The Cable Man

She was laying naked watching porn when the door bell rang and she knew it would be the cable man to fix her TV. She decided to just answer the door naked. When he saw her he was speechless but smiled. She told him "Come in. I am watching porn and would love to finish the movie before you work on the TV. Watch it with me." She sat him on the couch knowing he was excited but turned on at her naked body. She said "Do you like my tits? You may touch them if you want. I am alone here today." she turned to face him so he could get a better view of her titties and then put his hand on one of them. He began to massage and rub her nipples. "I bet you would love to suck my nipple or kiss my big tit. Go ahead." Then she pulled his face to her tits. His mouth grabbed a nipple and sucked then he moved to the other tit and kissed it rubbing a tongue over it.

"Well we need to get these clothes off you and watch this movie together. I want to see you naked" she said. She then undressed him. She rubbed his cock and smiled and said "Oh cableman, you have a nice package. I am glad I got you naked. Now lets watch this sexy movie." As they watched the movie she told him "How about a sex game? We do everything they do in the movie. It has already made your cock rock hard and I bet you would like to be sucked and fucked. I know I will love sucking you and feeling that big cock in my cunt and my ass." He replied "Yes, you have been wanting to be fucked since you came naked to the door. I am going to give you my big cock in every one of your holes. You will be surprised how long I am able to fuck. But first a slut like you needs her ass spanked." he then grabbed her and pulled her over his lap and wrapped his leg over hers and began to spank her sexy ass.

As he spanked her ass he would then rub the red marks and rub down to her pussy. "Well ass spanking makes that pussy wet. You must like getting that ass whipped." He then spanked her more. Soon her ass was on fire just like her cunt. He ran his hand between her legs and found her hole and pushed three fingers in her and began to finger fuck her. As his fingers fucked her cunt he felt her cum several times. He pulled his wet fingers out and rubbed her well spanked ass. With her still bent over his lap her put a finger to her ass hole. He moaned to her "Lets see how your tight ass likes a rough finger fuck." He then pushed another finger in her ass. He had every knuckle deep in her ass and then added still another finger. As he fucked her ass with his fingers he saw her cunt pulse and knew she was turned on. "You like that ass spanked and fucked don't you. I am going to fuck that ass hard but first I will fuck your mouth. Get down between my legs and open your mouth."

As she kneeled between his legs he grabbed her head and rubbed his cock over her face. He slapped her face with his hard cock and laughed. He loved a sexy horny slut like her justing asking to be fucked. A real cock tease. So today she met her match and he was going to fuck her like she had never been fucked before. His cock was long and thick and he then pushed it in her mouth and down deep. He grabbed her hair and tipped her head back and fucked her mouth deep. "Suck my cock as I fuck that mouth of yours. Suck me hard." He would slam her head down to his balls then back out then back down again. He ignored her gagging when he held her head as he fucked her throat. "Now swallow" he yelled as he blasted a huge load of cum down her throat. He pulled her by her hair and pushed her on her back.

"Did you like my big cock? You like cock don't you? So spread your legs and I am going to fuck that cunt long and hard." he told her. He pushed her legs up over her head and mounted her cunt. He was surprised she was tight yet wet. He pushed his cock all the way in then pulled it all the way out fucking her hard. He then whispered to her "Baby, my cock loves your cunt. I may stay in it for hours. I love fucking your tight hole." She then yelled at him "Fuck my cunt. I want hard cock. Fuck me hard. Never stop. Show me what a man you are." He pounded her cunt for an hour before he moved her to another position. He pulled her onto his lap straddling his cock. He kept fucking and also sucking her tits. He had her nipples stretched as he sucked so hard on them. He heard her moan and felt her cum as her cum covered his cock and ran out her hole. He liked that she was so full of cum and could cum over and over. After an hour he filled her with his cum. Now it was running out and over her couch.

He then continued sucking her tits. He loved her big firm tits and big fat nipples. He imagined how lucky a c***d would be some day to nurse and taste milk from these huge jugs. If he was that c***d he would nurse till he was a horny teen. He had fucked a pregnant woman once and her tits were full of milk and he loved nursing her. He even went over after she gave birth and nursed on her huge full tits. He could imagine these tits full of milk. They would be so huge. He took turns kissing her tits and sucking her nipples. He told her "You have a great set of jugs tittie lady. If you had milk I would suck you dry."

Then he moaned and said "My hard cock needs ass. Get down on your hands and knees and spread those ass cheeks for me." He looked as she spread her cheeks and knew her ass was going to feel so good. He first ran a finger around the rim and then put his cock to her opening. "Get ready baby. You are going to get the ass fucking like never before. My cock loves a tight ass." He then pushed his cock in her as she gasped at his size. He could tell it caused pain. He laughed and said "Yes, that is a big cock for your tight ass. I love to see my cock stretch your ass as it goes in. And i am going to bury every inch in that ass then fuck you till you beg me to stop." Just then he pushed in all the way giving her every inch of cock. He heard her scream. His cock was stretching her like she had never been stretched. He kept fucking her ass. In and out he went. He would pull out and rub her ass with his finger then ram back in. He did this over and over. Then he started fucking her fast and deep. As he fucked her he also spanked her already sore ass. He yelled to her "Oh baby, when I get done fucking your sexy ass you will know it has been fucked and spanked. Your ass cheeks will be red for days. I love spanking your white ass as mush as I love fucking it. I knew when you came naked to the door I was going to have to punish you." He was able to fuck her a long time after already cumming many times so her pounded her tight ass. When he did fill it with cum he knew she was very sore and raw.

"Sit up girl. Give me those big tits to suck. I am going to suck these tits till I am ready to fuck you again. I told you I was going to fuck you like never before. I think you are about ready to suck my cock again and lick my balls and ass. Your tongue in my ass will make my cock really hard so I can fuck that wet cunt of yours" he roughly told her.

All day he fucked her and made her suck his cock and lick his ass. Twice more he spanked her ass. He was sure she may not be able to sit that night. Just when he had sucked her the last time, he told her "Well are you ready to fix that dinner for you husband? you fucked like a whore today. Aren't you glad you married this sexy horny cable man? You knew i was going to fuck you and punish you when you came to the door naked. You only got my cock twice this morning. Poor horny nympho." Then he laughed and thought,"wait till I get her in bed tonight. she loves to fuck."

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3 years ago
great story! love the twist ending
3 years ago
very sexy & nice twist
3 years ago
very hot story
3 years ago
Funny turn at the end! ;-)P
3 years ago
interesting hot story