The Mom

Cher and her mom lived together. There was no father. Her mom was very attractive and had many men over for sex at night. Cher would peek and listen to them. She was a teen and sex interested her a lot. She was just developing a great body like her mom.

One night she was surprised because a woman came home with her mom instead of a man. They sat in the living room and drank a few drinks and the woman began to kiss her mom and unbutton her blouse. She reached in the moms bra and pulled out a tit and began to rub and the suck it. Cher got so excited watching that she felt her panties get wet. The woman then undressed the mom and as she sucked her tits she played with her pussy. Cher watched the woman push two fingers in her moms fuck hole. Her mom was moaning and enjoying the woman a lot.

Her mom then pulled the womans top off and she had huge tits. She watched her mom suck them and bite on the nipples. As her mom played with the tits the woman continued to finger her mom and soon had the mom cumming fast. She then pushed the mom back and began to lick her moms pussy. Cher was fascinated watching the two women. She could see the tongue licking and the teeth biting as her mom was twisting and screaming for more. The woman licked and sucked the moms pussy and cleaned the cum as fast as it came. The woman then pushed her moms legs over her head and spread her wide as her tongue began to lick her moms ass. Then she went back to the pussy but shoved a finger into her moms ass and began to finger fuck the ass as she sucked the clit.

Cher watched her mom hold the womans head tight to her pussy as she screamed and came over and over. The woman then got up and sat on her moms face. She watched her mom lick the womans pussy as the woman rubbed her pussy all over the moms mouth. Watching the two women Cher had her first orgasm. She loved watching the two women together and could not believe one was her mom.

After lots of pussy licking and finger fucking the woman got up to leave. She gave the mom a deep tongue kiss and pinched her tit before she walked out the door. Just then the mom turned and saw Cher. She said "Have you been watching me?" Cher nodded yes. Her mom told her "Come over her and take your nightie off." Her mom was still naked herself. Cher walked over and removed her night gown. Her mom grabbed her by the hair and began to kiss her thrusting her tongue deep in her mouth. "Kiss me" her mom demanded. Cher kissed back and began to like the tongue swapping.

Her mom then began to rub Cher's tits. She pulled on the nipples and twisted them making them hard. The mom kept ahold of Cher's hair and bent to suck he nipples. She sucked and kissed each one as her hand went to the young pussy. Her mom said "Tomorrow I am going to shave your pussy but tonight I will show you how good it feels to have me lick and finger you till you cum several times." "Lay down and spread your legs and show me your pussy."

As Cher laid on the sofa the mom put her face in Cher's pussy and began to lick. She told her "You have a nice sweet pussy. I will make you cum for me." The mom spread her pussy lips open and licked and tongued her. She then grabbed the clit and sucked it. As she did that Cher screamed as it felt so good. "Yes, you like that don't you?" Then her mom licked her love hole. She tasted the cum leaking out and pushed her tongue in and began to tongue fuck her daughter. She had Cher cumming fast and hard for her. She moved back to the clit and sucked it as her finger entered the tight pussy hole of Cher. She began to suck the clit hard and finger fucked her harder yet. Cher was squirming and screaming as her pussy pulsed again and again. "Yes baby girl, you love that sweet pussy licked by your mommy. Cum for me. Give me your tasty juice."

After a long time of eating her daughter's pussy she pulled Cher to her tit and told her "lick mommy's tit. Then you may lick mommy's pussy. I will teach you to be a real cum slut." When she pushed Cher to her pussy she held her face tight to her and told her to lick. It did not take long for the mom to cum and Cher was told to lick all the cum out of her hole. "Now push your tongue in mom's hole and tongue fuck me like I did you." As Cher tongue fucked her mom the mom began to moan and push her face tighter to her pussy. Cher was licking all the cum from the mom as fast as the mom could cum.

Soon both were exhausted and laid side by side. Cher's mom told her "I am so glad to have you old enough to fuck and eat pussy. I have waited for this day. Go get naked in my bed. I have some toys in there for us to use."
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3 years ago
great story loved it
3 years ago
Nice story.. Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
that is good
3 years ago
Wow! So good I'm wishing it hadn't come to an end.
3 years ago
awsome story, i bet you had fun writing that