The Wedding


I was getting married the next day and had checked into they Hyatt in my own room alone. I wanted to relax and get ready for the wedding the next evening. I was wearing a tube top and a silk thong when there was a knock on the room door. I peeked out and saw it was my father-in-law to be. He was a good looking sexy man. I opened the door and let him in. He was surprised to see me in such an attire. But he could not take his eyes off me. And I like that he kept staring.

He told me he should not stay but I invited him to have a glass of wine with me. I sat him on the bench at the end of the bed and I sat real close to him. We talked about the wedding and I then began to rub his arm. I then refilled his wine glass and as we drank together I put my hand on his cheek. I told him "Let's get you comfy" as I unbuttoned his shirt. We had more wine and I began to rub my hands over his chest and over his nipples. He started to rub my shoulders. I then pulled my tube top down to my waist. His hands went to my tits and began to rub me. I pulled his head to my breasts and he sucked back and forth between each nipple.

He moaned "Baby, you have such great tits. I have always wanted to touch and suck them." I answered "Please enjoy them. I am going to be part of the f****y and you may suck them any time you wish." He went back and forth sucking and licking my nipples and round tits. I now had his shirt off and his hand found my pussy. He put his fingers inside the thong and rubbed my clit and down to my hole. "You are so sexy and so wet." he told me. He then pushed me on to my back and removed my thong. He bent my leg and pushed it up so my pussy was open and he put his face between my legs. He spread my pussy lips and watched his finger as it ran across my clit and to my hole. He then took my clit in his mouth and sucked it. He was sucking me hard as I screamed "Suck me. Suck my clit. Lick me." His mouth and tongue was licking and tasting my wet pussy and I kept cumming.

He then licked to my fuck hole and I felt his tongue cirle me and push his tongue in. I came right there all over his tongue. He then licked back to my clit and grabbed it with his teeth as he pushed a finger in my hole. He whispered to me "Oh baby girl, you have a nice tight hole." Then he finger fucked me as he sucked and licked my clit and my pussy lips. He then used two fingers to fuck me and kept sucking the clit. I was going crazy. He was a great lover and knew his way with a pussy.

He then pulled his hands and face from my pussy and sat me up then removed his pants. A huge cock popped out with a big thick head. It was hard and aimed at me. He pulled my head to his cock and told me to lick him before he would put it in my mouth. I licked all sides up and down and licked his balls. This was a big cock and I knew he was going to put it in my mouth to suck. He then asked me "Is my son's cock this big?" I told him "No. Not at all. You are huge and look delicious." He said "Well, I am going to give you this big cock in all your holes tonight before your wedding tomorrow." He then pulled my head to his cock and pushed into my mouth. I began to suck it and tongue the tip. He let me suck and get used to the size then he grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth over his cock and deep into my throat and held it there and told me "Suck hard. Take this cock down your throat. Take it down to my big hard balls."

I gagged a few times but got used to the big cock and loved sucking him. He then grabbed my head and took control and began to fuck my mouth pulling out and then all the way back in. I had that cock deep down my throat. He was long and thick and a great mouthful. He then pulled out and told me "I am going to cum in your cunt not your mouth this time. There will be time later for you to drink my cum. Now lay back and spread your legs for my cock to fuck that hot pussy."

As I laid back he sucked my tits then put his cock to my fuck hole. I knew when he pushed in me he was going to be big and really fill my hole. As he pushed his cock in, he took ahold of my nipple with his teeth. With his cock all the way in he then kissd me and stuck his tongue in my mouth. He then said to me "Your cunt is so tight and warm. I knew you would be a hot fuck. Welcome to the f****y as I am going to be fucking you a lot. You need a man with a big cock." He then began to fuck me going almost out then back in deep. He felt so good and I could feel his cock against the walls of my cunt and I just wanted to cum and scream. I never wanted him to stop. He felt so good and he could fuck better than any man I ever knew or even heard of. He gave me every inch of his huge cock. He fucked me for close to an hour before he filled me with cum.

As he laid naked beside me he said "I may give you my baby. Do you want me to breed you?" I told him I was on the pill right now but later I wanted him to give me his baby. He then kissed me and then sucked my tits for a long time. He then told me "I want to fuck you and breed you and see these big tits fill with milk to nurse my baby and to nurse me. I want to fuck you day and night and feel my cock in your tight pussy. I want to feel your lips around my big cock as you suck me dry. Now get on your hands and knees and let me fuck that sexy ass."

I got on my hands and knees and he pushed my head down so my ass was in the air. I was not sure how he was going to get that big cock in my ass but I knew it would feel wonderful if he did. He began to lick my ass getting it wet and pushed a wet finger in my ass and I loved the feel and felt a second finger go in. "Now relax and let my cock enter you. Once I am in you will enjoy this as much as I am going to. I love fucking a tight young ass." He inched in slowly and I felt his moster cock stretch me. He kept watching his cock go into my ass and would spit on it to keep it wet. Soon he was in and it did feel full and very good. He whispered "Now is the best part. I am going to fuck your ass and fill it with cum. I love that tight ass surrounding my cock." He then easily began to fuck me. He went in and out till I was well stretched then he pumped in me harder and harder as he held my hips and rammed me. It felt good but painful at the same time and I just wanted him to fuck me and never stop. As he fucked me he took turns rubbing my pussy and my tits and I was cumming hard and fast as he was a great lover. After a long time I felt him fill me with cum. We then laid side by side.

"Oh baby girl, you have the perfect ass to fuck. In a minute I am going to fuck it again and then again. Then I will let you suck my cock before I fuck that pussy of yours. We will leave a message for my son and tell him you have left and gone to the South Pacific with me and will become my wife. I will suck your tits and fuck your naked body day and night on the beach there. We will never have to wear clothes and you will bear my c***dren and love it as I worship your sexy body."

By six AM they were on a jet south and the sexy father-in-law soon to be her husband even fucked her in first Class in the sky.
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Good fun
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Very nice. Thanks for posting
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very good
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