The Job

I was reading the paper for a job when I saw the add where a woman was looking for an assistant. She wanted a photo with the reply. I sent in my photo with a resume and she called right away for an interview. The day of the interview I was amazed at how beautiful and sexy she was. She told me she chose me because I had the look she wanted. I assume she liked that I was a small gal with huge tits. I wore a 32 DD bra which is hard to hide. She told me her assistint had to be a gal her clients would love to see. Her clients expected her employees to be quite sexy.

She then told me she would supply my clothes to be worn in her office. She wanted me to try on a couple outfits there in her office. She walked over to me and removed my dress so I was standing in just my bra and panties. She then pulled my panties down and around my ankles for me to step out of. I was not shy as I do love nudity. She turned me and ran her hands over my ass. "You have a very sexy firm ass" she told me. She then removed my bra. She inspected my tits and felt each one playing with the nipples. "You have great big round tits. They will look wonderful in the clothes I have for you to wear."

She then pulled a sheer silk dress over my head. I had never worn anything so glamorous or so sexy. It was short barely covering my ass and the front dipped so it showed most of my tits. She gave me high stilletos to put on and told me to walk across the room and back. When I got back she pulled my shoulders and told me to arch my back. "I want you to walk with your tits pushed out. You have nice big ones and show them off." was her instructions. I then arched my back and walked across the room one more time. "yes, now practice that so every one will see how nice your tits are on that small body. And let your ass sway as you walk. Make the men want you."

She then tried two more sexy outfits on me and each one was more revealing than the last. I was to never wear underwear then she pinched my nipples to make them very noticable under the sheer outfits. It was then I found out she ran an e****t service and all her employees dressed for the gentlemen clients even tho I would just be her personal assistant. Then she removed my last outfit and I stood before her naked.

She then undressed her self and I admired her sexy body. She had smaller tits, probably a full B or a small C. She was in great shape. She ran her hands all over my body like she was inspecting it. She pulled me to her and pressed her naked tits to mine. I could feel her nipples pressing against my nipples and it was an odd sensation. She held my face between her hands and kissed me running her tongue in my mouth and licking me. I had never kissed a woman before and I really did like it. As she kissed me she pulled me tight to her body and ran a hand over my ass. She replied "yes baby you are so beautiful. Have you ever had sex with a woman?" I told her "No." she whispered "Let me show you how good it can feel. A woman knows how to make a woman feel so good. Lay on my couch."

I layed on the couch and she layed down beside me and kept kissing and tonguing my mouth. Her hands played with my tits stroking them and making my nipples very hard. Then her mouth moved to my nipples and her hand went down to my pussy. She spread my legs and rubbed over my clit and pussy lips. It felt so good. She took my hand and put it on he tits and I began to rub them and tweak each nipple. "Now suck my nipples baby. Be a good girl and suck hard for me." she moaned in my ear. I put her nipple in my mouth and now knew why men liked to suck nipples. They felt so good and a great sensation. As I sucked her tits her finger found my pussy hole and she slipped a finger in me. I gasped and she said "shhhh baby. Just enjoy. The more you enjoy, suck my nipples harder and harder. Then I will know you need more." As she fingered me I sucked her nipples and as it felt better I sucked harder and soon she had added more fingers in my hole and was fucking me hard and deep. I had a hard suction on her nipples moving back and forth between them and the nipples were stretched long in my mouth.

As I was cumming fast and loving her fingers she then moved her face down between my legs. She moaned to me "play with your big tits as I make your pussy really feel good with my tongue." She then began to lick my pussy all over and kiss and suck it. I was rubbing and pulling my nipples as she turned me on. She spread my pussy lips far apart and licked me and I was now out of control cumming faster and faster. "You have a sweet young pussy that tastes so good. You love my kisses and now I am going to really make that pussy feel good as I fuck you with my tongue." She then rammed her tongue into my hole. In and out she pushed it as her fingers rubbed my clit. I could not count how many times I came on her tongue. It felt so good. I never wanted her to stop. The only time she pulled her tongue out was to lick my clit then she pushed the tongue back in deep.

She tongue fucked me and then as I was almost screaming she then pushed a finger into my ass. Now I did scream. I had never felt anything so good. "Oh baby, you love that finger in your ass don't you? I know what turns you on." She was an expert at fingering my ass as she tongued my wet pussy. I replied "Yes. Give me more. Fuck me more." She did just that till a client arrived.

She then gave me a silk robe and she put on the same robe. It was short and sheer and left nothing to the imagination. When a very handsome client entered he really looked us over. Her robe was open almost to the waist and he was staring at her tits. Then he looked down to her pussy which also was semi covered. As she talked to him she walked to me and opened my robe. She told him "All my girls are gorgeous like my assistnat here. Would you like a closer look?" He of course said yes and she stood me and removed my robe. By now her robe was completely open. She walked me to the man and I remembered to arch my back. She turned me so he could also see my firm ass. His face was inches from my tits as she turned me back to face him. I could even feel his warm breath on my nipples. "If you like my assistant I can set you up with one of my e****ts that is very close to her looks." she told the man. "Tell me what you like the best."

He told her he wanted a nice round firm ass and tits at least a D. The tits had to be natural and perky. He wanted her dressed like a clssy slut. He was going to a party and wanted a sexy woman to show off. She then got out a book and he chose a gal. Then she showed him certain outfits for the e****t to wear. He of course chose a short tight low cut knit. He wanted her tits to bulge in it. And the e****ts never wore underwear. Suddenly he turned to me and grabbed me and pulled me to him and licked my tits. "I want this beauty with these big tits." My boss replied "She is not an e****t at this time." He then felt my ass and told the boss "If she ever is, I want her no matter what the cost." He then cupped my tit with one hand as his other hand rubbed my ass. He then felt my wet pussy and licked my cum from his finger. "I want this sexy vixen bad." he moaned. My boss watched as he now was sucking my tits and playing with my pussy. She walked to him and said "Please lick her pussy right here."

The man wasted no time spreading my legs and began to lick my hot pussy. The boss watched the man and told him "Put your tongue in her hole and tongue fuck her" As he did that she unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and began to suck it as his mouth devoured my pussy. I was amazed wathcing her suck his cock. She took every inch into her mouth and would switch between licking and sucking him. His hands were running all over my ass as he tongue fucked me. I kept cumming on his tongue and he just swallowed ever drop. As he tongued me he would rub my ass and my tits. I was so horny I did not care what as long as he kept licking my pussy.

Soon I heard him scream as he blew a huge wad of cum in the boss's mouth which she swallowed. She then pulled his head from my pussy and kissed him. She wanted to taste my cum on his tongue. "Now how was that for a warm up?" She then introduced the man as the president of the e****t company and I had passed the test and I was hired. He pulled me by the nipple to him and said "Just stay naked when I am here and you will have a great career. You have a great body. I love your tits and pussy." He and my boss laughed and then pushed me to the couch and the boss kissed me and played with my tits as the president then got naked. Today I was going to have more training as I saw the huge cock bounce out of his pants. Looks like I would be personal assistant to both of them. And I was going to enjoy it. I just hoped I got to wear the sexy clothes some times.
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3 years ago
such a good little slut... mmm... nice baby...
3 years ago
Sexy story, 4 stars from me.
3 years ago