Jo was to be gone all week but he decided to come home early and was suprised to see a van outside his house. When he got inside his mom was dressed sexy and a man was there with a camera on a tripod. The man told him he was there to film his mom but the other man did not show. The man said "did you not know your mom was a high paid porn star?" Jo was shocked. He knew his mom was very pretty and had a great figure with big tits and and nice round ass but never guessed she was into porn. This explained how she had so much money as a single mom.

His mom was wearing a skin tight tube top and a very mini skirt. He could see she wore no bra as her nipples poked at the material and did not know about the panties. The man said "Isn't your mom beautiful? Would you like to be in the video with her tonight? It will be hot and sexy. I bet you always wanted to fuck your mom." Jo looked shocked but his cock was already hard. He had always wanted to see his mom naked. Touch her big tits and rub her ass. His mom said "Jo, come do this for mom. You will enjoy it I know."

His mom nodded at the man and pulled Jo down beside her. The man started the camera. She then began to kiss Jo swapping tongues with him. The man gave instructions to Jo. "Kiss down her chest. Lower her tube top and look at her tits. Then kiss them and suck them and enjoy every inch of her big mounds." Jo kissed down to her tits and grabbed a nipple in his mouth. He licked and sucked and loved the feel of them. "Use your hands on the tit you are not sucking. Squeeze it tight. Bite that nipple and tug on it." Jo was sucking and biting and feeling his mom's tits for the camera.

His mom then told him "Move to my pussy. Look at it and then finger it. Lick every inch of it before you put a finger in me." Jo lifted his mom's skirt and saw her tiny thong. He pulled it aside to see her shaved pussy. He spread her pussy lips and ran a finger over her clit. He ran his finger from her clit to her ass before he pushed a finger deep in her hole. He heard his mom moan and then begn to finger fuck her. It was not long before she was coating his finger with cum. He then put his mouth to her pussy and sucked her clit as he fingered her faster. His mom was yelling "more, more." Jo loved watching his finger go in and out of his mom's hole as she moaned and begged for more.

His mom then began to unzip Jo's pants and pull his cock out. He was rock hard and liked his mom's hand holding his cock. His mom said "my, you have such a nice big cock. You will make a great porn star for my video. A mom with a son and his monster cock." She stood him in front of her and began to lick his cock and his balls. When she licked the tip he was oozing cum fast. She licked the cum and then took the cock into her mouth and began to suck. Jo felt his cock go down her throat and he had never had his whole cock sucked before. It felt wonderful. Her hands grabbed his ass as she sucked and her finger found his pucker and she slipped a finger in him as she sucked him deep and hard. This put Jo over the edge and he filled her mouth with his cum. He watched as his mom swallowed every drop.

His mom then told him "baby, you have a wonderful cock. Now fuck my pussy. I want every inch deep and hard. When you fill me with cum then turn me over and fuck my ass till you fill it with cum. Then mommy will lick your cock clean." Jo aimed his cock to her hole and shoved in. She felt warm and wet against his big cock. She was also tight for a porn star and he loved how she moved under him. He rammed all the way in her and was soon fucking her hard and deep as she begn to scream wanting more and harder. Jo fucked his mom for a long time and the camera man was loving the great porn shots he was getting. After a while Jo filled his mom with cum.

He then turned her over and got her on her hands and knees and spread her ass cheeks and looked at her hole and pushed a finger in her and heard her moan. His mom truly loved to be fucked and the camera made it so sexy. He then replaced his finger with his thick cock. He heard his mom gasp as he pushed his big rod deep into her ass. He put every inch of cock in her and then began to fuck her hard. He was pounding her ass and heard her moan and scream. The camera man yelled "Yes, fuck her harder. Get her deeper and rougher." His balls slapped against her pussy as he fucked her hole. He was lasting longer as he had cum before but soon he did fill her ass with his cum. He pulled his cock out and watched his mom lick him clean from the tip of his cock to his balls.

They then laid side by side naked. He was ready to fuck all night and the camera man told him. "Let me put in fresh film and I am going to have you tie your mom and fuck her more. The scene will start with you spanking her after she is bound before you shove your cock deep down her throat. She is your slut and she will do anything you say. Fuck all her holes as you call her names. Remember she loves it rough."

All night long they filmed the sex scenes and made several videos. This was just the start of a great mom and son porn career.
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