Girl Toy part 2

After fucking the sexy girl all day he told her "tonight I am taking you to a fancy party. I have bought you a beautuful dress and there will be many important people there. I need you to look very sexy. The men will want to fuck your pussy but I am your only lover." He took her to the shower and washed her body as he sucked and licked her tits more. Your body is so beautiful. I can not keep my hands off you." he told her. "Tonight we go in my limo so I may enjoy you all the way there. Then on the ride home i will be ready to fuck you and have you suck my cock."

They got out of the shower and he dried her before he took her naked to their room. He kissed her shoving his tongue into her mouth. He whisered "suck my cock before I dress you in your sexy clothes." She then got on her knees and took his cock in her moith and began to suck him. He grabbed her head and pushed his cock in her mouth till his balls felt her chin. "Yes, suck my cock. You are the best cocksucker I have ever met. You have the best sweet mouth. Now swallow my cum then lick me clean." He filled her with cum and she swallowed every drop and licked his cock clean then he kissed her to taste his cum in her mouth. Next he stood her before him to dress her for the party.

He brought out a sheer red dress. It was short and low cut. He told her "You will look so good in this. You will wear just the dress and high heels. No bra or panties. I want the curve of your tits and ass to show." When he had her dressed he told her to stand tall and thrust her tits out. He then pinched each nipple and said "yes, show the nipples thru that sheer silk. You are so sexy and so beautiful. All the men will want you."

In the limo he kissed her but made sure not to mess her up. He wanted her to look perfect when he took her in. He lowered the front of her dress and kissed each tit. He then lifted her dess and spread her legs. "Show me your pussy. I will be thinking about fucking it all the way home tonight while we are at the party. I am going to ravage your naked body back here." He then lightly kissed her pussy and pulled her dress down.

Before they got out of the limo he pinched her nipples to make them show thru the silky dress. "You look so sexy and so fuckable. That dress shows off you sexy body." When they walked in to the party hall every eye was on her. She looked so gorgeous in the sexy dress that barely covered her tits and her ass. Her nipples were hard and pushing against the sheer fabric of the dress. As he introduced her to many men they could not take their eyes off her. Especially her tits. He walked her to the patio and kissed her holding her tight. As he held her the back of of dress raised and showed off the cheeks of her ass. Now all who were close knew she wore no panties. As he kissed he told her "Spread your legs. Show some of that pussy I love to fuck and lick." He knew the men were now looking at her ass and pussy as he pulled the dress a little higher. He wanted to show all of them what a sexy slut he had and let them imagine fucking her. He kissed her running his tongue in her mouth as his hands went down and rubber her bare ass. He pulled her tight against his cock and told her "I wish I could fuck you here in front of all these men and show them what a sexy fucking slut you are. How you can fuck and suck cock."

After several minutes he needed to take her to the limo and fuck her so they left the party. He was happy that he had showed her off to all his friends and could tell they wanted her body as bad as he needed her.

In the limo he removed her dress. He kissed and rubbed her tits before he took them in his mouth and sucked them. His hand was between her legs grabbing her clit and feeling her cum. "Lay back and spread your legs so I can taste your wet pussy" he said to her. His tongue licked and then he sucked her clit before he put his tongue into her hole and felt her coat it with her sweet cum. He then lowered his pants and pushed his cock in her. As it went in deep she moaned and lifted her hips to him. He laughed "You love my cock don't you. You love to be fucked. I know you liked showing off your body for the men tonight. You liked showing them what a sexy slut you are. Now I will fuck you all the way home then we will fuck till dawn. You will love getting your pussy and ass fucked by my big cock." He fucked her till they arrived at the house. He then grabbed her dress and pulled her naked from the limo. The driver watched her naked body walk inside. He felt his cock get hard as her ass disappeared behind the door and wished she was going to his bed for the night. In their room he stood her naked as she watched him undress.

His cock was hard and he told her to get on her knees and tilt her head back real far. "Open wide. I am going to stick my cock all the way down your throat as you suck. I want to feel your mouth sucking my big cock hard. Show me what a good cocksucker you are. Be a good slut and make me cum twice before I release your head. Now suck like a whore." He then flipped on his cam as he pulled her head tight to his balls. He could feel his cock being sucked as it was deep in her mouth. "Suck me hard. Make me cum. Make that cock cum twice." Then his cock filled her mouth with his cum and he felt her swallow. She kept sucking and soon he was cumming again.

He told her "I have a surprise for you. Tonight I wanted all the men to see you because you are my new slut for my web cam site. The men will pay to watch me fuck you and use your body. They will love your cocksucking skills. You will show you tits and pussy and that sweet ass. We will stay home and fuck and suck all day and night for the camera. Sometimes they just want to see your pussy so I will spread it wide for them and finger you. It is what ever they pay for. Now lay down and spread your legs and smile for the camera. I am going to fuck you over and over for days.
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3 years ago
this is your version i have read very close to this on other peoples sites 3.5 10
3 years ago
very hot & good
3 years ago
You took a sexy turn of joy, Joy! ;-)P
3 years ago
now that is a site id pay to see