cock. Fuck me more."

For three more hours the step daddy fuck the step daughter. He filled her with cum and even fucked her ass as she screamed in pain. She did like the cock in her pussy and she liked sucking his cock. After a long time he grabbed her by the arm and told her "Get in my car. I want you naked. We are going for a drive." He slipped on boxers and as he drove his fingers were in her pussy and she was also sucking his cock. He parked the car and took her out and told her to walk and show him her well fucked body. As she paraded for him he grabbed her and sat her on the hood of the car and ate her pussy and fingered her ass. They stayed there and fucked for another two hours till he had to get home before her mom got off work.

He told her "Tomorrow when your mom leaves for work come to me and suck my cock for starters. I want you to clean your mom's pussy off it before I then fuck you all day long. I get to fuck your mom at night and you during the day. You are the best slut I have ever had. You have the tightest cunt and can suck like a pro. Now suck my cock all the way home. Then go shower."
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1 year ago
Wow... ok then... lol good story
1 year ago
Mmm hot story! Made my pussy wet!
3 years ago
Sexy Stepdad! Would have loved one like him!
3 years ago
very sexy & hot
3 years ago
Man he was being rough on the beaver... But it was a HOT story
3 years ago