The woods

She loved to drive out to the woods an lie naked on a blanket. She either read or napped and sometimes she would even play with herself and use her dildo. Today she was feeling her tits and had the dlido in her ass when she heard some one splashing in the water. She got up and walked naked to the edge of the river. A young man was naked and bathing in the water. She watched him as he rubbed the water over his body. She watched as he washed his cock and balls making her quite horny.

She walked a few feet into the water and yelled at him "What are you doing here?" He looked at her naked body and replied "I may ask you the same. Do you always run around naked?" She told him "I love to come and lay naked in these woods close to the river." "Well you are a pleasant site to me." She laughed at the young man and said boldly "May I bathe you?" "It would be my pleasure if I may then bathe your body."

She waded deeper into the water to where he was and began to rub her hands over his body pretending to wash him. She ran her hands over his chest and massaged his nipples. Then her hands went lower and she stroked his cock then his balls. She watched his cock get hard and grow in size. "If you turn I will wash your ass." she told him. "Yes, please do."he replied as he turned. She leaned to him and pressed her tits into his back as her hand found his ass and began to circle it. Her other hand then grabbed his cock and stroked it as her finger found its way into his ass. As she jerked his cock she put two fingers in his ass and then finger fucked him. "Yes, baby girl fuck me. Fuck my ass harder." he moaned. She then added the third finger and pushed all three completely into his ass. She began to fuck his ass hard as she kept jerking his cock. He suddenly grabbed her and pulled her in front of him and shot his cum over her stomach.

He laughed and said "I am afraid I have made a mess on your sexy body so I shall have to scrub you clean." He splashed water over her tits and then began to suck them. He sucked one then the other pulling and tugging both nipples. "Yes, girlie, you like that." As he sucked and chewed her tits his hand snaked between her legs. His fingers took her clit and rubbed it making her moan and step closer to him. "You like that pussy played with don't you?" he whispered to her. "Spread your legs and let me add some fingers to that hot fuck hole." She spread her legs and as he sucked her tits he then rammed two fingers into her cunt. Tugging her nipples with his teeth he added the third fnger and began to finger fuck her with his fingers all the way into her cunt. He felt her cunt pulse and his hand felt her cum. She screamed "fuck me harder. Make me cum." He added the fourth finger and finger fucked her with his fingers buried to his hand as his thumb rubbed her clit. She lost count how may times she came on his hand and fingers.

"Lets go to my blanket. I want you to eat my pussy and fuck me with your hard cock. I want to be your slut." she moaned. She pulled him to her blanket by his cock and he kept his fingers inside her cunt. She laid down and spread her legs and pushed his head to her pussy. "Lick me and suck me. Then fuck me with your cock." she begged. He pushed her knees up to her chest and spread her wide. His face went to her pussy and licked her from ass to clit. He sucked her clit then licked her ass. He went to her fuck hole and poked his tongue in her as he pushed two fingers in her ass. He then tongue fucked her cunt as he finger fucked her ass. Her screams echoed thru the woods.

He then told her "Now I am going to fuck that cunt of yours till you beg me to stop. You like to fuck and i am going to show you how a naughty girl gets that hot pussy fucked." Holding her legs to her chest and spread wide open he pushed his cock in her. He showed no mercy and pushed every inch in her deep. Then he began ramming her cunt hard and fast. "you like it rough don't you? You like a cock in that horny cunt of yours. You wanted my cock the minute you saw me naked." he would then pull almost out then ram his cock back in deep and hard. He fucked her hard as rough as he could be. He felt her cum over his cock many times. She then yelled to him "Fuck my cunt hard. Give me your cock harder. Fuck me. fuck me." Time stood still as he fucked the girl. He was rough and rammed his cock deep into her cunt just like she seemed to like. She was screaming for more the whole time. After a long long time he finally filled her with his cum.

He pulled his cock out and then surprised her by straddling her face. He pushed his cock in her mouth and told her "Suck my cock till it is hard so I can fuck that sweet ass of yours. You are not going home till you are fucked good and hard." He held her head as he puched his cock all the way in and felt her gag but he did not let up "Suck me slut. You are a hot little cum slut." he screamed to her. He held his cock deep in her throat as she gagged but she sucked him. He then pulled his cock out and put his balls to her mouth. "Suck my balls. both of them" He had her switching back and forth between cock and balls till his cock was hard again and he then pulled out.

"Get on your hands and knees with that sweet ass hole up in the air. I am going to ride that ass hard and deep with my cock while I make you scream." As she got on all fours, he spread her ass and aimed his cock to her hole. He pushed in slow but steady not stopping till his cock was buried balls deep in her ass. "Now lets see how you like ass fucking. Lets see how tough you are. You like it rough and I am going to pound your ass hard. I love to fuck the ass." And he did. He fucked her ass deep and hard really pounding her. "Yes point that ass to me. Let me fuck it as you scream and beg me to quit. You are a great little cock loving slut." he fucked her ass for ninety minutes before he then filled it with cum.

He then pushed her down on the blanket and told her. "I am good to cum about four more times so rest that cunt and ass so I may fuck you more. I will show you how a real man can fuck. I need a horny fuck slut like you. Now lay over and let me feast on those huge titties of yours. I love big tits." He sucked her tits and then began to fuck her again. All day he fucked her and into the night. He had a high sex drive and loved to fuck the sexy young girl. He was amazed that she could take the abuse and being fucked so much. After dark he carried her to his motor home and told her "stay with me and let me fuck you as much as I want. I need to fuck all the time and I want your cunt and your ass." And she did stay with him. They are still in the woods naked and fucking each other day and night.
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3 years ago
nice story
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Feels like written by a guy, yawn:
no feeling, only pumping away :-(
3 years ago
damn hott
3 years ago
very good & hot