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When Sara was 18 she decided to move to LA and get a job and maybe be an actress. As she got off the bus a man stopped her and asked if she was needing a job. She smiled and said yes. He took her hand and led her to his car. "I have a great job for you. You will be the assistant to me and serve me. I am going to get you some new clothes to wear." He then took her shopping at a local shop.

The clothes he chose were sexy and revealing. The tops were tight and low cut and the skirts were very short. He took her to a back room and removed her clothes and dressed her in the new items. She was shy when he got her naked but she wanted a job so bad. He looked at her pussy and took her to the restroom and began to shave her bald. He told her "Now you will keep your pussy shaved bald and smooth." Back in the dressing room he put a tiny thong on her that barely covered her pussy. Now she knew why the pussy had to be bald. He then put a bra on her that pushed her tits up high. He reached in and pulled each tit into the cup. The bra was low cut and you could see much tit almost to the nipples. She had nice tits and they were C cup. "Let me see how good you now look" he told her. He turned her to the mirror and showed her how her body looked in the sexy silk bra and thong.

He then put her in a very tight thin knit top. It hugged her tits and was cut low to show off lots of cleavage. The skirt he chose barely covered her ass. "You look so good. So sexy but so innocent. You will be perfect." He then kissed her and ran his tongue in her mouth. He whispered to her "You will be my special girl. I will buy you pretty clothes and take you to parties and fancy restaurants. All you have to do is be sexy and do as I ask." He bought her several more skimpy outfits before they went to the car.

They drove to his house and he took her inside the beautiful home. He told her "You will live here with me and be my sexy guest. Let me take you to the bedroom." In the bedroom he told her how she was to dress when they were home. He removed the clothes just bought her and when she was naked put a silk robe on her that hardly covered her tits or ass. "Wear this every day till I choose your clothes that you will wear when we go out. But at home you will be naked under this robe. You are so sexy and beautiful." Then he undressed and put on a matching robe but let it open so she could see his cock.

He took her out to the pool and told her to remove the robe and lay beside him. He then took his robe off and both were naked. "Lay on your stomach while I rub oil on you." He than began to rub her back with oil and rubbed to her ass. He was rubbing oil over her ass and told her "You have the nicest round ass." He leaned down and kissed each cheek but kept massaging her. "Roll over on your back and let me oil your front." As she rolled over he rubbed her tits with oil. He spent lots of time oiling the mounds and the nipples. "You have great tits. Do you like me touching them? Shall I kiss them?" she nodded for him to kiss her tits. He then kissed each one covering all of it with tiny kisses. Then he grabbed a nipple and sucked them.

He stopped sucking suddenly and dripped oil on her stomach and rubbed the oil in. He add more oil and told her "Spread your legs so I may oil your thighs and of course your pussy. This is why it is to be shaved and smooth all the time so I may rub and kiss it like I do your tits." He spread her legs wide and said "Yes, that is good. I love your smooth pussy. I am going to rub it then kiss it and make you feel very good." He rubbed her pussy with more oil before he spread her lips and rubbed her clit. He then oiled his finger and slipped it in her hole. She gasped as he did this and he smiled and said "you will get used to me fingering you. That is why you will wear only the robe at home. I want your pussy naked for me so I may look at it and touch it." He then began to kiss her pussy and suck her clit. He ran his tongue over her and to her hole. He then put his tongue inside her hole and tongue fucked her. He felt her cum and tasted her sweet juice. "That's it baby. Just enjoy. Let me tongue that pussy and taste your sweet cum. Cum for me many times." He then tongue fucked her more making her cum over and over.

He then removed his finger and told her "See what you have done to my cock? Your sexy pussy has made it hard and need to be inside your wet hole. Spread your legs wide for my big cock. Enjoy me fucking you as I am a great lover. I will make you feel wonderful." He then got between her spread legs and mounted his cock to her pussy. "You are tight baby. I will be gentle at first then I will fuck you hard as your pussy accepts my cock." He slowly pushed his cock in her loving how tight her cunt was. Inch by inch he entered her. When he got all the way in he said "Your cunt is warm and wet. Now relax and let me fuck that nice hole of yours till I fill you with my hot cum." In and out he fucked her hole. He heard her moan and felt her cum several times. He was a good lover and loved to fuck young girls. He was going to treat her good and fuck her often. She was pretty and sexy and he loved fucking her sexy body. He needed a young live in slut for his sexual pleasure. He was not cruel just needed much sex and she had a great pussy.

After a long fuck he finally filled her hole with his cum. She was so wet as she had cum many times during him fucking her. He laid beside her and sucked her tits. His finger played with her clit. She was so wet and smelled like she had just been fucked and he loved the smell of a wet pussy. He suddenly said "Roll over on your back. I want to look at your ass and lick and kiss it. You must get used to me licking and fingering your ass and sometimes fucking it." As she rolled over he rubbed her ass cheeks and kissed each one. He then spread her cheeks apart and found her ass hole. He rubbed it with a finger before he kissed it. He then began to lick her ass. "You have a sweet ass baby. Just perfect to lick and fuck. Today I am going to put a finger in it after I lick it and get it wet." He licked and kissed her ass for several minutes before he got her wet enough to put his finger in her. She squirmed as she did not like the finger in her but he told her "Relax. Let me finger fuck that ass. I do love a tight ass and soon will be fucking that ass daily. You will get used to a cock in your ass and love it. Now relax sexy baby girl."

He then finger fucked her ass and watched her relax. His other hand rolled over her pussy. He then put two fingers in her pussy and added another finger to her ass. He watched as his fingers fucked the young girl and felt her cum. "Yes baby, you like to be fucked. Your ass and pussy need fucking. Spread your legs wide and let me mount you and fuck your cunt one more time. My cock is rock hard just like it will be around you all the time." She then spread her legs so wide he got on top of her ass and pushed his hard cock deep into her cunt. This time he fucked her hard and rough and deep. He felt her cunt muscles grab his cock as she came many times. His cock pounded her cunt for over an hour before he filled her with cum again. "Oh baby I knew when I saw you standing there today you would be a great fucker. You will be my sexy little girl whore to fuck day and night. I will take good care of you and you will take my cock many times a day and all night. I need cunt and lots of it. Now get on your knees and suck my cock clear to the balls so I can fuck you again and again."
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3 years ago
very good
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very hot story!!
3 years ago
great stuff! loved reading this one
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3 years ago
Steaming hot story of serving sexy Sara.
The teen seems to be coming all the time! ,-)P