The cult

The cult was located several miles from any cities. It operated by the people belonging there. The leader was serviced by every one. No one was allowed to do anything without him alowing them. The cult was sexual and men and women were matched by choice of the leader. A pregnant woman was a trophy. Each man had several women and it was his job to keep them bred. The leader had over twenty very young women or c***dren. The c***dren started having babies as soon as they hit puberty. After five c***dren from the leader he then passed the girls to a man in the cult and they were then bred yearly by this man. the leader like young fresh girls to fuck and breed. He never kept any of them over five years.

When the young girl was ready to be bred he would bring them to his room and tie them to his bed. He loved fucking the virgins the first time. He was not careful or gentle as he had done this so many times. They stayed in the bed for several days or weeks and he fucked them often wanting the young bodies knocked up with his baby.

Tonight Lea was brought to his bed and chained there. She was naked and very pretty. She already had growing and nice tits with round nipples. The leader came into the room and got naked. He looked at the young girl and spread her legs to see her pussy. He put a finger in her cunt to see how tight she would be. He loved a tight cunt to fuck and that is why he got to fuck each young girl first. Lea was very tight and his finger struggled to enter her. Her eyes were big and she was very scared. She knew it was her place to fuck the leader but she knew there would be pain and a lot of fucking for many days. He spread her legs wide and then spread back her pussy lips. He began to lick her pussy hoping to make her easier to get his huge cock in her. The leader had a big ten inch cock that was thick. He loved fucking the virgins with it the first time. He loved the tight cunts on these young girls. As he licked her pussy and sucked her clit he felt her relax.

He then layed on the bed beside her and sucked her tits. Her body was his for what ever he wanted to do to her. Today he would fuck her four or five times to stretch her out. Then every day after that he would fuck her often till she was bred. Soon as she was bred he would exchange her for the next virgin. Some times in his room he would have two or three virgins and would fuck all of them. He had the secret d**gs to keep his cock hard and full of cum. He also loved to fuck the girls in front of each other and let them watch as he fucked each virgin.

He then spread Lea's legs wide and got between them with his hard cock. He positioned the cock to the opening at her cunt. He pushed into her feeling how tight she was against his hard cock. The girls were trained to not resist the leaders cock. He had his head in her and then pushed in his big cock. He felt her cherry pop and felt her flinch. The pain had to be very intense as she was very tight for a cock his size. Once in her he began to fuck her. He started slow then went faster and faster. He was pounding her little cunt and rough for her first fucking. He had every inch of his cock in her and loved fucking her hard. Every time he fucked her today he would last longer and fuck harder. When he would finally let her sl**p her cunt would be quite raw from the rough fucking it got.

He loved Lea's tight cunt and fucked her hard. He then sucked her tit as his cock went in and out. He wanted to feel her cunt muscles grip his cock before he filled her with cum. He sucked hard on her nipples as he kept the fucking rhythm in her cunt. He had each nipple hard and stretched by sucking and pulling them with his teeth. He then put his mouth to the side of her tit and sucked it there. He told her "Relax and cum for me. I want to feel that tight cunt grab my cock as I fuck you. When you grab my cock with your cunt muscles i will cum and pull out till I am ready to fuck you again. I am going to fuck your cunt many times today to stretch it for my big cock. Now relax and cum for me." It was just a few more minutes till he felt her cunt grab his cock by all four walls and he then filled her tight cunt with his cum.

He rolled off her and layed on his back. "There that was good. Now you shall cum for me every time I fuck that cunt of yours. Sometimes you shall cum many times as you get to love my big cock. You will look forward to getting fucked many times and want my cock again and again. After you are pregnant with my baby i will fuck you just once a month so I may nurse your tits as they fill with milk. I love tit milk. But I will ass fuck you any time I get the desire. You will be happy to bear my c***dren and having that cunt fucked by me. I will start fucking you three weeks after you give birth. Your tits will be huge with milk just as I like. Now roll over to me and let me fuck you. We will fuck several times today and every day."

He then got on top of her and pushed his cock into her cunt once again. He fucked her for over forty minutes before he felt her cunt pulse and he then filled her with more of his cum. All day he fucked the young girl. After four times he put his finger in her cunt to see how tight she was and if she was staying stretched for his cock. He wanted to stretch her the first day of fucking so each day got easier. She did seem to be more open but she still was very tight. He kept his finger in her fucking her as he sucked her tit. "You have nice nipples. I love sucking them. Your tits have grown to be the size of a woman at your young age. Now spread your legs for my cock as I fuck your cunt hard and deep." He then fucked her several more times that day.

Before he fucked her for the last time that day he told he wanted to see her ass. He put her on her hands and knees and raised her ass in the air. He spread her ass cheeks and ran his finger around the rim to her ass. He then pushed his finger into her ass and began to finger fuck her ass. "You have a great ass to fuck. I can not waste the cum on it now but once you are knocked up I am going to fuck your ass and fill it with cum. Now each day I will have to just finger fuck it for you till the day I can put my cock in it. I love fucking the ass of a pregnant c***d."

For the next two months the leader fucked Lea several times a day till she was pregnant. She was so young to be knocked up but that was the way of the cult. The women were for breeding and taking care of the men. The leader fucked them for five years then passed them to a man to breed till they were too old to have babies. Once they were pregnant the men would ass fuck them every day.

The day that Lea was pregnant the leader took her to his room and told her "Today I get to fuck that tight ass of yours and fill it with my juice. I love fucking a tight ass and yours is perfect. Get on yor hands and knees and show me that sexy ass." With her ass in the air he spread her open and aimed his cock to her ass. "This will hurt the first time but soon after a few ass fuckings you will enjoy it as much as I do." He put two fingers in her ass and fucked her before he let his cock enter her tight hole. His cock was huge for her ass but he kept pushing till he was inside her. "Now baby girl, you will like this part as I have my cock in you. Now we will just fuck till I shoot my cum in your ass. We will do this a couple times till I can slip in you easy and then I can ass fuck you any time or place i want to." he then began to fuck her ass and was soon ramming his cock in her. Three more times he fucked her ass then told her. "Now keep your panties off at all times. I want your ass bare so I can fuck it when ever I want." The girls he got pregnant he would fuck any where they were and in front of any one. He loved to show the men he was the only one to fuck these young girls and fucked them many times in front of the men.

part two coming...
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3 years ago
i liked it but you did say the same stuff over and over agian 5/10
3 years ago
naughty & kinky
3 years ago
great stuff u have my cock so hard from ur stories
3 years ago
another nasty little story I like it
3 years ago
mmmm yes so nasty but so very nice, mmm to ass fuck a pregnant girl mmm ho yes. cant wait for part 2
3 years ago
Loved the part about sucking the tits filled with milk.
3 years ago
"Nasty, nasty, nasty. Nasty all night long ...
She was 13 years old. And she knew how to nasty"
(From memory quoting lines from Frank Zappa ,-)
3 years ago
Mmmm... you are a nasty little slut... and i love it... I loved the line "I love fucking the ass of a pregnant child"... that did something to me... mm mm mmmm....