Amy loves sex

Amy was always a pretty girl. When she was just five she won a c***d beauty contest. Men and boys always were looking at her. When she was twelve her neighbor taught her about sex and their naked bodies. He was three years older and he would take her to his barn and undress her and then undress himself. First they just looked and touched each other but then it advanced as he taught her to suck his cock. She loved making his cock hard and loved when he licked her pussy. She was good at swallowing his cum better than most adults. In less than a year they were into fucking at least three times a week. As her tits began to grow he sucked them as he fingered her pussy. At f******n she loved cock and she loved to be fucked in her ass. One day when she and Tim were naked and he was fucking her hard his dad caught them. He told Tim to take his clothes and leave.

The dad kept Amy there in the barn naked. He looked at her naked body and got excited. He told her "If you like fucking my son, you will love fucking me. My cock is twice as big and full of cum." He then began to remove his clothes and soon was naked and she saw his big cock. He pulled her to him and pushed her head to his cock. "Now suck me and drink my cum." he told her. She took his man size cock in her mouth and began to suck him. As she sucked he pushed her head down so he could get his cock deep in her mouth. He moaned and loved her young mouth sucking his cock like an adult. Soon he was holding her head and fucking her mouth hard just as he filled her with his huge load of cum. "Swallow all of it like a nice young slut" he screamed to her. She did just that loving this nice man cock.

He then began to rub her now nice size tits and spread her legs to look at her pussy. He started sucking her tits then moved down to her pussy and began to lick and suck her. He sucked her clit and felt her pulse and cum. His tongue found her hole and shoved it in her deep. He then tongue fucked her tasting her sweet cum. He moved back to her clit and sucked it as his finger entered her fuck hole and he finger fucked her as he sucked the clit. She now was cumming fast and covering his hand with her cum. He then looked at her and said "Want some of my man size cock? I bet you love being fucked don't you?" His cock was hard again and he spread her legs and pushed the cock into her tight hole. "yes, you are the perfect slut. A nice tight warm wet cunt to fuck. I am going to fuck you like a street whore." He then began to push his cock in and out till he had every inch of his thick cock buried in her tight cunt. He grabbed around to her ass and pulled her tight to him so he could get into her deep and fuck her hard. His cock rammed her pussy as he felt her cum several times. He was able to fuck her for quite a while before he filled her tight cunt with his cum.

After cumming in her he pulled her to his cock and told her to lick him clean. "Now suck my cock and get me hard again so I can fuck you till you scream. I will show you how a c***d slut gets fucked by a man cock." As she sucked his cock his finger found her ass and he rubbed it and then poked his finger into her. He pushed his cock deep in her mouth as his finger fucked her ass. As he fucked her ass she sucked harder on his cock. He then added a second finger to her ass feeling her mouth grab his cock and suck. He moaned to her "You sure can suck cock and that ass loves to be finger fucked. Maybe I will ram my cock in it for you. Today you are going to be my little slut to be fucked for hours in every hole. Now get ready to swallow my cum."

He filled her mouth with his cum but kept his finger fucking her ass. Then he put three fingers into her cunt hole and was fucking both holes as she moaned and came for him. He had his fingers buried in her holes down to his hand and was fucking her hard. She was cumming fast and once again his hand was covered in her juice. He then demanded "Get on yor hands and knees and put that sweet ass in the air." As she got down for him he spread her ass cheeks and aimed his hard cock to her ass hole. "Get ready. I am going to fuck that tight ass of yours with my cock and see it get stretched and be punished like the fucking slut you are." He then pushed his cock into her ass slow but steady. Her ass was tight and his cock big for her but he continued to push in. He watched his cock stretch her ass and loved seeing his cock in the tight young hole. When he had the cock deep in her he began to fuck her slow at first but her ass felt so tight and warm he lost control and was fucking and bucking against her rough and hard. He loved fucking her tight ass. It was better than a c***d virgin. He fucked her for over thirty minutes before he filled her ass with his cum.

He then layed back on his back and caught his breath. He grabbed her by her hair and told her "From now on you are going to be my daily slut. I want you to go to the cabin in the field at noon every day so I can fuck you. I want you naked when I get there and laying on the cot with your legs spread wide for me to see that tight cunt of yours. We will fuck all day because I can see you like cock a lot." He then let her get dressed and go home as it was almost night time. He decided that some nights he would have her come and spend the night in the cabin with him. He wanted to fuck her and never stop. He loved her tight cunt and ass and she sucked cock like a pro.
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3 years ago
i love ur writing!
3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
lovely naughty hot & sexy
3 years ago
A dirty mind is a joy for ever! ;-)
3 years ago
Mmmm nice... were you the little girl? *evilgrin*
3 years ago
good story thanks for sharing