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Every since Lea was 13 she wanted to be a whore. It started with her when her older b*****r began to come into her room at night and have sex with her. He used to suck her blooming tits and play with her pussy. He taught her to suck his cock before he would fuck her. He wanted her virgin body and was the first to stick his cock in her. The best part was that she loved it. She loved sucking cock and getting fucked. She could take a cock in her ass as well as her cunt. She would even sneak in her b*****rs room to fuck him if he didn't come to her room.

One night when her b*****r had her on her hands and knees fucking her ass their dad walked in and caught them. He grabbed the b*****r and pulled him off her and then grabbed her and whipped her ass. He told her "Do you like behaving like a slut. How can you fuck your b*****r?" She replied "Father, I love being fucked. I am going to be a whore when I grow up and my b*****r is teaching me." Her dad yelled at her "A whore? Well let me show you how whores are treated." He then pulled off his boxers and told her "Suck my cock like a whore. See how you like daddy's monster cock." He pulled her head to his cock and pushed it down her throat. He grabbed her by the hair and held her mouth deep to his balls. "Now suck, Be a cocksucker like all whores." He held her tight against his body even when she gagged. He showed the young daughter no mercy. But he was surprised at her young age that she could suck his cock quite well. He then filled her mouth with his load of cum and watched her swallow every drop and kept sucking till he was hard again.

"You suck my cock like a cheap whore. Now I am going to fuck your cunt like a whore. Lay on your back and spread those legs and let my big cock fuck you hard and deep." he told her. She laid back and spread her legs and her dad rammed his cock all the way in her tight hole. He fucked her hard and deep and actually loved her tight cunt. As he pounded her cunt his mouth found her tits which had now grown to a nice size and began to suck them. He sucked one then the other as his long cock was buried deep in her fuck hole. He was amazed at how good his daughter felt. He enjoyed fucking her and sucking on her tits. He liked how good she was as sucking cock. She was a young whore. He fucked her cunt for over an hour feeling her cum many times against his hard cock. He then filled her hole with his load of cum.

Before he left he told her "tomorrow night I will be back to fuck you again with your b*****r. We will fuck you hard all night. From now on you will be our little whore." That night the dad and b*****r came naked to her room. Her dad told her "Lay on your back with your head hanging over the bed and your legs spread as wide as you can get them. Your b*****r will straddle your head as I fuck that hot cunt of yours." With her head over the side her b*****r was able to slide his cock all the way down her throat and fuck her deep and hard. He held her head so she could not move and mouth fucked her. The dad pushed his cock deep in her cunt and began to fuck her. She had never had 2 men at the same time but liked it. She sucked cock as her cunt was fucked hard. Her b*****r pulled on her nipples as he rode her face. Soon she had cum in both holes.

Her dad pulled her up and told her "get on your hands and knees with that hot little ass in the air. I want you to lick my cock and ass as your b*****r finger fucks your ass. Put your nice tongue deep in my ass till my cock is hard again." She felt the fingers go in her ass as she licked her dads cock back to his ass. She spread his ass and pushed her tongue in him. "Put your tongue in and suck as you do just like the whore you are meant to be." Her dad then told the son. Finger her ass hard. I want all four fingers in her ass deep." She was glad when she finally saw her dads cock get hard once more.

He then told her. "Put your pussy over my cock as your b*****r shoves his cock in your ass. We are going to both fuck you at the same time. We will see how good a whore you really are. I only wish I had another man here so you could get you mouth fucked too." The dad and b*****r fucked her ass and cunt hard and rough. The b*****r loved both of them fucking her hard. When they filled her holes with cum she was sore and had cum running out onto the bed. Her dad then told her "Rest up. Tomorrow is Saturday and we are going to fuck you till you can not walk. I like having a whore in the house."

part two next....

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very hot, great story!
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very good & hot
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so hot
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love ur stories they are so hot
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wishI had a daddy and brother
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great :)
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incest is wincest
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